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Grammy Nominated kids artist creates kids music the parents love!

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40 shows in June! I’ve lost count on how many I’ve played already. Thanks to all the awesome families and libraries for making this a memorable summer! ☀️

oh wait ... it is my birthday! 🎈

Question of the day! What's your favorite Ralph's World CD? This week we're spotlighting one of my favorites Rhyming Circus. <3

My mom was a brilliant artist, a loving role model, and (once upon a time!) a beautiful bride. With her spirit filling my heart, happy Mother’s Day to you all! ❤️

Library summer tour is coming soon. We took your recommendations! Let's rock! 🧡

Wiggle Week continues with this #tbt music video where the kids can dance around the house to this song & the parents can sneak a little cardio in their busy day! This Saturday a NEW "Wiggle Your La De Dah" video comes out!

This week is unofficial Wiggle Week! Why? I’m releasing a Time Machine Guitar “Wiggle Your La-De-Dah” video this Saturday 🎶 I’ll be posting tons of fun videos leading up! #wiggleweek

Celebrating the end of Trombone week with this video! ✨remember Sammy? Watch video on my Facebook!

Summer is coming, and that means playgrounds, running around outside, and digging in the sandbox. With that in mind, why not watch our new video for "Dumptruck?" We had a blast jamming out in the TV treehouse!

Playing with toys is fun, but having a play day with your friends is even better! One of the best parts about making the Time Machine Guitar videos are the talented and funny friends who join me at the TV Treehouse. They work hard at their play, and make it look easy, because they're some of the best in the world at what they do. #tbt #timemachineguitar

Rocking around to my song “Dumptruck” live in the TV Treehouse ✨What song should we play next?

I had the opportunity to collaborate with @singmeastory and write a song ”My Georgia Home” based on the story and the experiences of a young boy named Ja’cori who is living with chronic granulomatous disease. I’ll get a chance to perform the song for at the panel, Rare Diseases: Perpsectives on Progress, which will be held at the Washington Court Hotel in Washington DC. Support these amazing causes @rarediseasedayus #research!america

It's always fun to rock out with a friend at the TV Treehouse... even when their instrument is bigger than they are!

We're going "All Around The World" every Tuesday with our #toddlertuesday videos! Have you been to any of the cool places we visit in this video?

It's so crazy how our kids keep growing while we remain the same age. What's up with that?!

We're already getting ready for another summer of library shows! Do you have a local library you want Ralph's World to play a free show at?

Watermelon is a popular dessert food in China. What are your favorite sweet treats after you eat?

A couple years ago I wrote songs and made videos for Disney English to help kids learn English through music! A new one is up on my Facebook page today! ✨