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Ios may have my heart but it’s pretty close to having my liver too 😝

Perpetually impatient 🦕

Pikachu could never 💅🏼

My dolphin dive was the highlight of the day 🐬💦

Where’re our mojitos 🤔

ça me manque déjà 🥐💕

Hereuse ici 🐟 @margot_rslt

Is this candid? 🌺🦖

Chasing sunsets 🧡

Homeeeee 🦋💙

Half a day of sun and we’re back to snow 🙃

If you want uncomfortable paint splattered shirts hit us up 💁🏼‍♀️

Today’s forecast: blue skies, vanity and no smiling 🌚

I Left Weldon? 😱

“Tom take a picture of us” -but in French

Always summer at 536🌸

Shoutout to my arts major for providing me with 10/10 collage skills

11 years of electric shocks ⚡️ 🥰