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Displaying tonight in Brooklyn, NYC. All ambassadors get FREE entry to the event. DM us if you would like to be an attendance.

The beautiful & talented @uniqueandlovelyllc rocking our exclusive Jungle wrap. #soldout ! Follow her & check out her amazing art work

Sahara Head Wraps New York City Brand Ambassadors. PLEASE READ ✨❤️ We will be showcasing under Preudhomme Art & Design at the $10 Art show. Thank you for being a part of the team! We look forward to meeting you. ✨

$10 FLASH SALE! Shop


The beautiful @madamyatir rocking our EARTHLY head wrap! Available in bio ❤️✨@yatirclothing

Get this scarf for just $5 today ✨✨✨ SHOP SHOP SHOP

✨✨✨✨ new scarves updated to our site

WRAPS CAN DO IT ✨✨✨ This new scarf was released today & we’re already close to being sold out!

We’ve added NEW SCARVES to our site today! Shop ✨✨✨ Art by @e.koley / @preudhommeart

Our new “Unity” Wrap ✨ Available on our website! This wrap has quickly became a favorite! ❤️ We also are sending FREE UNITY earrings randomly to some of our ambassadors today. Plus we’re randomly throwing in some UNITY earnings to some our or clients who order our UNITY wrap today! ❤️✨✨

We are sending some of our top Brand Ambassadors our new “Unity” head wrap along with matching UNITY earrings 😍✨ We’re also throwing in some UNITY earrings in some of our UNITY head wrap orders today ✨✨

The beautiful @kla__bird 🔥✨ I’m our new “UNITY” head wrap! Link in bio . . . . #headwraps #headwrapstyle #headshots #headwrapqueen #headpiece #headwrapstyle #headwraptutorial #naturalhairstyles #naturalgirls

Restocked ✨✨✨

😍 @kp4equality rocking our exclusive AFRICAN QUEEN HEADWRAP . . . . #headwraps #headwraptutorial #headwrapstyle #headwrapqueen #headwrapstyles #headwraplife #headpiece

RESTOCKED ✨✨✨ shop! Link in bio

Our new “UNITY” head wrap is available ❤️ . Model: @freespirited_93 & her beautiful son. Body paint: @preudhommeart Photography: @halaatmephotography Head wrap: @saharaheadwraps . . ✨✨✨✨ . . #headwraps #headwrapslay #headwraptutorial #headwrapqueen #blackisbeautiful #blackmothers #blackmomsbelike #afro

Our new UNITY wrap is available ✨😍