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From the streets of Orlando to the Queen of Ma's castle, an eclectic mutt with a heart for bulldogs, who looks like🐶 eats like🐷 and hops like🐇!

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Mommy is looking for some new bullies interested in being a pen pal with a kindergarten student? Last year was the first year, and it was amazing! The kids loved their bulldog pen pals (English, French, American, and Bullshitz), and the bulldog Mommies became great friends! Mommy has 10 returning pen pals, but will need up to 8 more (depending on class size) . *🐶* You would write letters to one kindergarten student from you, the bulldog, back and forth throughout the year. . *🐶*Mommy will send you a detailed letter to help you understand the pen pal program and give you some tips! If you want to do this, please know the kids will be excited, so please do not join if you cannot commit for the entire school year; and be sure you are able to reply quickly when you receive a letter from your kindergartner pen pal. . *🐶* Letters and photographs are to the kindergartener with whom you are paired, but if you ever want to send a gift (not required, nor expected), please send something to the whole class; either something the class can share or enough somethings for each kindergartener. If not, the "it's not fair" meltdowns ensue! Feel free to ask if you are wondering more about this program. AGAIN, GIFTS ARE NOT REQUIRED NOR EXPECTED. The only expectation is letters written in a timely letter throughout the year. . *🐶* If you are interested, please send me a DM with any questions, ideas, concerns, etc. #missdesrosiersdreamers #bulldogcorner #penpalpups #puppypawpals

...before reading this, please know Sadie is alive and well. 🐶 Losing my fur baby (Cody) was the hardest thing I have ever endured. It was the deepest, most paralyzing pain I have ever felt. Once he was gone, I realized how many of my subconscious and conscious thoughts centered around him. Everywhere I went and everything I did reminded me of him and made me aware of his absence. I was frozen by his loss. I needed him to make me feel whole, and he was gone so I was empty. He was my baby, my confidant, my best friend, my roommate, and my dependent. What would I do without him? What was my purpose? I needed another dog to fill this painful void his absence created, this painful awareness that I had lost my everything. 😭 Twelve days later, I brought home sweet Sadie. She had been found stray. She weighed 4lbs (she is now 8lbs) and was having bloody diarrhea. She refused to eat. The shelter put her on death row. The Pixel Fund decided Sadie was worth saving, and rescued her for me. I didn't know it yet, but Cody had saved her for me. In my grief, I went searching for a dog and Cody made sure I found her. She was scared when I met her, but found solice in my arms. She needed safety from me and I needed love from her. 💔 Sadie did not replace Cody. I don't love her instead of him or more than him. My love for Cody was and is so strong that I needed to share that love with another dog. A dog who needed my love. Sadie did fill his void, a void that needed filling so I could heal and find joy again. Cody would not want me to live with the emptiness of his loss. Loving Sadie is not a betrayal of Cody's memory. Because of Cody, I have Sadie and I have joy. I can now think of Cody and smile. Sadie saved me because Cody saved her. A new dog is never a replacement, but it can be the remedy for healing grief, which is very different. No one should be afraid to love another fur baby after the loss of one. Our fur babies (past, present, and future)have the most healing power because of their unconditional love.💕 @eleonora.gozzoli this post is for you. I thought of it after reading your mom's words of wisdom. Someone in my Pen Pal group shared it. #penpalpups #puppypawpals

...when you get caught napping on the job! #neighborhoodwatch #sleepingonthejob @loliethebullie how do I explain this to the neighborhood? #securitybreach #unmanned #60sadiesummerdays #sadiefromthewatchpost

Summer means post breakfast nap morning play sessions! #60sadiesummerdays #mommyandme #playdate #sadiefromthecourt #sadiefromthestreet

This party animal is ready to celebrate Arnold's 2nd Birthday and Bubba's 8th Birthday! @arnold_theminibully and @bubbas_crew #arnolds2letsgroove #happybitthdaybub #tongueouttuesday #partyanimal #sadiefromtheparty #sadiefromthestreet #sadiedoescali

Ma! You're always belly aching about me waking you in the morning... so... how dare you interrupt my #tuesdaysnoozeday?! I got routines, woman! #60sadiesummerdays #dazedandconfused #sleepingbeauty #sadiefromthebed #sadiefromthestreet

📻Tune of #manicmonday 🎶Just another lazy sunday. I'll sleep until Monday. 'cause that's my #funday! Since mom don't work Monday. It's just another #lazysunday!🎶 We learned lazy Sunday from the best: @wazzy_max_pcj_cobalt_fletcher #60sadiesummerdays #sadiefromthebed #sadiefromthestreet

We may be a day late, and a dollar short, but that's just how my best friend rolls! #nationalbestfriendday We just LOVE this photo @orlandopetphotography captured of Mommy holding me💕🐶💕🤱 #60sadiesummerdays #letmetellyouboutmybestfriend #besties #sadiefromtheshoulder #sadiefromthestreet

This flying tushy tail is just for @dunkin_lucy_and_mabel_too's Mommy, with love! #tushy #fluffytail #60sadiesummerdays #sadiefromthegrass #sadiefromthestreet

Summer days driftin' away, to ah, oh, those summer nights.. #60sadiesummerdays #summernights #sadiefromthestreet #literally #walkies

Mommy LOVES this photo of me by @lartelgphotography because of my wonky teefs and winky eye! This summer, I will also be sharing some of the other FABULOUS photos she took of me (thank you Momo @bogey_the_bulldog) #60sadiesummerdays #sadiedoescali #throwback #sadiefromtherock #sadiefromthestreet

Just hanging around, enjoying sweet summer nights with Mommy 💕🍍#summernights #hangingaround #upsidedown #60sadiesummerdays #sadiefromthestreet

Listen woman! You may not feed me an hour late, just because it is your summer break. #sixthirtybreakfasteveryday #60sadiesummerdays #feedme #sadiefromthefoodmat #sadiefromthestreet