#surf en la costa de Rocha. Arrancamos el finde remando! 🏄. Imagen: @piprocca @santi_martinezdg #rocha #uruguay #lapedrera
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Photo by @hammond_robin for @onedayinmyworld - “In an institution there is no possibility of recovery because there is no freedom.” Ruzica Vidakovic (left) met her husband Zoran Stih (right) when they were living in ‘Home for the Insane’ in Osijek, Croatia. Zoran developed PTSD during the war and Ruzica had a “nervous breakdown” during a violent first marriage. While living in the institution they couldn’t be together; it was against the rules. Now they live independently in an apartment in the city. “Before I met her I was on the bottom rung of life. Now that I’ve met her, I’m on the top of life.” - Rehabilitation cannot take place behind the high walls of an institution. In four years, 172 out of 200 people have moved from ‘Home for the Insane’ into apartments. Staff have trained to serve as assistants in the community. For many beneficiaries it is the first time they’ve experienced true freedom. This facility in Osijek is the only one out of 26 in the country to implement the UN convention to deinstitutionalize. - #inmyworld is designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with #mentalhealth issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. @witness_change is a nonprofit that aims to improve life for excluded groups by amplifying their stories. This project was funded in part through a grant from @opensocietyfoundations. To see more or to share your own mental health story please follow @onedayinmyworld

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恩恩跟她的女朋友鄺鄺 @judy.kwong 希望大家新一年每日都開開心心♥️相知相愛,我地會努力令大家感受我們的愛!!!!!!

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