👣Day 29👣 Gonzar > Castromaior > Hospital Alta da Cruz > Ventas > Ligonde > Eirexe > Portos > Lestedo > Brea > Rosario > Os Chacotes > Palas de Rei > Carballal > San Xulián: 21 km • Today was a much better day for me than the last few have been. Because we pushed ahead yesterday, we were roughly two hours ahead of most pilgrims who had stayed in Portomarín and thus had the trail to ourselves for a bit of the morning. Highlights of today included touching five dogs, a playful cat, a donkey, and an attention-hungry pony who nibbled on my leg. 😂 • • • #camino2018 #buencamino #ultreia #canitouchyourdonkey #touchalltheanimals #byebyelittlesebastian @katicuster
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