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about time rosiepops lost her touch at captions @rose.mcloughlin #erinmua

yes I did forget to tan my shoulder:(

yes you probably have seen this before 😔 #ed


swipe for an awfully shook shannon :( #mygf

my reaction when emily says she’s in a good mood 🤪 #never

lizard life @_roisinx_ #livinnn

me and shannon delighted to meet Marty from Geordie shore :D

niall horan 😫💘

off to do the shopping for dymps with the gals #water

hey I’m a catfish :) #emily

throwback to when contacting emily wasn’t an Olympic sport #sportyspice

Boula > Lrea #ripemily

it’s all downhill from here babe ;) #hb

vloggerz :) #mulxkelxemilymuaxoybs

rosiepops outta captions for me at this stage :( #notgood

my face after that elbow hit me :(