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Wife of Bishop Allan Kiuna, Mother of 3 beautiful Kids, Musician & Associate Pastor @JccKenya. She is the Visionary of Daughters of Zion Ministry.

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😂😂😂😂😂lovely tune in church today

Look who’s working on a Christmas tree. She’s feeling all grown and in charge. Nia means purpose. She’s indeed a child of purpose.

Yoooo, I have seen God's hand at work in my life, my family, my ministry, my marriage and today I came to the sanctuary with a grateful heart. Lord, were it not for you, I do not know where I would be. This has by far been the hardest year but you have won every battle and given me the strength to face 2019. I love you Lord and will serve you all the days of my life #wordfest2018

May this be your best Sunday yet. Wherever you are, pls give Jesus praise. We are on K24 from 9am and Facebook live too. Stay tuned #wordfest2018

Karibuni sana

This year has been our toughest ever. We have gone through things we never imagined possible. We have fought battles we never saw coming. The amazing thing is that these battles only drew us closer to God. Were it not for the mercies of God, we’d not have pulled through. We were in the valley of dry bones and only God could make them live again. We were in the furnace and God provided air conditioner. We were in the den of lions and God shut their mouth. Only God could keep us. For us to celebrate 24 years of marriage this Monday in one piece with the joy of the Lord and a dance 💃🏿 could only take the hand of the Almighty. If I repeat myself. If it’s the only thing I’m saying in different ways for the last few posts pls bear with me. I am so totally overwhelmed by God’s goodness and kindness over our lives. If you see me dance and shout please bear with me. You may never ever understand. If you see me hold my husband tight just leave me be. You may never understand my friend but the story behind the glory can only fit in some few books. For now, just celebrate with us

Faith is provoked and it’s in levels. Faith grows. You start believing for small things and when you see results you are encouraged to believe for bigger then bigger then bigger and when you look back you see the progress you’ve made is immense. Join us tmoro as Bishop concludes on the 40 days of glory. We are at Jcc Parklands and we kick off at 9am. You shall testify

40 days of glory concludes tmoro morning. Don’t miss it for anything. The God of Jacob is still alive and He never changes

Tmoro we conclude the 40 days of glory in style. What a Holy Ghost moment we’ve had. What a move of God. Jesus be glorified. The service kicks off at 9am and we shall Halal, Shabach, Tehilla, Towdah, Yodah, Barak and Zamar all at once. Those are the seven Hebrew words of praise and that’s what you see on this clip. We are opposite premier academy on Wangari Mathai Road. If you desire to sit come by 8.30 and pray. Our God is awesome and powerful

What a joy for me to watch this mighty General of God evolve. To spend decades with him and enjoy different seasons. The great times by far outweigh the bad. The lessons I’ve learnt have been more than any university can teach. The countdown began and now in just two days we shall be celebrating his birthday/anniversary. May God grant you many years my love coz you carry generations in your loins. I love you more than I did 24 years ago.

40 days of glory is on. God has been faithful. Too faithful. We give Him glory

Rev Kathy Kiuna

2 Days 14 Hours Ago

When I look at how far the Lord has brought me I can only say na wow. He’s been beyond amazing to me. I was the most timid human being when it came to crowds. I begged my hubby not to even call me forward to say hello. He started to pray for me and eventually told me God was going to use me. I was ready to stand by him and help from the back but God. So my husband started the journey of raising me up for ministry. He literally picked me up from the on set and held my hand and directed me. What an amazing man. His birthday/our 24th anniversary comes up in 3 days and I wanted to celebrate him before for the great things he has done in my life. Today when I see what God has used me to do. The women I have affected, healings I have seen, the miracle babies out of women who had given up, restored marriages, young ladies and kids who run to me and say “I am a woman without limits’ the amazing daughters of Zion ministry noticed even by CNN, to mention but a few I AM GRATEFUL. So my husband is not just my best friend but my Bishop and father too. God has used him to make me who I am today. He says when he sees me preach he can only give glory to God who quickened him to raise me. So my love as you turn a year older, I celebrate and love you dearly. Next year he has promised to put another ring on it for silver jubilee. Ewooooo this God is too much iooo. I encourage someone out there that God can do it for you too