What a fun trip to #seattle visiting my home girl @edithgonzalez and @ashbey ... I LOVE this city it’s so hipster and cute and I always have a great time 😁#travel #pacificnorthwest #friendshipgoals
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Αφεντικό μην σου τύχει! #gelio_gr #PanosRras

I’m absolutely blown away by this incredible tattoo of me and @ladylaurenbrock on @ciobotarugeorgia by @matkovski.calin Words can’t describe how flattering it is to have you guys use me as tattoos, I really appreciate it so much, from the bottom of my heart thank you 🙏🏼❤️ original image by @creative_instincts

@maria_fernandamarin ♥️ @arely_paz111

😍😍لە ژورێکی پر لە تەنهای گیرم بەدەس ژیانەوە خواردوە . . . #Lano

Nos agarran desprevenidas en plena sesion de fotos pero siempre estamos preparadas para contarles todo lo que se viene en el próximo bloque #Transmisionenvivo #piso #Pasion #Locutor #bailarinas @danitavernise @axita_sua @johuwy 🎬