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Burasi kendi basina o kadar havali ki benim burda guzel cikma sansim asssla yok 🤡

거의 10년만에 갔나보다ㅋㅋ#롯데월드 🎠 항상 고마운 울 장디🔆 With. (@ordinarypeople) 근데 사진은 진짜.. 드럽게 못찍는다

All you lovely humans out there. Did you see this? . . Just a few facts to put it in perspective: Jessie is my Blissful Herbs customer. I shared her gorgeous birth video with her permission. It went viral. My caption, with comments about homebirths for first time mothers, was quoted in the atrocious Daily Telegraph article. . . We provided that journalist with screeds of evidence that trump the spurious and outrageous comments by ill-informed obstetricians, (who've likely never even seen a homebirth or a waterbirth) - but the journalist chose to ignore these studies – studies which prove: waterbirth is safe, and homebirth is as safe as low-risk hospital birth. . . So don't let these sound-bite factoids get in the way of your good sense! . . Care providers have a responsibility to provide EVIDENCE_BASED care and information - not "consensus-based" and certainly not "eminence-based" misinformation that spreads ignorance and fear. And how dare they, or anyone, malign mothers for choosing freebirth while they systematically close down birth centres and eradicate homebirth services and midwives? Funny, in places like NZ and parts Europe, where there is a strong autonomous midwifery model and funded homebirth, there is no such "epidemic" of freebirths (and a lot less birth trauma, too) . By the way. I had my first baby at home. I had ALL of my babies at home! And I have personally supported hundreds of women to have THEIR babies safely at home, often in water, including many first-time-mothers, just like Jessie. And notice - all the commentary is based on what SHE did, and whether birth is safe - there's zero commentary on the absolutely unethical, erroneous and outrageously irresponsible comments by the doctors claiming that homebirth is 7 times more dangerous and that babies could drown at waterbirths. . . That's a huge statement about how we really do mind if women dare to exercise their personal sovereignty - but apparently we don't mind at all if experts-in-white-coats roundly abuse their jurisdiction. #homebirth #evidencebased #birthchoices #obstetricmonopoly #internalizedmisogyny #capitalistpatriarchy #childbirth #mediatrolls #misinformation #midwifery

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