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Join me on this journey, not just to be healthy ,but this journey called life . 💃🏽💗🏐💅🏾🎀💪🏾 started my health journey 4/16/15 at 336lbs

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We took this picture one year ago today celebrating your 23rd birthday Rooni. Little did we know that just a few weeks later you would be diagnosed with cancer . This last year has been a learning experience to say the least. In one short year you’ve been diagnosed and BEAT cancer ! You have shown how strong you really are . Never once did I hear you complain during the countless hours of being sick with chemo . You truly are my hero! Here’s to 24! Happy birthday Rooni! @liv.gibson

Happy Mother’s Day to all these amazing ladies in my life ! I was raised by some amazing women and my sister and sister-in laws are my heroes! They selflessly give to their children each day and I love it ! I have so many friends who are so great at being moms and I am taking notes for when I get the title some day! I love you all ! Enjoy your day @ehines413 @bo_thach @_.kriistal._ @justin_danielle @bekahmcgilligan @drea_logy @leslydebski

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. #iamnyandco @robbronsky

Rachel Hines

11 Days 16 Hours Ago

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. ~ I may not be where I want to be physically , and I may not have all the things figured out in life but 2018 is my year . I’m traveling more and eager to see what this world has to offer ! #livingmybestlife #dontstopdreaming #iamnyandco #desiperkins #quayaustralia

Rachel Hines

14 Days 14 Hours Ago

Living my best life and enjoying this beautiful weather today. Always a fun time with you Rob. Love our photo shoots ! @robbronsky

And just like that, she’s married ! Courtney made thee most beautiful bride! I’m so happy for her and Justin and look forward to watching your happily ever after begin. #justinthenickoftime #mrandmrsbrock #bridesmaidsagain #11times

Rachel Hines

19 Days 15 Hours Ago

Happy Monday Friends ! Love this quote and it was too good not to share . Be happy with where YOU are in life ♥️ #liveyourbestlife #behappyforothers #dontcompareyourself

Rachel Hines

20 Days 21 Hours Ago

Happy birthday to the leader of our Hines pack ! My older brother Mark is one of my closest friends . Despite him being a Giants fan, our sports talks are my favorite . Mark you taught me how to golf, how to work hard to achieve your goals , how family is first always and so much more . I love you and hope today is awesome and that this year is the best year yet! @mrhines80sbaby

Rachel Hines

28 Days 16 Hours Ago

My gorgeous niece is having a baby ! We had such a fun time celebrating baby Kylie today! I can’t wait to meet her ♥️ Jen Wolf the decorations were so beautiful! #family #blessed

Checked something off my bucket list this morning . It was so emotional to stand next to the Lombardi trophy today ! I’ve waited so long for our super bowl win and I can’t believe I got to go see the trophy today ! I truly love my Eagles ! #flyeaglesfly @philadelphiaeagles

Last night we were able to shower Courtney with so much love at her bridal shower ! What a fun and memorable evening with so many lovely ladies ! Let the countdown to the wedding begin 😊♥️ #justinthenickoftime

So I stepped on a scale yesterday and all I could do is literally cry . The scale is up and my spirits were down. I contacted some trainer friends , reached out to my nutritionist and made some proactive decisions to get back on track. When you get comfortable with where you are is when you start to slowly go backwards . But ALL day yesterday I let my weight consume me . I felt defeated like really defeated . So I started to look at old pictures and the girl in the picture to right is a girl who would have LOVED to dance in Zumba class for an hour but just couldn’t . So I stopped my pittty party yesterday, went and worked out , did Zumba (this video is from last night ) and have myself a pep talk. Yes , I’m not where I want to be , but I’m also not going to mentally give up. I’m going to TAKE THINGS ONE DAY AT A TIME .. and keep enjoying life and this journey. Don’t give up guys ! #rachelraesjourney #onedayatatime #dontquit #weightlossjourney

Happy birthday Watertower!!!! I am so thankful to have you in my life and to be able to call you “friend “. You have been there for me through the good and the bad . You’ve taught me how to live life and have fun . From Atlantic City nights , to our days at Winslow to our workouts together - it’s been one big adventure and it’s just beginning. I can not wait to stand by your side on your big day. Here’s to another amazing year for you ! Happy birthday Jaime ! I love ya

Can we just talk about how amazing Easter 2018 was !!! To have my nieces and nephews together with me this morning in church , and have my Lennox nephew come forward for salvation was the best thing I could ask for! Then I was able to host my siblings and their families for dinner and it was such a sweet time with family . My heart is so full!

Easter is so different for me this year. I had the humbling experience of standing in the empty tomb . To stand where our Savior was , is an indescribable feeling. Then in the other pictures to see Mt Calvary where He died for a sinner like me and the garden where they arrested Him- it’s not just a story , it really happened . So thankful for my Savior! Happy Easter

Happy birthday to one of the few people in this world who literally lives to love others ! Courtney as you celebrate today, I hope you know you are an incredible person. You’ve helped and inspired so many others , you are so selfless and kind , beautiful and funny . I am so thankful to call you friend and excited to stand by your side on your wedding day in just a few short weeks . Happy birthday love ! I love ya. @coconicke

I want it more than I want sleep. I want it more than the donuts I crave . I want it more than the chipotle I love . “It “ is my goal weight and I’m on a journey to reach it ! It’s def hard but I’m bettering myself each day. And you can too! Start somewhere #rachelraesjourney #onedayatatime #dontquit #weightlossjourney #imisschipotle

Almost 22years ago, when we were 8years old, we met at junior camp. You befriended me outside of the dining hall and introduced me to your twin Damon. A friendship began and Little did I know, that you we would form a lasting bond . Marie, you are bright, beautiful, fun, kind and caring . Your creativity and work ethic have taken you so far in life . As you celebrate your 30th birthday today, I want to let you know you are so special to me and truly my best friend . Here’s to 30, flirty , and thriving ! Happy birthday!!!