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Swipe left! What do you think? The Floating House is a small 87 sqm. shelter floating on top of nine pillars. The combination of idea, choice of materials, and verticality make the building fade in with its natural environment. At the same time, the shelter acts as a perfect getaway from the bustling city — with its tranquility and magnificent view posts. The house is designed by @talleresque and is located outside #mexicocity #mexico // Photos by Studio Chirika #restlessarch

Swipe left! Dope or nope? The Forest House is a conceptual contemporary style home situated on a mountain side. With its amazing reflections of its mirror surfaces, the house is visually melting in with its surroundings – further enhanced by the use of natural materials like wood and stone. The concept is designed by @u_style_dinara_yusupova from #kyiv #ukraine // Visuals by Dinara Yusupova #restlessarch

Swipe left! What do you think? The Armel Soyer Alps is a chalet displaying the authentic architecture of an old farm – but with a contemporary twist. Inside, the chalet consists of a ground floor with bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a living room. Upstairs, there is a gallery showcasing the contemporary art pieces of Armel Soyer. The chalet was transformed by @armel.soyer + @gillespernet and is located in #megeve #france // Photos by @ambroisetezenas and @karel_balas #restlessarch

Swipe left! What do you think? The Cabaña Teitipac is a 185 sqm. cabin situated on a hill. Using preexisting stone, steel, and wood, the house aims at creating a warm shelter atmosphere with a timeless aesthetic. The cabin is designed by @lamzarquitectura and is located in #oaxaca #mexico // Photos by @loredarquea #restlessarch

Wait for it... Who needs this?! 😍 @zedd’s house is a 870 sqm. contemporary mansion featuring a LEGO art installation built directly into the wall. The wall consists of small hidden rooms with different themes making it a nostalgic art piece waiting to be explored. It is designed and built by @dantedentoniart and is installed in @zedd’s house in #beverlyhills #california // Video by @zedd #restlessarch

Who’d you bring? 😍 Levin Iglut is an exclusive glass igloo village embracing the nature in the best way possible. Since the units are made as small glass domes, it is possible to “be outdoor” even though you are in fact indoor. Besides the wild landscape, the area is famous for the Nothern Lights and its sky formations. It is located in #lapland #finland // Photos and video by @leviniglut #restlessarch

Swipe left! What do you think? The X.Ø House is semi-detached single family home of open spaces and industrial vibes. With its centrally placed lightweight staircase, the house has a unique aesthetic and a strong vertical line guiding you through this three-storey townhouse. The home is designed by @betapuntocero and is located in #madrid #spain // Photos by @imagensubliminal and @david_zarzoso #restlessarch

Describe this bathroom in ONE word! The Manhasset Long Island Residence is a home containing a completely unexpected guest bathroom with an Alex Turco custom geode shower wall and brass accents. The level of detail in this bathroom is simply impressive. What do you think? The house is designed by @jse_interior_design, wall by @alexturcoartdesigner and is located in #manhasset #newyork // Photo courtesy of @jse_interior_design #restlessarch

Which style do you prefer? 😍 This Scandinavian loft displays how much of a difference few changes in the interior design can make — whether it is changes in decor elements, colors, paint, plants, etc. This loft is styled by @hannasanglar and is located just outside #stockholm #sweden // Photos by @hannasanglar #restlessarch

Swipe left! What do you think? The Wildcoast is a 340 sqm. private home with a simple minimalistic aesthetic. Perched on top of a small hill, this rectangular module home appears to be floating – a feeling that is further enhanced by the house’s six-meter cantilever. The home is designed by @fgrarchitects and is located in #portsea #australia // Photos by @peterbbennetts #restlessarch

We all witnessed the tragedy of Notre-Dame yesterday, and now there will be a comprehensive renovative work to be done. Here is a visualization showing the progress of La Sagrada Familia designed by Antoni Gaudí and located in #barcelona #spain. Let’s cross our fingers that the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame Cathedral will take less than the +100 years it has taken to complete La Sagrada Familia! How long time do you think it will take to rebuild the Notre-Dame Cathedral? // Video by Joan Carles Vendrell #restlessarch

Describe this home in ONE word! 💚 The HillHouse is a home focusing on sustainability and leaving as little an environmental footprint as possible. The house is fully integrated with its environment; preserving existing trees and integrating them in the design, and composing a green roof to create an organic continuation of the landscape. The house is designed by @snegiri_architects and is located in #moscow #russia // Visuals by @viva_viktoria #restlessarch