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From the streets of Orlando to the Queen of Ma's castle, an eclectic mutt with a heart for bulldogs, who looks like🐶 eats like🐷 and hops like🐇!

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@beefywells challenged us to tongue curling, 🇺🇸👅🥇and this is my best curl. I'm going for a nose picking strategy. #wellyswinterpawlympics #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromthepawlympics #tonguecurling 🎆 #chewiesmeme #bulldogstudcrew #buddiesofboa #pawtycrewpals #lolashotfurfriends

Dear Sadie, Every day your teefer smile brings me joy. Every night your cuddles warm my heart. You are my sun and my moon, my whole world; even when you stand on my chest and give me an angry stare down because you want something. You rescued me and today I honor you, even though everyday is #loveyourpetday! Love, Mommy 🐶💕 #nationalloveyourpetday #teefertuesday #teefouttuesday #tongueouttuesday #tot #teefandtonguecombo #nailedit #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromthewinnerscircle #chewiesmeme #bulldogstudcrew #pawtycrewpals #buddiesofboa #lolashotfurfriends

Mommy wants her #puppypawpals to know the Dreamers are working hard to get letter responses in the mail! Their writing is getting much better, but they still need Mommy's help, so please be patient, and know we (them + me) LOVE you! #penpalpups #missdesrosiersdreamers #qualityoverquantity #slowandsteady

Dominik was VERY excited to get this pugalicious card from his Pen Pal @margeaux_sage! Dominik has a pug named Nacho, and he says, "This looks almost like my pug, just Nacho had more brown on his ears." Thank you Margie! #penpalpups #puppypawpals #missdesrosiersdreamers

So, I would like to contest @hallmarkchannel's Best in Underbite winner at the #americanrescuedogshow. Look at this underbite...this underbite should be on the leaderboard! #underbitelife #underbitesunite #bestinunderbite #bestinrescue #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromtheleaderboard

The sweetest little listener, @itsme_bertiebotts just advanced! What do you think about that @j.wigglebottom #bestinrescue

If you are not watching @hallmarkchannel's American Rescue Dog Show, then you are missing out on pure joy and entertainment! #bestinrescue

There is a link in my profile for integrative vets across the country! There is a way to heal your bulldog (including honorary bulldogs and even non-bulldogs) Tyson (@mayortysonbulldog) and Lola (starting with @waffles_n_lola then moving to @bobiscray, @bobiscraymd ,and @thecarminator) are very EXTREME cases. Cases that a traditional vet would medicate into organ failure, or just put them down to give them peace. But these dogs were not ready to die or be killed my chemical medication. Now their parents amd support teams are healing these babies (and there are many others all across Instagram)We aren't experts, but we are parents willing to help our babies at all costs. Regrann from @mayortysonbulldog - The response is overwhelming so much that we had to share. While Tyson’s case is alot more extreme than the average, there is no lengths we won’t go to to heal. All with stuff you can get from store or have at home. Vet not required or will they ever tell you to use Charcoal. When I asked my bulldog vet they said no because it’s not medically tested and research doesn’t prove it works, when I asked my holistic vet she said what’s it gonna hurt. I knew that was the vet for me. Tyson is proof it works. You don’t have to be a rocket 🚀 scientist to see for yourself. PEOPLE WAKE UP don’t listen to everything your vet says. #firethedrugdealerhireadoggyhealer when Tyson was at his sickest point they wanted to keep giving apoquel, 5mg prednisone, tramadol for pain, gabapentin for pain, ciproflaxin as antiobiotic and said give it 9-12 months using only DMSO (a gel that reabsorbs the calcium back into the body) ...I said NO and went cold turkey off everything. Here we are 4 months later 95% healed all from #charcoal , diet change and that means #nokibble, #supplements #detox #cbdoil and @bobiscraymd guidance. If this isn’t a #wakeupcall I don’t know what is. #healingbulldogs1atatime. #crazybulldoglady #crazybulldogmama these are a combination of body wraps, poultices, what comes out. Happy Sunday for us it’s a healing Sunday ❤️🐾 - #regrann

NOTE: SADIE'S ICE CREAM IS JUST FROZEN QUAIL & KEFIR 🍦Today is International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast day to raise awareness for childhood cancer #icecreamforbreakfast🍦 🍧 Today we honor all children who have fought or who are fighting a battle with cancer because #kidsgetcancertoo 🍨 Of course we especially honor our sweet, brave, and incredibly strong Kelsey💕 @eggnogthebulldog #kelseycan #kelseystrong #kelseyskrusaders

Happy Happiest of Birthdays to sweet, sweet Eloise! @rosey_and_eloisebulldogs #eloiseis1pawty 💕 Mommy didn't know me as a puppy, so her comparison pictures are from finding me, seeing me and adopting me (top row), and then pictures of me now (bottom row) 💕 We love you so much Eloise, and have loved everyday of watching you grow. #sadiefromthestreet #straytospoiled #sadiefromthegoodlife

To my IG friends who have become like family this year... 💌 One💙 hundred💚 hearts💜 would💛 be💟 too💙 few💚 to💜 carry💛 all💟 my💙 love💚 for💜 you!💛 Love, #sadiefromtheheart 💘 ...and to my Valentine... @petrescuegalore 💕BARNABY💕 Hearts are red❤ The sky is blue🌈 Have I ever mentioned😍 How much I REALLY like you?😗 I think about you often💭🐶 actually all the time.⏰ So I tell you this:💝 I'm happy to be your Valentine!😙 #myloveisstrongerthanmyunderbite #cupidscharm #valentinesday 💌 #sadiefromthestreet #chewiesmeme #lolashotfurfriends #pawtycrewpals #bulldogstudcrew

Oh my goodness! Mommy's kindergarten Dreamers were spoiled by their #penpalpups for Valentine's Day! They were all so excited, and so thankful! Swipe to see their loot, and some SUPER cute doggy stuff (a bulldog on chocolates!) #puppypawpals #missdesrosiersdreamers #friendsthatarefamily

@Regranned from @bellabambina518__bruno_bruiser - PLEASE HELP A FRIEND! Meet Rudy, Riley & Emmy. They belong to my good friends Dan & Lori. Last July their boxer pit mix attacked their boxer boy Riley and almost killed him. He was bitten almost 50 times. Lily had to be rehomed with a Family that had no dogs. Incurring a cost of over $2000. In November they adopted a 7 year old Boxer named Emmy. She required medical care for an eye injury she incurred out in their yard. She was spayed in January, cost was 667.00. One evening soon after she had a run in with Riley puncturing his ear. They had to take him to an emergency vet and then the next day to their Vet at North Penn. Their total costs for the last 6 months was over 3500.00. Emmy also desperately needs work done to her teeth. Which they need to get done soon. Cost will be about 750.00. My friends Lori & Dan are both School Bus drivers (after other very long careers in other fields) and don’t make enough money at this time to keep up with these bills, although they are still very involved in dog rescues and will continue to be. Emmy is also still undergoing treatment for her ulcerated cornea. If you can please find it in your hearts to contribute they would be extremely grateful! Both are wonderful people and do so much for others in need! GoFundMe link in my bio! Also their PayPal account is under Anything is much appreciated! And please SHARE as that will help! Thank you! 😘 #boxer #boxersofinstagram #boxers #boxerrescue #boxerlove - #regrann

I'm hiding my snaggle teefs on this #teefertuesday! I'm so excited for my Valentine date tomorrow with Barnaby, my love! @petrescuegalore hopefully my wild mustache furs calm down for tomorrow! #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromtheloveboat

Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Judy! @mollyg_judydog #judysfab15fiesta Being rescued is great, especially when you end up being the one who rescued the human! Love you girl!

I saw @daisymoose_bulldogs doing a new challenge: #spendsundaysnuggling 😪💤🐶 and thought, "I can calm down and snuggle Mommy." Since @wazzy_max_pcj_cobalt_fletcher taught me about #lazysunday, I nominate any of those five handsome boys to share their Sunday snuggles!

@buddy_21011 Mommy tried to get a hat on me for your birthday PAWty, but I was not cooperating! #buddys7thshindig I love you Buddy, but I don't love hats! Cheers to another year around the sun!

C'mon mom. Let's blow this popsicle stand! I need to get to #buddys7thshindig and celebrate with my friend @buddy_21011! Happy Birthday Buddy, Mommy and I love you!

My friend #harrythelamb loves my teefs! So I am sending Harry @jackandharrydaniels the biggest teefer smile for his 2nd birthday! #harrythelambturns2 💕 Harry, I have loved you since the day you became @bobiscray's foster brudder, and that love only grew when you became Jack's brudder. I love your Mudder, Fudder, JD, and squishy Ted. Enjoy this next orbit around the sun.

Friends, I have my FIRST Valentine! 💕 Sweet Barnaby picked out toys for me, which I will sleep with everynight, and asked me to be his Valentine! Of course I said yes! Look how handsome he is in that tie! I'm such a lucky girl! 💕 Thank you @thepawtycrew for encouraging us to tell our #pawtycrewsecretcrush! Now I have the cutest, sweetest, most debonair Valentine in all the land!

Happy Birthday Rose! I love every fun face you post and cannot wait for more in the years to come! Enjoy your special day, Princess! @kingmajesty_and_princessrose #princessroseturns2

Shame on you @vcawestcoast @vca! Dr. Bobo is my doctor, not a candy company! read below: @Regranned from @bobiscraymd - Please repost and share. MORE BULLSHIZ courtesy of @vcawestcoast Ummmmmm funny I’ve been #paralyzedzerotimes #diedzerotimes Here they go again. Creating lies and rumors to scare people away from RAW FOOD!!!!!!!! Why? Cause they lose billions when your dog gets healthy and doesn’t eat their cancer causing prescription only cardboard. ——@vca & @vcawestcoast are both owned by Mars Inc. Look at this garbage! I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO BOYCOTT all of their brands and subsidiaries. Look at this propaganda they try to spin! WAIT raw chicken gives paralysis?????? 🐔WHAT A JOKE. Been feeding raw chicken for 13 years. And all farm dogs much be paralyzed too. And our almighty creator must be clueless! Why would he put chickens on this earth only to paralyze our dogs. Freaking Liars. —— YOUR over-vaccination is what causes paralysis and then you claim no research! —— They want your dogs eating KIBBLE made by MARS so your dogs can remain sick and they can make money. Spread the word. Boycott these disgusting companies that don’t give a rats ass about you or your animals. #karma #boycottmars - #regrann

So, I pooped in my crate today and then laid in it.💩 Mommy tortured me through a bath, I'm not sure why.🛁 So I peed all over the floor.💧💦 Can't you see how ashamed I feel? Happy #teefouttuesday Loves! #noshame #teefers #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromthekitchenfloor #poopedinthehouse #peedinthehouse

What do you mean, Mommy? I'm the queen of patience! I could have jumped on the bed and licked your face instead (like usual)! #littlemissimpatient #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromthewhinery

So I put my hands up🙆‍♀️ They're playing my song📻, the butterflies fly away🦋 I'm noddin' my head like, 'yeah'🎧 I'm movin' my hips like, 'yeah'💃 #partyintheusa @my_dawg_rue #rubystutufunpawty @millabulldog #vigilantedogsquad #vigilantedogsworldwide

I love me some Superbowl snackies, so I'm headed back to @my_dawg_rue's #rubystutufunpawty in my Strawberry Sadiecake outfit! I hear she is snacking hard! #familygreatly #kraftentry #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromthesuperbowl

SWIPE TO SEE THE PLAY: Down, set, hike! I'm the quarterback and Mommy is the center offensive linewoman! I went downfield with the eggy & turkey football and scored a touchdown in my belly! #mvp #sadiefromtheendzone #superbowl #snackies #sadiefromthestreet #familygreatly #kraftentry

Knowledge is power! @Regranned from @remi_bullygurlronda_n_knuckles - 🗣 Our voices are being heard 🗣 In 2017 the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) admitted titer tests are alternatives to repeated vaccinations! (NOTE - final • point pic 2) Changes are being made and we are educating ourselves about the dangers of the AAHA vaccination guidelines ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ ♦️ PLEASE‼️ READ FOR YOURSELF 📝 Dr. Jean Dodds’ Pet Health Resource Blog for recommended vaccine protocol 💻 AAHA-vaccination-guidelines-2017-for-dogs-review 💻 I can send you the link! ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ Swipe ◀️ for - AAHA suggested vaccination protocol! 💉💉💉 Slam as many combo vaccines as possible as early as possible into our pets at one time! ☠️KILLS BULLDOGS ☠️ #changeforporter #justsaynotodoggydrugs #ourvetsknowbetter #moneyintheirpockets 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 Swipe ◀️ - Dr. Jean Dodd’s recommended vaccination protocol. Specifically scheduled to avoid adverse vaccine reactions! #saveourbulldogs #homeopathicremedies ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ✳️ Our pups have residual immunity from their mother’s milk🍼 Vaccinating too young causes vaccine antigens to be partially neutralized so full immunization is not achieved! #nofakenews #brainwashed #knowledgeispower - #regrann

I've been on Neighborhood Watch duty for nearly an hour! SWIPE TO SEE the next photo where I went to a higher post to seek out any funny business! @paddyinthecity I am the self-appointed chief of the neighborhood watch committee! Mom even got me the #security jacket to prove it! #chief #neighborhoodwatch #pawpatrol #watchdog

This is Barnaby, my first IG crush! I met him at #puppyprom2017 and have been infatuated with him ever since then! @petrescuegalore #pawtycrewsecretcrush #valentines2018 #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromtheheart

I love so many bulldogs on IG, but I have certainly had two long time crushes, one east coast and one west coast, on @bogey_the_bulldog and @paddyinthecity! #pawtycrewsecretcrush #valentines2018 #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromtheheart

Phew! I have never partied as much as I did last night! I will be sleeping all day to recover from @waylonthebulldog's #waylonturns3, @my_dawg_rue's #rubystutufunpawty, and @tank_bully_weaver's #tanks12thtoybash! #partyhangover #dancehangover #cakehangover #sadiefromthestreet #sadiefromthecouch