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Eloise sweet little 🇬🇧BullyGirl from NC. Best big sis Rosey crossed 🌈 @thepawtycrew member 😋Sally Snacks 10% discount code ELROSS10

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Hello friends! We wanted to request that if you have made a donation to @bullies2therescue or plan on making one for #puppyprom2018 could you please DM @thepawtycrew so we can keep track of the donations. 😃😃 Make sure you put #puppyprom2018 in the note section of your donation on the @bullies2therescue website😃😃 Thank you😘😘#thepawtycrew #bulliesofinstagram #bullylifetv #bullynation #bullymatrix #igbulldogs_worldwide

It’s a beautiful day in NC ☀️🌺I hope the sky is Carolina blue wherever you are today💙😘☀️🌺

What the woof is this thing??😳 @bigdogbiglilly sent it to my mom and she loves it🐶. . @jonahthebulldogtraveler can you believe I’ve not been on a road trip yet?? I want an arvee like yours!🚐 Congrats on your 1 year IG anniversary and thank you for supporting @thepawtycrew and @bullies2therescue with your contest! 😘😘 #JonahsIGAnniversary

TODAY’S THE LAST DAY TO ENTER JONAH’S CONTEST! LETS HELP HIM REACH 2K FOLLOWERS TODAY! His parents will double the 💰for @bullies2therescue 👍. #Repost @jonahthebulldogtraveler with @get_repost ・・・ Jonah here enjoying my beautiful blanket from @daisygordita ❤️ 🚐🛵🚘Tomorrow is the last day to post about your fav road trip to #JonahsIGanniversary Why play? 1. Chance to win @sallysnacks AND 2. For each post, my pawrents are donating $1 💸 to @bullies2therescue (joining forces with @thepawtycrew and #puppyprom2018 ) ... AND 3. If I reach 2K followers, they will double the 💰💰 ! 🐾🐾🐾 #whatwouldyoudoforasallysnack #doggiecrack #bethechange #charlies1stbulldogsarebeautifulcontest

Grass skirt ✅flower leis ✅fancy drinks with umbrellas✅Best wishes for two beautiful birthday girls ✅Happy Birthday to @maya_englishbulldog @_darlin_clementine I hope you both have the best birthday😘😘🎉🎂🌸🎉🌸💖😘🎉🎂💖😘 #clems3rdbirthday #mayaturns4

👑WE KNOW YOU WANT TO HELP LILLIAN, FRODO, AVRIL and hundreds more bullies 🐶by supporting our friends @bullies2therescue ❤️So come to #puppyprom2018 and remember to donate to the rescue ❗️❗️Details below 👇 . By now we hope everdoggie 🐶knows about THE social event of the year 🎉🎉🎉#puppyprom2018 ❗️Hosted by @thepawtycrew April 27 and benefiting the pawesome @bullies2therescue 🐶 Here’s how you can pawticipate: 1. Find a date or come stag❗️Post a pic of yourself in your prom finery👗Prizes will be awarded 🎁for King, Queen, 👑Prince, Princess, Best dressed boy/girl, 👔Best Proposal, 🌹Best Prom Prep💅🏼💄 #puppyprom2018 You must be following @thepawtycrew to win. 2. If you want to surprise your date 💏with a fabulous promposal box 🎁from @thebirthdaypuppy this is the last week they’re offering either $5 off the price by using code PROM at checkout OR leave off the code and the $5 will be donated to the rescue❗️ 3. Donate 💳directly to @bullies2therescue noting it’s for #puppyprom2018. START DONATING NOW❤️ All breeds 🐾are welcome❗️We can’t wait to see you all there and support a great rescue🐶 Thanks to @mybenebone, @sally_snacks @flagology for prizes!❤️

My friend @charlie.the.english.bulldog is having #charlies1stbulldogsarebeautifulcontest 😌He wants to celebrate our beauty 😉and give us a chance to win a fabulous bulldog print(swipe to see) and help rescue. 🐶See his page for details. And remember a donation to @bullies2therescue for 👑#puppyprom2018 will count for Charlie’s contest! When you make your prom donation to @bullies2therescue please note it’s for #puppyprom2018 😘Thanks friends😘😘

#Repost @thepawtycrew with @get_repost ・・・ 🎉If you donate to @bullies2therescue it will count for Charlie’s contest too!🎉 Hey friends! Happy #Tot We r having a contest!! We all know we r beautiful all year around 😄 but since "Bulldogs are Beautiful Day" is coming up we wanted to choose 2 friends (a boy and a girl) to win ur own print by Red & Howling. We got ours last year n totally loved it!! ........................... ■ Only one rule : 1) • Post a pic of ur beautiful self or bulldog family with the #Charlies1stBulldogsAreBeautifulContest hashtag for an entry to win ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ❤ Mom wants to help bulldog rescues so 🐾💕 ♡ If u make a donation of at least $5 or more to any bulldog rescue you will get 4 more chances to win!!! ♡ Just dm ur receipt, all donations from April 1 to April 21 will be considered. The 2 winners will be chosen randomly on April 22 ❤ We also will be making our donation to a rescue 😀😁 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WE ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL and we know it!!! 😊😏😌😄 #Charlies1stBulldogsAreBeautifulContest #bulliesofinstagram #bullylifetv #bullynation #bullymatrix #buzzfeedpets #peoplepets

Entering Jonah’s contest is another way to pawticipate in #puppyprom2018 and support @bullies2therescue 💙THANK YOU JONAH😘😘. #Repost @jonahthebulldogtraveler with @get_repost ・・・ 3 Big Announcements Everybully! 1. April 17 is my 1 year IG anniversary. Me & Arvee 🚐🚐 were on our first road trip. Please celebrate with me by posting about your fav road trip with #JonahsIGAnniversary 🚐. On the 17th 1️⃣ poster will be randomly chosen to receive some #sallysnacks 🍖🍖 2. In suppawt of @thepawtycrew & #puppyprom2018 Mom & Dad will make a donation 💸 for each of the above posts to @bullies2therescue 3. AND if I reach 2K followers by the 17th, Mom says she will double the 💰💰(but don’t tell Dad) 😎 PS: #ineedlolasscent please. #meandarvee #ontheroadagain #buzzfeedpets #roadtrippin #roadtrip

I had the best big sis ever 💙🌈✨Happy #nationalsiblingday 💙🌈✨🌈

Happy 4th Birthday to my beautiful friend Rollo🎉🎂💖👑🎉🎂💖👑 I hope you’re getting lots of treats 🎂🎂🎂#rolloturns4

Guess what today is? Happy #tongueouttuesday 👅😘

I successfully slept through Monday 💪😉😴See y’all on Tuesday 😘

When I decide to get up I’m going to have a great Monday 😉😴 I hope yours is good too😘❤️

Happy Weekend from Eloise and Chewy @be_chewzy ☀️(swipe)Who do you think won the Tug-a-war? 😉Mom says a paw to your opponent’s face is cheating🙄💪I’m not letting go of @mybenebone !

Let the wild rumpus start🤣😂 @be_chewzy is here for the weekend!

Look who’s spending the weekend with us!! @be_chewzy 🤣It’s gonna be a wild weekend 🤣