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Rooter Ranger Plumbing is a team of elite plumbers that you can trust! Customer service is our #1 PRIORITY! Call 888-7RANGER for 60 minute service!

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At Rooter Ranger Plumbing, you can feel peace of mind knowing all of our plumbing technicians are clean cut and background checked ! We stand behind our work and because of that we offer a 15 year parts and labor warranty! We strive to provide a 5 star customer service experience to every customer and are proud to maintain a 5 star rating on Yelp, Google, and Facebook! Should you need a plumber, call 888-7RANGER to schedule same day service!

A note from some awesome customers of ours! It was a pleasure working with the Courtemanches! Shout out to our technician Gabe for taking such good care of them and providing them with a 5 star experience! 👏🏻


5 star reviews of the week! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Awesome job to our technicians for excelling in providing only top notch customer service!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star review of the week! Awesome job to our technician Danny for providing a 5 star experience to our customer Daniel! 👏🏻 We can’t say enough how fortunate are we are to have such amazing techs who truly care about our customers, take pride in their work, and treat our business as if it’s their own! #5starreview #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangertotherescue #customerservice

As owner of Rooter Ranger Plumbing, I Jordan Beebe take pride in being involved with every job and personally make sure we do whatever we have to do to get the job done right and completed in a timely fashion. This often means personally working long hours in the field past sundown to provide that 5 star experience I guarantee every customer. I am lucky to have employees who share the same work ethic and who take the same pride in their work. At Rooter Ranger Plumbing, the customer ALWAYS comes first and I personally won’t accept anything short of 100% customer satisfaction! #customerservice #plumbing #5starservice #rooterrangertotherescue #rooterrangerplumbing

At Rooter Ranger we take pride in advocating for our seniors! We treat them as if they are family and make sure they are protected on bigger jobs by involving family members or additional decision makers. We also provide all seniors with a senior discount ! Thanks Lorraine for your review! We really enjoyed working with you!

Flushing out your hot water heater is an important task and something you can do yourself! Getting rid of the gunk and mineral deposits that accumulate will help your hot water heater run more efficiently as well as prolong its life, saving you money in the long run! To do this, follow these 8 easy steps: 1. Turn the knob on the hot water heater to the off position 2. Turn off the gas to the hot water heater 3. Turn off the cold water supply to the hot water heater 4. Turn on the hot water in a sink or tub 5. Open the pressure relief valve 6. Connect a garden house to drainage spigot 7. Turn on spigot and drain 8. Run water until sediments clear #tiptuesday #plumbingtips #diyplumbing #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangertotherescue

For your convenience and emergencies, Rooter Ranger Plumbing is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We NEVER charge an after hours fee and NEVER charge a fee to come look at your issue meaning it’s always FREE for us to diagnose your problem no matter what day or time it is! #rooterrangerplumbing

We love receiving emails like this about our technicians ! Thanks for your hard work, professionalism, and supreme customer service Jose! 👏🏻👏🏻

$59 DRAIN CLEANING SPECIAL! ☎️ CALL NOW FOR EMERGENCY SERVICE! #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangertotherescue

Shout out to a couple of our technicians, Adrian, Ron, and Danny for earning these 5 star customer reviews along with plenty of others! We are a 5 star accredited business and strive to provide an unmatched customer experience with every customer! Check us out on Google and Yelp to view the full reviews! #yelp #google #5stars #customerservice #puttingthecustomerfirst #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangerstotherescue

ROOTER RANGER PLUMBING TIP TUESDAY DEMO ‼️ A couple weeks back we put out a holiday tip to shut off your water if your leaving for the holidays... It’s always a good idea to shut off your water if your leaving your home for a long period of time to prevent coming home to a flood in case of a big leak. We had some questions on exactly how to shut off the water to a home and some requests to film a video so check out our Rooter Ranger Plumbing Facebook to see the full video of a quick demonstration on how you can turn off your water in case of an emergency! 🚨💦 #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangertotherescue #tiptuesday #diy

Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! #rooterrangerplumbing

It's FIVE STAR FRIDAY! ⭐️Awesome job to our new technician Ron for providing exceptional customer service to our client Allyson! Way to model our company values! 👏🏻👏🏻 #rooterrangerplumbing #fivestars #rooterrangertotherescue #customerservice

Rooter Ranger Plumbing hopes everyone has a safe and happy holiday ! 🎄#rooterrangertip #rooterrangerplumbing

The day has come to pick the 4 lucky winners for a chance to win $500 each ! There were over 200 nominations that came through so it made picking 4 families very difficult! What we ultimately did was went though all of the nominations and picked a top 30. These top 30 were the families we really felt needed the money the most. From the top 30, we drew 4 names so it's in God's hands! Thanks again to the community for participating in this holiday donation and being apart of helping 4 families who are truly in need get a little Christmas help this season! See the full video over on our Rooter Ranger Plumbing Facebook page! 🎄❄️ 🎅 #holidaydonation #hopefortheholidays #rooterrangerplumbing

TIP TUESDAY‼️Avoid making a plumbing call by keeping your bathroom drains clean! You don't need a fancy tool, you can use something as simple as tweezers to pull out hair. This little bit of maintenance will help keep your drains flowing and money in your pocket by not having to call us! If you are not able to unclog your drain and need professional help, call Rooter Ranger and take advantage of our $59 drain cleaning special! #rooterrangerplumbing #tiptuesday #rooterrangertotherescue

6 more days! 🎄Send families our way for our Hope for the Holidays ! We are donating to 4 families in need this holiday season. $500 per each family . Thanks to all the support in the community we have some awesome families to choose from . So far we have over 100 nominees. Send all nominations to our Rooter Ranger Plumbing Facebook page in private message and like our page and that's it! We will announce the 4 winners on 12/15, so stay tuned! #rooterrangerplumbing

5 star review of the week! 👏🏻👏🏻 Providing our customers with nothing less than a 5 star experience is our top priority! We strive to be known in the industry for our customer service and for putting our customers FIRST! ☝🏻Shout out to Adrian, Luis, and Jose for implementing our company values and providing our customer Susan with premier customer service! 🙌🏻 Thank you Susan for your business and for taking the time to write a review ! We really appreciate your feedback ! #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangertotherescue #5stars

🎁 ROOTER RANGER PLUMBING HOPE FOR THE HOLIDAYS! We are donating $500 to 4 families in need this holiday season to help alleviate the burden of the holidays. Please nominate yourself or someone you know in need. All we ask is that the money go to people who truly need it ! We will choose 4 winners on December 15! To enter please like and share our Rooter Ranger Plumbing Facebook page and send us a brief message to our Facebook account on why you or your nominee should be chosen. We plan to start a tradition and do this every December to give those less fortunate an opportunity make their holidays a little more special! #rooterrangerplumbing #hopefortheholidays

FIVE ⭐️ FRIDAY! Thank you to our technician Danny for providing excellent and prompt service to our customer Stacy! Without our dedicated and customer service oriented technicians we wouldn't be able to fulfill our mission of being the leaders in the industry when it comes to customer service ! Keep up the great work Danny! 👏🏻 #fivestarfridays #customerservice #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangertotherescue

No water, no grain, no chicken no eggs... #conservewater #waterconservationwednesday #nowaternolife

Feeling blessed we were able to contribute to a cause we feel very passionate about ! Soldier's Best Friend provides an amazing life changing opportunity for our vets struggling with depression and PTSD! This amazing organization provides these vets with a therapy dog at no charge to the vet. The therapy dog is a stray off the street and is rescued and then trained with the vet to be able to provide the highest level of companionship to accommodate the vet's needs. This program essentially saves 2 lives at once. It was amazing to be apart of the sponsorship dinner and be able to hear one of the program graduates speak as to how Soldier's Best Friend has changed his life. We learned a lot at this dinner and we're shocked to find out that almost 100% of soldiers who are in combat face PTSD. Many vets also come home to broken families causing severe depression and loneliness. Our vets sacrifice so much for our freedom and we owe it to them to help them any way we can integrate back into normalcy when they come home 🇺🇸 #helpourvets #supportourtroops

WATER SAVE WEDNESDAY 💧Did you know that by 2025, 5.3 billion people are projected to suffer from water shortages?! 😱 Water scarcity is a HUGE problem and we need to get ahead of the curve if we want to sustain life on Earth. 🌎There are so many ways we can individually reduce our water footprint and collectively we can make an incredible difference ! Using low flow fixtures, staying on top of leaks, cutting down on shower time and just overall being more aware of how much running water we are using, can really make an impact! #reduceyouruse #conservewater #savewater #savelife #savetheplanet #waterconservation #watersavewednesday #spreadawareness

TIP TUESDAY! Sometimes calling a plumber is unavoidable. Other times, if you are mechanically inclined, you can save some money and fix it yourself! #rooterrangertip #tiptuesday #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangertotherescue

Thank you from Rooter Ranger today and everyday to our service men and women! 🇺🇸We owe you so much for your sacrifices made to keep our nation and families safe. At Rooter Ranger we have the highest respect for our veterans and service members and always offer a 10% discount to say thank you to these selfless heroes, but this weekend we are giving all military 15% off. Happy Veterans Day and don't forget to thank a veteran today! #supportourtroops #happyveteransday #thankasoldier #grateful #veteransday #rooterrangerplumbing

FIVE STAR FRIDAY! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Shout out to our technician Adrian for providing supreme customer service to our customer Denise ! 👏🏻We strive to make sure every customer has a positive and memorable experience with Rooter Ranger ! Customer satisfaction will always be our #1 priority! #fivestars #cutomerservice #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangertotherescue

We are looking for experienced, skilled plumbers in AZ who are very customer service oriented ! We are also in search of apprentices who are interested in learning a trade while being compensated for their time ! There are a huge shortage of plumbers in the industry and less and less people are getting into the trade making plumbing a secure choice when deciding a career! Instead of paying for trade school, contact Rooter Ranger and get paid to learn a trade through our apprenticeship program! Our plumbers are also paid top of line and always stay busy! ☎️ Call Rooter Ranger today to set up an interview ! #azjobs #rooterrangerplumbing #azplumbing

WATER SAVE WEDENSDAY! 💧Consider succulents over thirsty plants! Not only are they beautiful, they are very low maintenance, meaning money saved on your water bill, and they thrive year round in AZ ! #watersavewednesday #conservewater #savewater #savelife #waterconservation #rooterrangerplumbing

TIP TUESDAY‼️ Fall is here! 🍁 With temperatures decreasing, it's important to make sure any issues with your sewer system are properly resolved! When water freezes, it expands in volume by 9%! It also expands with tremendous force. The pressure inside pipes can go from 40 pounds per square inch to 40,000 PSI! This is where pipes burst especially if they are older or in poor condition! Make sure to take the proper steps to resolve any existing issues your aware of to prevent pipe bursting and home flooding! 💦 #rooterrangertip #rooterrangerplumbing #tiptuesday #rooterrangertotherescue

Rooter Ranger hopes everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! And remember NO pumpkin seeds down the kitchen sink! 🕸🎃🦇 #happyhalloween #tiptuesday #rooterrangerplumbing #rooterrangertip