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I know mental health awareness day was a few hours ago but I just want to say a few things . I've dealt with mental health for quite a few years which most of my friends and family will know about, I'm not here to tell my story as it's still hard to talk about sometimes. I just want to say it DOES get better , scars DO heal , you CAN make friends, you CAN eat it's okay, you CAN get through that panic attack , you CAN get help , you CAN talk about it , do not be ashamed , crying IS okay let it all out, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! my pm box is open to anyone, anytime if you wanna vent about stuff. Love you all and thankyou for the support 💕 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthday #mentalhealthawareness #depression #anxiety #followme #follow4follow #shoutmeout #comment #cute #grunge #likemyposts #likemyrecent #aesthetic #piercedgirl #tattooedgirl