Woke up feeling like 💩 so current situation. Hunkered down on the couch, pep talk in hand ☕️ and cooking shows on the tube. . I've got ladies wanting to check out my next Love Yourself First accountability and support group + another group of ladies wanting to check out what I do to help myself and others live a healthier life (ironic at the moment. Haha). Soooo, I've gotta rally. At least I can chat with peeps all cuddled on my couch. #coachlife . If you're waiting on a message from me, I promise it's coming!!! And if you're scratching your head wondering how we can chat, too, go ahead and send me a PM!! I'll be getting through my inbox today!!!
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Small throwback to a Halloween party I went to this year as JD and @alexmodeviac as my Veronica 💜💙 Just curious, the new year is upon us and I would like to know what you guys want to see more of next year from me? More photoshoots? Cosplay progress? Regular selfies? Certain cosplays? I'd love to know 💕💕 #heatherscosplay#heathers#jd#jasondean#jdcosplay#jasondeancosplay#veronicasawyer#veronicasawyercosplay

‼️WARNING: LOUD MUSIC AND SAPPINESS AHEAD ‼️ • • SURPRISE! I’m back and my first return #mixingmusicvideo isn’t a Christmas video. Don’t worry, more of those are coming, but we watched Coco on our cruise and I am OBSESSED with this song. Have you seen the movie yet?! If not, you MUST! • • I loved so much about this movie. As a musician and someone who feels familial memory very deeply, this just spoke to me. Beyond that, I thought it was a gorgeous representation of a vibrant and exciting culture. I’m proud to be a fan of companies like Disney and Pixar who took a chance on a story like this during our current political climate. You may think it’s irrelevant, but I see the beauty they brought to the situation and I’m thrilled by it. • • • As someone who had a grandma (the dearest woman to ever live, I miss her always) with Alzheimer’s, the characters in this movie touched my heart. I make it a serious point in my life to share and remember the stories of my grandparents and anyone else in my family I know tales of—I hope you do the same. • • If you’ve seen Coco already—who was your favorite? Imelda cracked me up. But they were all great. • • • OH RIGHT. The slime. Haha. It’s a thick butter slime, suuuper soft. You’re seeing it as pink in the video, but it’s going to be swirled with different colors (various, you won’t know which color combo you get til it comes in the mail), to represent the vibrance of this movie. • • What’s the scent, you ask? Imagine you’re a little kid again, drinking a spicy Mexican hot chocolate with a dash of cinnamon. Because it’s the holiday season, you grab a candy cane off the tree, then stuck it in to stir it with. Your grandma swirled a mountain of whipped cream on top, because she wants nothing more than to see you smile with an accidental dollop of cream on your nose. It feels like love. • • • EDIT: By the way, sorry about the whacko lighting changes. I’m clearly out of practice........ • • #slime #slimes #butterslime #daiso #disney #slimer #adultslimer #clayslime #slimemixing #butterslimemixing #daisomixing #disneymusic #coco #unpocoloco #oddlysatisfying #slimeusa #slimevideo #slimevid

Why’s there so much videos of girls getting they cheeks taken while playing video games 💀💀 bruh that shits weird. I’m a sensual ass man you see. I like the romance. I watch videos of girls getting their cheeks clapped while playing video games WITH a lit candle 💅🏻 also go watch my YouTube video guys link in my bio subscribe too

Kita termasuk yang mana? Semoga Allah istiqomahkan kita dijalan kebaikan. Aamiin. .

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This photo looks really adorable. 😸

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