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This dress is gorgeous, especially the back 🤩 will post some back pictures later this week🖤😈 @fashionnovacurve #ad

Total look od @nakdfashion ❤️ mam dla Was kod zniżkowy 20%„ sylwiaxnakd „ na wszystkie nieprzecenione rzeczy w sklepie internetowym NA-KD ! niedawno go odkryłam i jestem zafascynowana ich marką! Na pewno każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie ❤️ #nakdfashion #nakdxpolska

Hola me llamo Yu y un 70% de mi cuerpo son mis piernas 😂😂😂😂. Ayer una abuelita me paró en el mercado para preguntarme cuánto mido. Le contesté que media 1'75, me tocó en la espina y me dijo que poco a poco con el tiempo me iré encogiendo y seré como ella. De pequeña cuando se metían conmigo quería ser bajita, pero ahora ya pienso que cada uno tiene que aceptarse como es. #yunae #japón

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Photo by @katieorlinsky. The Batagaika Crater in the Siberian town of Batagay, Russia. It has been called the "hell crater" or the "gateway to the underworld," and in real life it is awe-inspiring, beautiful, and yes, pretty terrifying. Over 300 feet deep and 1 kilometer long, the Batagaika crater is a thermokarst depression, also known as a "mega slump, that started forming in the 1960s when the permafrost under the area began to rapidly thaw after nearby forrests were cleared. There's over 200,000 thousand years of history and climate information within the permafrost of this thermokarst depression (in just a one day visit I saw more wooly mammoth bones then I could count). As the climate gets hotter and the rate of permafrost thaw accelerates in Siberia, the Batagaika Crater is growing bigger, unearthing more and more layers of ancient soil- and just as many years of methane buildup that could be released into the atmosphere.

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