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Yesterday was the first day of Spring, and that means it’s time to switch to my favorite Spring candle! . This light and fresh candle is made in partnership with @prosperitycandle! Available in our store or online.

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Well, cheers, y’all! Because we reached our 40 day goal!! With sponsorships and proceeds from the last 40 days, we raised just over $7,000 to provide education for 40 kids in Pakistan!! . It was a lofty goal and I wasn’t totally sure we would hit it. But with God and such generous friends, family, and customers - it was a piece of cake! . A huge thanks to all who contributed 💙

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Over the weekend, we debuted our brand new offerings from Costa Rica and Ethiopia! They both got great reception and we can’t wait for you to try them!! . Right now, we have them available as a special sampler pack at a special introductory price! Get two 8oz bags for $16! . This Costa Rican comes from the Dota region.... and it’s hard to believe we could love it more than our first Costa Rican bean, but we do! Look for notes of red apple, dark chocolate, and nougat! . The Ethiopian Guji is a lighter roast and delicate coffee, with notes of blueberries, grape jelly and honey!

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It’s is day 40 of our campaign to raise the funds needed to educate 40 kids in Pakistan... and we are SO CLOSE! But we need your help to get to the finish line!!! . All proceeds from online purchases today will help pay tuition fees for one of these kids! Or you can sponsor a student for a semester or entire year! Visit our website or message for more details!!

And that’s a wrap! We are sincerely so thankful to everyone who shopped with Purpose at the #southwestchocolateandcoffeefest!! We loved meeting you and getting to share our coffee and our passion!

Day 2 of the #southwestchocolateandcoffeefest! We had a blast sharing about Purpose yesterday! Went through about 800 cups of coffee and met even more wonderful folks visiting the Fest. Looking forward to doing it all again today!!

Good friends. Good coffee. Doing good. I think it’s gonna be a good day! Day 1 of the #southwestchocolateandcoffeefest

With our eager assistant, we are loading up the trailer with 300 bags of coffee, 8 styles of our new t-shirts, and our Nitro system to head to the SW Chocolate & Coffee Fest in Albuquerque! . The coffee shop will still be open today and tomorrow - with a few things missing. We won’t have Nitro available in store (but can still do iced lattes) and we won’t be able to grind bags of coffee. Sorry for any inconvenience that might cause! . We will share from the Fest in our stories!

Our new long sleeve tees in Spring colors have been a hit! They are great for layering and perfect for our unpredictable TX Panhandle weather. . Sizes are starting to sell out, so be sure to get yours soon! Available online and in-store.

The last two mornings, we’ve been drinking the Rise breakfast blend at home, and it has been such a delicious change! If you’re looking for an easy to drink coffee to start your day - I definitely recommend! Special order a bag online (locals use code PICKUP to save shipping) . We picked the name Rise from the quote “We rise by lifting others.” Or the famous notion that a rising tide lifts all boats. . I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts lately (mostly with @scottharrison, the latest on @armchairexppod) that Have challenged me to stop giving back. Instead, reframe - how can we raise up, lift others, invest in their future - giving people their full dignity and humanity. . The proceeds from this coffee are meant to do just that.

Just under a week left in our 40 day campaign! And we are about 10 kids short of our goal right now. Every purchase through Monday helps educate one of these students (plus, enters you to win our Ultimate Sampler Box Giveaway!) . Shop in store, online, or at one of our special events this week in Stratford and Albuquerque!

Russell is roasting like mad and I’m planning out our booth for the #southwestchocolateandcoffeefest this weekend in Albuquerque! One of the coffees we are featuring is our NEW Ethiopian Guji, with notes of blueberries, grape jelly, and honey. . Since the start, one of our key values has been investing our proceeds back into the regions from which we source our coffee. This morning, I came across this sweet photo from one of our early projects - helping expand a school in rural Ethiopia for these kids! . Since then, we have been able to send an additional $42,000 to fund child wellness projects across Africa!

Give me Jesus + coffee...especially on Daylight Savings morning! ☕️☕️☕️

We are open until 1 today! Enjoy fresh roasted specialty coffee, a delicious latte, or one of our non coffee options.... like our newest drink - a green tea latte!

Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. 💪 . And on this #internationalwomensday can we add “May we support them” . Our purchasing decisions can empower female artisans and entrepreneurs all over the globe. . Your like on Facebook can help your friend grow her business and provide for her family. . Your text or phone call can mean the world to your mom or sister or friend on a bad day. . #communityovercompetition

We are putting together an Ultimate Sampler Box, featuring an 8oz bag of each of our coffees and blends! And we are giving one away!! ☕️ . That’s a $120 value, plus we will make a donation in your honor to our 40 Kids in 40 Days education project! 🌏 . To enter, you must... - Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram 💙 - Like this post 👍 - Comment.... maybe tell us what you’re doing for Spring Break (especially if you’re driving through Dalhart!), or what your go to coffee order is, Or leave an emoji, or tag a friend who would love Purpose Coffee! 💬 . If you want to earn bonus entries, you can.... - get an entry for every purchase in store or online or at a pop up shop 🛍 - leave us a review if you’ve tried our coffee or visited our shop! Get entries for your review on Facebook, Google, and TripAdvisor 📣 - Share about Purpose Coffee in your Stories (be sure to tag us so we can see it!!) 📱 . We will pick a winner on March 18, the last day of our 40 kids campaign!!

Good morning y’all! The coffee shop will have to close early today because we are short staffed and overbooked this week.... We will be open 8-10:30ish so you can still get your morning java fix! Sorry for any inconvenience this causes!!

We are 28 days into our 40 day campaign to raise the funds needed to educate 40 kids in Asia - and we are getting closer and closer to our goal! With every purchase, we are using our proceeds to invest in these kids and their futures. . If you wanted to sponsor a kid or support the effort, there’s still time! Visit our website or message me for more info 💚 . Photo from @empower_international