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Unconventional fine jewelry, repair, and design in East Nashville. MON-SAT 11:30-5:30, SUN 1-5

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✨White Sapphire Burst necklace, with accent diamonds in 14k yellow gold. Happy Friday! 💫

Just the right amount of edge in these sterling beauties. We'll call them elegant punk.⛓

💀 #mementomorimonday. Yes, we know that's not a thing, but it should be and it should be commemorated by wearing these skull studs with black diamond eyes.

⚔️24k Gold over silver with a ruby accent and 14k gold band on this dagger ring 🖤

Tourmaline, sapphire, and diamonds in rose gold make a pretty, geometric pair of studs. Always #handmadewithlove from @sirciamjewelry

"Maglodesent" and "Triangle" rings available now in 14k, shown here alongside other beautiful #sirciamjewelry pieces!

✨Antique Victorian brooch with diamond, reinvented as a ring in glowing 15k yellow gold. One of a kind, but all kinds of 😍

🖤Simple, striking sterling.

💫Love this organic triangle-shaped ring's rustic look with a center diamond star, and three additional diamond accents ✨

💥"I was lost, aimless, and depressed. Now I'm only two of those things." Seems appropriate for a Monday. #slowexplosions and other lovely #imaginaryauthors fragrances here for the sniffing.

🗡Hand-applied 24k gold drips off of oxidized sterling silver daggers. Accented with rubies, this edgy pair is sure to make a statement.

✨Juicy rose cut pear diamond embedded in 14k💫

✨These gorgeous malachite and rough diamond earrings in 14k are anything but your average stud!

🌄How can I work the store remotely from the desert, wearing @sirciamjewelry like @tankturner ? Any ideas welcome.

☀️Every day is a good day for a New Beginning

Need a last minute Mother's Day idea? Stack her children's birthstones - available with silver or gold in multiple styles. 💎

Something about sunny days begs for turquoise. ☀️ This one's available in silver and gold!

💫Nashville's weather today? Allllmost as gorgeous as @tankturner and all this @sirciamjewelry ☀️