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Believe it or not this is my first time intentionally leaving my crystals to bask in the moonlight✨✨✨ . . Putting some extra love into this ensemble to bring my summer dreams into fruition~ I have alot of places are calling me home. Herkimer, Rainbow (hopefully), and Colorado here we come~ . . 🌈Crystals shown🌈 #herkimerdiamond #labradorite #arkansasquartz #citrine #selenite #pyrite #petrifiedwood • Rusty quartz I dug up in PA • #serpentine found in Colorado • #calcite #amethyst and #rosequartz from my girl @mama.nirvana . . . #witchy #fullmooncircle #moongoddess #solstice #crystalhealing #energywork #goodvibes #moonfestival #rockhound #travlingartist

#bougienomad is the word of the week🔥 . Making this second hand ACTUAL BURLAP SACK dress look cute out and about kale pickin, backroads drivin, and creek side frolickin with some forest nymph pix to follow🌿🌿🌿 . . Full disclosure~ yes I have stupid expensive sunglasses from when I was a teenager hustlin at a local cafe. ya girl takes care of her thangs even if they are just thangs . . Basically everything else I made 💪🙏🙌

Everyone's celebrating Father's Day and I'm over here like...I'm just gunna work on some crystal handbags I guess😂🙌🖤 . . Purged the energy of a few bad dad apples with no regrets🖤 Forever and always, I am grateful for the love and support from my tribe of family and friends that more than make up for the loss. It's a good life~ 🙏 . . #fathersday #singlemom #poorandhappy

GODDESS👏OF👏DIAMONDS . . A ring of #herkimerdiamonds will surround her with a central herk radiating from her torso~ just as it appeared to me in a dream . . Studio supply donations welcome if you feel oh so inclined to keep the energy strong! We could always use some wood, paints, psh whatever seems fun to create with! I will make prints of her to share this energy far and wide with all who can appreciate her glowing celestial crystalness✨✨✨ . . She has a ways to go but damn I'm loving the process. Art Nights @tccfest have helped me let loose and get into the creative flow that I have lost touch with. I am an artist of many mediums in the pursuit of channeling love and light in all I do🙏💙✨ . . . #herkimerdiamond #sacredgeometry #highvibes #rockhound #crystals #crystallove #healingcrystals #essentialoils #sageyourself #holistic #psychedelic #hippie #travelingartist #goddess #goddessvibes #fullmoon #moonstone #festival #vegfest #hippiefest #rainbowgathering #goddesslocks #nude #allnatural #coloradonative #barefoot #tiedye #cannabis #manifestation

🔥🔥🔥 . . 🌙New Solstice Moons Earrings now available on etsy . . 🌈Custom tie dye from my girl @dreamscapedyes . . 🐢Crystal chokers are on Etsy to complete ANY LOOK . . All earrings at Ringing Rocks Mint are lead and nickel free, hypoallergenic, and usually solid sterling silver . . 👁️👁️👁️Now where do I wear this outfit to since the festival it was made for was cancelled? . . . #rainbow #mandala #redsunflower #wildflower #crystalhealing #solstice #crescentmoon #fullmoon #moonart #moonstone #festival #veganfestival #chokernecklace #tiedye #shopsmall #travelingartist #witchy #hippie #momtribe #taurus

She came to me in a dream, she doesn't have a name, but she's going to be bad-ass once completed💙 . . Peep my progress on the crystal lady I work on every Thursday night at Art Nights in Pottstown~ you are more than welcome to pop on in as well! . . Get your own groove on at 👁️Art Night👁️ every Thursday 7pm-11ish. For more details visit @tccfest stories . . This is a donation based event so please bring what you can to cover material costs to our gracious hosts✨ . . #dreadlocks #bluelady #crystaljewlery #crystallove #herkimerdiamond #goddess #moonstone #solstice #witchy #magic #dreamwork #energyhealing #reiki #chakra #alien #celestial #universe #rainbow #alter #localartist #philly #phoenixville #pottstown #pennsylvania

Sometimes I get thrown back in my head about being a single mom and not really wanting to be a single mom forever ya know 😂... I feel awkward laying down the "yea I have a baby at home" news that scares guys my age far far away 😂🤷 . . But what can I do other than own it? Yea I have a son and he's the brightest most beautiful beam of light I've ever known! 🙌 If ever I let a man into his life, it'll be because he is flipping Superman and utterly intoxicated by my mad maternal instincts and free spirited energy that we collectively give off . . I refuse to feel shame or regret for creating this little family of two and neither should any single mama out there. Shit happens and things don't work out the way you dream they would💜 life is a journey only enriched by the Bliss of a child . . Rant over 😂 I hope you feel me even if you've never experienced single parenthood yourself

The lastest and greatest studs are waiting for you 🌈💜☀️ . . FREE SHIPPING on all orders of three items or more 🙏 . . solid sterling posts and wire wraps HYPOALLERGENIC LEAD AND NICKEL FREE . . Features creations: . . 💜Lavender Studs . . ✨Shooting Star Studs (Herkimer Diamond) . . 🌙And some celebratory Solstice Moons are up for grabs on Etsy~~~ . . Matching chokers are ready to make 🔥🔥🔥

It's been a while since I've raved about this Blue Sheen and it's natural ability to shield against negativity 💙💙💙 . . Personally prospected in Pennsylvania, take a little piece of pa everywhere you go with these sweet little wraps. >> On sale now on my stories! << This is my calling, digging, wrapping, sharing my treaures~ . . Blue Sheen is glass slag glass from smelting iron ore in giant furnaces all over Pennsylvania and beyond. I full heartedly believe it shares blue Obsidian's natural properties to help shield against negativity 🔥 . . Catch the mining trip on the "diggin~" highlight on my profile! . . #rockhound #prospecting #copperjewelry #healingcrystals #holistic #witchy #energywork #energetichealing #eseentialoils #vegan #organic #raw #lelandblue #pennsylvania #hikingpa #appalachiantrail #hiketheat #backpacking #travel #turquoisejewelry #moonstone #opal

Any 90s babies out there remember these??? . . Lacey crystal chokers have been restocked on Etsy🖤🖤🖤 . . All orders of three or more items SHIP FOR FREE . . My friend's 6 year old hasn't taken her 🐢 off for months!

Do you see what I did there? . . Antique mirror FREE Sunshine FREE These moon earrings that I just put up on Etsy... PRICELESS (but no, I did put them on Etsy~a girl's gatta eat😘) . . Featured creations: . . Dark Side of the Moons Earrings . . Summer Solstice Moons Earrings

I kicked this rainy day's ass👏 dancing, mining, mediating, listing my heart out . . Get this look for yourself by checking out my new shop update . . >>HUGE Earring Update NOW LIVE<< . . STORY CLEARANCE SALE TONIGHT AT 5~ first come first serve. Fund raising for my Herkimer Road Trip . . Visit my girl @dreamscapedyes for your own tie dye fire 👌🌈✨ . . There's a twirl video to reveal the front of this custom outfit dropping after my sale 😘 . . FEATURED JEWELRY: . . 🌙Summer Solstice Moons on cover photo . . 💚Stick Studs Kyanite to support the throat chakra SPEAK YOUR TRUTH . . 💎Shooting Star Studs with Personally-Mined #herkimerdiamonds . . . #tiedye #rainbow #pride #dreadlocks #wirewrap #summersolstice #witchy #pagan #fullmoon #goddesscircle #wonderwoman #momtribe #travelingartist #rockhound

I called her Native Nomad, she is native to lands of Colorado, created on the mighty mountains. A long way from home, she is a Nomad and full of life...she is Born to Roam~ . . She is the my latest Collection #nativenomad2019 . . AVAILABLE UNTIL JULY 1 . . Find your adventurous spirit now before I close up shop! A Creative Hiatus away from home-base will have all operations shut down until my return in early August🖤 . . >>Available<< . . "Soaring Eagle" Hoops . . "Stacking Silver" assorted rings . . "Wolf Princess" and "Moon Wolf" specialty bone carving pendants . . "Rain Drops" sweet and simple Genuine Turquoise #chokernecklace . . 📷 @emilyrosegraves

If you were Born to Roam, these pieces are ready for your next adventure🖤 . . >> #nativenomad2019 << collection is live on Etsy thru the end of June~ . . Creative Hiatus will close ALL operations for the whole month of July ✨ . . >>Available on Etsy<< . . "Moon Wolf" . . "Goddess Bracelet" . . "Wolf Princess" . . 🌙🌙🌙 . . 📷@emilyrosegraves

Check out my stories to see why I call my collection of creations Ringing Rocks Mint🙏 . . ✨Who would you bring to listen to their song with you?✨ . . Once upon a time these boulders were dropped by glaciers trudging thru the land. They have some sort of magic cast upon them to make them chime with a metallic luster when you hit them. They are the Ringing Rocks and they are one of my greatest inspirations just a short walk from my childhood home 🖤 . . Ringing Rocks Mint has gone farther and wider than this small town and I only have dreams to go farther. Come the end if the month I'm out. Etsy will be closed🙏 I'm loading up to hit New York for more #herkimerdiamonds and them I'm out to Colorado for some mountain wrapping🙌🙌🙌 . . This single mama is reaching high, but stars will soon be in my grasp🖤

And I stepped in dog 💩 . . Peep my new upcycled belt my friend thrifted for $1 that I decorated with crystals 🙌 some of these quartz were mined in McAdoo Pennsylvania . . New natural fiber dreadies by my girl @daethefae to cover my growing out undercut 🤦🤦🤦 . . Radiant Aquamarine Medallion NFS custom🖤 dm if you have your own ideas or crystals you NEED ME TO WRAP UP🙌🙌🙌 . . Also I have 4 pieces of Turquoise and an entire #herkimerdiamond wire wrapped into my dreads. One day they will tell a very heavy story.... . . #noregrets . .

Sometimes you almost rage quit before you get out of the car. Sometimes you rage cry walking 6 blocks from your car. Sometimes you just have to push through and trust that everything will be ok even when things look bleak🙏 . . My first First Friday was a genuine challenge. But I did it. I made $200 more than I had this morning and life goes on despite the frustrations 🖤 Not to be stuck up on paper with numbers on it, but my dreams for this summer have taken a hard blow. I was hoping this event would help me raise funds for Colorado 😭 alas, Etsy sales will be happening before I depart! . . It's always better to try than to not! . . That's it. I'm done vending and venting until First Friday in August. In the mean time I'll be running my Etsy and gearing up for a mining trip for #herkimerdiamonds and then I'm dipping out to Colorado~ again. #addicted #noshame #iliveinanarmpitcalledpennsylvania . . 🌸🌸🌸A special thank you goes out to my woodland friend Jen for helping me stay sane tonight🙏 I couldn't do this without my tribe that is FOR SURE! 🌸🌸🌸

I was soon compelled to paint this message after telling a friend about my first National Rainbow Gathering🌿🙏✨ . . Rainbow is a gathering where all are welcome to COME HOME. Home to the woods, to be with brothers and sisters and recharge from Babylon. This is a place to kick off your shoes and get GROUNDED. Forget your phone, money, and sense of time and give yourself to the earth. At rainbow you don't give handshakes, you hug every new light you meet. And when you hear "free food in the woods" you best take your Bliss Cups and spoon to the nearest free kitchen posted up across the forest and grab some grub. Settle in under the stars or in a 30 foot teepee and stay up all night singing, dancing, and celebrating for weeks at a time! . . Come the morning of July 4th we all take silence until we meet at Main Circle and collectively share an Om to radiate thru the entire land. This is the 4th of July I want to enjoy, I don't need any hot dogs or fire works 😂🙏 . . For me rainbow was my first dive into the hippie community and I've never left. I have brothers and sisters all over the country that know that the woods is our only true sanctuary in this world. To be open minded, open hearted, and truly connected is the most inspiring way to live. Whether you're well manicured or a dirty kid, all persons with a belly button are welcome to come🙏 . . Obviously the hippie has rubbed off on me. I have truly never been the same Gaia as I was before then and I highly doubt I'll ever drift back. I am building a life that I can travel and work and spread love and light for my own heart and for my son. He will be a wild child. I look forward to taking him to his first Rainbow as soon as I can. I know he will love Kitty Village and all of the adventures that await in the woods and beyond🌿🌿🌿 . . I'm spreading love and light one creation at a time✨ . . #loveandlight #rainbowgathering #onelove #wirewrappedjewelry #bohojewelry #rockhound #herkimerdiamond #manifestation #travel #dirtykids #vagabond #freegan #dreadlocks #family