Buenos días amig@s!!!! Para estos días tan agradables que seguimos teniendo, (a pesar de que refresque por la mañana) seguimos manteniendo nuestras súper ofertas diarias!!!! Ponle un poco de color a tu día con nuestra oferta de los martes!!!! - TINTE + SECADO EXPRÉS + TRATAMIENTO DE COLOR 16€ - PIERNAS COMPLETAS + INGLES + AXILAS TE REGALAMOS LAS CEJAS Que no os lo cuenten!!!! 💆💇💅😊 #tinte #color #depilación #descuento #haircut #hairstyle #peluquería #estética #beauty #happy #salón #belleza #veronicayrocio #tomelloso
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Do you agree with him? 😂 . Raise your hands if you have watched #blackpanther 🙌🏼 . Video Source: Shuler King . #pulsenigeria #pulseviral #wakanda #blackpanthermovie

roman talks about his elimination chamber opponents: John Cena: "He's like 'The Babe.' I don't think there's ever going to be anybody like Cena ever again. That's why when people compare myself to him now, I like to just think that it's a compliment. To be able to have the longevity -- that's the word for Cena longevity. It goes to speak to his worth ethic and his passion, but I just don't think it's going to be able to be done again. He's one of one. There will never be a guy who can hold up and be that durable because he competed 15-plus years on an elite level. I've been doing it a few years now, and I can already feel the tolls, so there's a lot of respect that has to go his way because to do it at the top for that long is unprecedented." _ Braun Strowman: "He's a monster. It's for real. He's a big strong dude that can move. He's a good athlete, too. It's very rare you see men who stand 6-8, 6-9-plus, and they have to hitch to do what we do. On top of all that, he's not a big blockhead. He's a smart guy with a decent head on his shoulders where I think he's going to continue to progress and continue to learn because there's so many different facets and nuances that we do in the ring. He's definitely going to be a monster for us for many years to come." _ Finn Balor: "The cool thing about Finn, and a lot of the guys we have, but especially his story and just his background and the time he spent in Japan and the whole Bullet Club scene and everything, I would just say he's an extremely deserving competitor, and he's in the right spot. He's in the right light. I'm extremely happy with his progression as a character, and as long as he can keep Finn Balor doing what he's doing, the Demon is always going to be really cool. He's definitely a journeyman, but I'm happy he's continually escalating and evolving throughout this career."

Episode 6x15!!!! March 8! . . #olicity #arrow #greenarrow #oliverqueen #felicitysmoak #greensmoak #stephenamell #emilybettrickards #caitlinsnow #killerfrost

Congo iyyer 😂😂

My girl @VeraBambiLIVE is back at it again! She shot some REALLY SEXY content for her viewers this month. I LOVE HER CONTENT! Give her a follow: @VeraBambiLIVE @VeraBambiLIVE @VeraBambiLIVE @VeraBambiLIVE - By the way, you should check out her YouTube too, she’s got some great videos!

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