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Join me on this journey, not just to be healthy ,but this journey called life . 💃🏽💗🏐💅🏾🎀💪🏾 started my health journey 4/16/15 at 336lbs

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Some people will never understand my love for Disney but the look on a child’s face when they experience it for the first time is priceless. My nephew Isaiah could not contain himself when he saw Mickey for the first time and it just made this entire trip worth it ❤️ #disneyworld #myheart #happiestplaceonearth

Guys WATCH THIS WHOLE THING ! I had all three nephews last night and i was in the dining room with the baby and Isaiah and carter were on the couch watching a show (or so I thought ). I hear Isaiah yell “carter watch this “ and then I hear a noise but I assumed they were throwing toys again as they were earlier . Late last night after the kids were in bed I was setting my alarm and I had a lot of notifications from my camera feed. So I started to watch and this is what I saw!! I had no idea this little daredevil was doing this and I was in the next room 😂😂 he never even cried . #auntielife #thisiswhyidonthavekids #hesfine

Rachel Hines

10 Days 22 Hours Ago

Happy December 1st guys! We have one month left in 2018. Don’t lose sight of the goals you set at the beginning of the year. I’m using these next 31 days to finish strong . I’ve not been perfect but I’m committed to take at least 30 minutes each day to be active . Today I did an hour Zumba class and then worked on abs . Finish strong guys ! #rachelraesjourney #finishstrong #iwanttobehealthy #gymrat #zumba

Rachel Hines

16 Days 15 Hours Ago

Perfect weather ✔️ Quality time with my big brother ✔️ Good football ✔️ Eagles win ✔️ #flyeaglesfly #philadelphiaeagles #football #myfavorite

Rachel Hines

17 Days 14 Hours Ago

Celebrating Stephs 30th birthday with these lovely ladies tonight was so much fun. Happy birthday pumpkin pie 😉! Welcome to the thirty club

Rachel Hines

19 Days 13 Hours Ago

Happy thanksgiving from my family to yours ! Thoroughly enjoyed hosting my family and seeing all my nieces and nephews ! #thanksgiving

Rachel Hines

26 Days 19 Hours Ago

On this snowy day it’s only right to share some of the photos from our holiday session. I’m so glad to have this adorable little guy in my life . He brings me so much joy ! #family #auntielife #holidayphotos #myheart

One of the loves in my life is the Philadelphia Eagles! Football is a huge part of me and despite the loss, it was totally worth me flying home from Charlotte to be here to support my boys ! #flyeaglesfly #football #love @philadelphiaeagles

I didn’t even hesitate to fly to Charlotte for the dayto see this beautiful lady here snd shower her baby girl that’s on the way. It was SO great to surprise her and my family today . This is a short trip but I’m so glad I came !

The one day where my voice can count ! I voted , did you you?? Polls are still open . So many men and woman fought for us to have this right . Will you use it today ? #votewithus #vote #useyourvoice

Today has truly been a dream come true ! I was able to surprise my nieces and take them to Disney World and watching them experience the magic literally brought tears to my eyes . From magic kingdom to Epcot it’s been so much fun! I’m so blessed and thankful to be able to have flown down this weekend . #disneyworld #obssesed #minimouse #familytime #auntielife

Halloween 2018 so far has been full of joy! Look at my handsome nephews from all over the country ! They literally give me so much joy ❤️ #halloween #family #blessed

Halloween weekend 2018 will be one I will always remember. After a great time with friends , I had an encounter with a group of people who called me out of my name . They called me a n***** three different times . Long story short , after a very rough incident/night and facing racism for the very first time , I am more determined now to love more and be a light in this dark world . I will not give those with hatred the power over me .

“Your circle should want to see you win. Your circle should clap loudly when you have good news. If not, get a new circle.”- love this quote and love this girl right here . Dinner last night was a blast and I’m so thankful for our friendship that’s lasted over 20years ! @clarky89 ❤️

It’s a Sunday in the fall so naturally I’m at an eagles game . Despite the terrible ending , I had such an amazing time ! #flyeaglesfly #philadelphiaeagles #trusttheprocess

Boo at the Zoo today was so much fun with these two cuties ! Love this time of year and love being an Aunt ❤️ #booatthezoo #auntielife #pjmask

This year is about making me the best me yet. To weeding out negativity, negative people and those who are secretly rooting for you to fail. Your circle doesn’t have to be big but surround yourself with like-minded people . At 30, I refuse to not cheer my friends on in life . I refuse to pretend to like people who I don’t. And I also refuse to not eat cake if it’s in the picture with me 😉 #thirtyflirtyandthriving #anotherphotoshoot #speakingthetruth #notimeforfakeones

I woke up this morning thankful to see another year of life . How am I already 30? I began to think of all that’s occurred over the last 30 years and it’s unreal how blessed I have been. My life hasn’t always been easy, but life isn’t about what happens to you but rather how you react to what happens to you . I’m excited for the goals I have this year and incredibly thankful for the family and true friends I have in my life . Here’s to thirty, flirty and thriving ! #30thbirthday #thirtyflirtyandthriving #birthdaygirl #livingmybestlife