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Rooter Ranger Plumbing is a team of elite plumbers that you can trust! Customer service is our #1 PRIORITY! Call 888-7RANGER for 60 minute service!

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Awesome job Rooter Rangers on the 5 star reviews this week! Swipe left to see what are customers our saying about us! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #rooterrangerplumbing #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger #phxplumber #azplumber #ocplumber #orangecountyplumbing #ocplumber #phoenixplumber #scottsdaleplumber #plumber #plumbing

Awesome job to Orange County Jared, Randy and Ryan! 🍑Taking amazing care of our clients and providing premier customer service!!! Our goal on every call is to make a customer for life! Job well done guys 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #rrp #rooterrangerplumbing #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger #ocplumber #orangecountyplumbing #orangecounty

Thanks Ali for the kind words! We truly appreciate all of our customers taking time out of their busy day to recommend us and review our business! #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger #rrp #rooterrangerplumbing

Congratulations to our Orange County 🍑 technician Brett for earning his first Yelp review with Rooter Ranger Plumbing ! 👏🏻 We are blessed to have such an amazing employee on board! #ocplumber #orangecounty #orangecountyplumber #rrp #rooterrangerplumbing #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger

Make sure when hiring a plumber, you choose a company who is licensed, bonded and insured! Rooter Ranger Plumbing is licensed, bonded and insured in both California and Arizona for your protection! The dangers of hiring an unlicensed contractor can include but are not limited to: 1) Non-background checked individuals performing work within your home, possibly subjecting you to criminals 2) Non-insured individuals working in your home, often times with fire and water. Should something go wrong, an uninsured, unlicensed contractor would not have the means to cover the costs associated with a fire or flooding emergency leaving all liability on the homeowner. 3) Unlicensed contractors often haven’t acquired the necessary education or qualifications that a licensed contractor has and most times shows in the workmanship.Hire right or hire twice! 4) Non- compliance with building codes causing problems down the road 5) No warranties or guarantees on work provided. These are just a couple but the list goes on and on...Do yourself a favor and ALWAYS perform your due diligence before letting a contractor step foot in your home. Make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured, check review sites such as google and yelp, check for ROC complaints and also check the Better Business Bureau . Taking these extra steps will protect you and ensure you are doing business with a reputable company who will provide you with quality workmanship! #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger #cslb #licensedbondedinsured #rrp #rooterrangerplumbing #ocplumber #orangecountyplumber #ocplumbing #azplumbing #azplumber

So proud of our technician Randy! He’s been killing it out in Orange County the last 2 days in the customer service department! 🔥🔥🔥 #ocplumber #rooterrangerplumbing #rrp #8887ranger #keepsyououtofplumbingdanger

Day ✌🏻 in Orange County, CA 🍑 Have a clogged drain? 🎶🎵Call 888-7RANGER to get you out of plumbing danger ! 🎶🎵 Also, make sure to take advantage of our $47 drain cleaning special! (with proper clean out access) #ocplumber #orangecountyplumbing #orangecountyplumber #orangecounty #rrp #rooterrangerplumbing #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger #caliplumber

First California customer ! 😊 Awesome job Randy for taking such great care of our very first client. Randy is the perfect addition to our California team and I’m sure this is the first of many happy customers to come . He is a true professional, an advocate for 5 star customer service and we couldn’t be more proud to have him on our team! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger #rrp #rooterrangerplumbing #ocplumber #orangecountyplumbing

Some recent 5 star reviews ! We are so lucky to have such amazing techs who treat our clients as family! Also, we have the best customers who take time out of their busy lives to review us . We are so grateful! #rrp #customerservice #5starservice #8887ranger #keepsyououtofplumbingdanger #rooterrangerplumbing

Loving how the wrap jobs are turning out on the Ford Rangers by @provinylsolutions. If you want a quality wrap job, they are the guys to call 👍🏻 Also, we get a kick out the videos they make 😆

Meet our newest plumbing technician Justin 👋🏻 Justin has been with us for about a month now and has already blown us away with his premier customer service and professionalism. He goes above and beyond for our clients and excels in communication and workmanship. Above all else, he is a true advocate for our customers when it comes to dealing with plumbing issues and always has the best interest of the client. All of our technicians are trained in 5 star customer service and embody the character and integrity that my grandfather instilled in me years ago. I won’t stand for our clients being treated anything less than an extension of my family and focus on only hiring people that I KNOW will carry out my mission effortlessly and genuinely. Justin is just that and we are excited and blessed to have him on board! Welcome to the Rooter Ranger Plumbing family ✊🏻 #azplumber #ocplumber #azplumbing #8887ranger #keepsyououtofplumbingdanger

Awesome job to Jarrod, Raul, Adrian, Gabe and Casey this week for providing premier service and earning these 5 star reviews! 👏🏻 #rrp #rooterrangerplumbing #azplumber #azplumbing #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger #yelp #google #5starservice

We are so proud to have signed on our first field supervisor/ general manager, Tommy as the newest addition to our Orange County team ! 🍊🌴Tommy came highly recommended and after meeting him and spending a week with him he couldn’t be a more perfect fit to the Rooter Ranger Plumbing family. Tommy is highly experienced in the trade but above all else has the character we are looking for. Finding someone to lead our Orange County team hasn’t been easy. We have been very picky and selective during this process of expansion as we don’t want our customer service or satisfaction to be any different than it is in our home base of Arizona 🌵We plan to duplicate the same level of commitment to our customers, 5 star experiences and quality craftsmanship that we’re so well known for. Tommy is the perfect person to ensure the Rooter Ranger values are implemented seamlessly. Welcome Tommy, we are both excited to have you on board! 💪🏻 #rrp #rooterrangerplumbing #samevaluesnewcity #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger

Awesome job Jarrod on another 5 star review 👏🏻Check out our review accounts online and see what our customers have to say about us ! We are fortunate to have the best plumbing techs in the business who provide quality craftsmanship and premier customer service! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #rrp #rooterrangerplumbing #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger #azplumber #azplumbing

Way to go Casey on another 5 star review ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 🎵🎶Call 888-7-RANGER to get you out of Plumbing danger ! 🎵🎶 #rrp #azplumber #azplumbing #rooterrangerplumbing #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger

Hi I’m Jordan Beebe, owner of Rooter Ranger Plumbing. My technicians are all clean cut, background checked individuals who share my values and morals and always put the customer FIRST! These awesome guys are not only impeccable plumbers but trained in 5 star service which I find crucial to providing THE BEST customer experience ! You will be sure to receive unmatched customer service at a fair price with quality workmanship anytime you call Rooter Ranger Plumbing! Next time you have a plumbing issue... (sing it with me) 🎶🎵call 888-7-RANGER to get you out of plumbing danger🎶🎵#rrp #tucsonplumbing #phoenixplumbing #phoenixplumber #azplumber #azplumbing #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger

We are excited to be starting our 3rd Rooter Ranger Plumbing location and looking for motivated plumbing technicians who care about customer service! Customer service is our #1 priority and MUST be a strength! Please send resumes to #rrp #tucsonplumber #tucsonplumbing #8887ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger

Meet our field supervisor, Bobby! 👋🏻Bobby is passionate about customer satisfaction, building a 5 star customer experience and brings 18 years of plumbing expertise to the table! 💡Fun fact: Bobby is also my best friend and someone I trust whole heartedly. Bobby is genuine, always does right by the client, and maintains the integrity of every project no matter what. Leadership starts at the top and we are lucky to have someone with as much integrity as Bobby lead by example here at Rooter Ranger Plumbing! #rrp #888-7-ranger #getsyououtofplumbingdanger