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It’s hard to know how much or how little to share, in regards to my physical difficulties and pain levels. It’s a balancing act for me. If I don’t share anything, then people believe there’s nothing wrong or then call me a liar when I eventually open up. . On the other hand, if I DO share snippets of my experiences, people understand and support. I feel less alone. It’s quite disheartening living in a body that doesn’t do what you want it to and it negatively impacts your life. . The negatives of sharing are severe though. I’m torn to shreds online: mocked (been called Quasimodo amongst extensive insults) and EVERY photo, post, image and story is analysed and defamed for fun. There are also negatives offline and professionally too, but that’s an extensive topic. . I still haven’t shared my diagnosis and want to keep that private for now. However, what I deal with, is rare in adults. It’s a persistant and potentially life long problem that needs constant maintenance. And YES, my pain and mobility fluctuate heavily on a daily basis. . Every day is different. I can be fine in the morning and hobbling by evening. Great days are usually followed by bedridden evenings and painkillers, in private. Some days, I can’t do stairs and can collapse due to legs giving way. In some way, I DO regard myself a spoonie. I monitor everything I do now and learning what helps and hinders. It’s not straight forwards. It changes daily! . I know people don’t want to hear about my pain or will find this post a source of entertainment, but I don’t care. It’s a part of my life that I deal with and I actually feel comforted when I communicate with others who relate. Abusing my honesty will not make me talk more. No one should be ashamed for opening up about the issues they deal with. . I won’t allow anyone to make me feel ashamed. We all fight different battles. This is one of mine. X

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