Mommy Inventions going down!!!!👇🏼🔥 . Since I will be having another little come along and our hands will be tied I’ve been thinking of some creative ways for me and the boys🤔 . . I know it’s hot in the summer and what not a better way to cool off with popsicles?! And I am talking about some healthy full of protein popsicles that come from our snack Beverage Mix🙌🏼 I can’t wait to try them, it will be the first of many!!! (Cough cough Beauty Booster is next❤️) Watch my story to see how I did this quick snack trick🤗 . . #creative #mommyinventions #bevsnackmix #herbalife24 #herbababies #herbafamily #popsicles #summertime
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