Back to color photos tomorrow with one more promotion of my new B+W-focused IG profile today... If you like my B+W work, please join me at These are some fancy dried mud tiles in Death Valley National Park. 💗 #nature #naturephotography #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #mojavedesert #deathvalley #california #mudmonday
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Oh yeah, love this Sarah👍

Beautiful mud!! words that you rarely hear together. 👏 Great photos Thank you l, Stefanie! All dried/cracked mud is fancy mud to me. 💗😛

@thomas_maginnis it is dried mud in the Mojave Desert. 😊

9 Days 13 Hours Ago


Tad Bowman
10 Days 2 Hours Ago

Very impressive Sarah! Love this one. Nice job!

Colin Chue
10 Days 11 Hours Ago

Amazing patterns Sarah 👍🏼

Lani Pietka
10 Days 15 Hours Ago


Ken Putland
10 Days 15 Hours Ago

Awesome photo. 😀

So beautiful! You just keep looking 🥺

Absolutely amazing. Great work. Nailed this !

Wow. Love all the textures in this.


Sapna Reddy
11 Days 16 Hours Ago

Gorgeous abstract💕

Alister Benn
11 Days 17 Hours Ago

This is utterly mesmerising ❤️

Spencer Paul
11 Days 18 Hours Ago


Jason Brown
11 Days 20 Hours Ago


11 Days 21 Hours Ago

Mud never looked so good! 🖤 Beautiful!