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The very first hints of fall are starting to appear in southwestern Colorado. Grasses that were green last week now have hints of yellow. One patch of willow trees near a high mountain pass has started to transition and the delicate edges of some ground over plants are taking on a vibrant red. Views like this are only a few weeks away. 🧡#naturephotography #nature #trees #smallscene #aspen #autumn #fallcolors #colorado

The grey veins in this photo are corn lily stalks (see second photo to see a living patch of corn lilies). In the spring, these plants emerge in wet areas. Through their whole lifecycle, these plants are a favorite subject for photography. They offer up patterns, elegant shapes, and dynamic lines. With the heat of summer, the plants dry up, turning yellow and brown, and eventually fall to the ground. They decay, turning silvery, and then add organic matter to the soil to help feed next year’s plants. Add a little frost and some aspen leaves for a small vignette of autumn in Colorado... #colorado #autumn #forest #smallscene #fallcolors #nature #naturephotography

A slice of the Pacific Northwest hiding in a Rocky Mountain forest. #naturephotography #landscapephotography #nature #waterfall #forest #smallscene #rockymountains

Last year, this little pond was surrounded by a super colorful mix of trees and I enjoyed an afternoon spent playing with the pastel reflections. #abstract #nature #colorado #autumn #naturephotography #smallscene #fallcolors

Back to color photos tomorrow with one more promotion of my new B+W-focused IG profile today... If you like my B+W work, please join me at These are some fancy dried mud tiles in Death Valley National Park. 💗 #nature #naturephotography #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #mojavedesert #deathvalley #california #mudmonday

Rolling dunes that seem to go on forever (especially when walking through them in search of a clean composition!). If you enjoy my black and white photography, please join me over at where I’ll be sharing my B+W work from here on out. #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #nature #landscapephotography #naturephotography #desert #mojavedesert #deathvalley

While I like color photography, most of my heart is in my black and white work. It always feels strange to mix the two approaches in one feed since they are so different, so I’ve started a new profile for my black and white nature and landscape photography. You can find this new profile at here on IG. 📷 #naturephotography #nature #landscapephotography #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #deathvalley #california

Fantasy Pond - because this spot had a lovely mix of colorful leaves floating on a perfectly still pond, hidden away in a beautiful corner of one of my favorite places on a day I really needed some time outside. 💗 #utah #intimatelandscape #smallscene #leaves #autumn #nature #naturephotography #naturefirst

I have started making a habit of walking in places where driving or being driven is standard - like the high mountain passes around our home in SW Colorado or in this case, the road through Zion Canyon which is often open only to shuttle buses. I see so much more when I have the time to move more slowly and contemplate what I’m looking at. This expansive sandstone wall caught my eye last fall during one of my meanders along the road and trails that weave through this canyon. All the cracks and crevices help tell the story of how this canyon formed over thousands of years, with plant life and trees finding a way to survive in little pockets of soil. #utah #zionnationalpark #naturephotography #landscapephotography #nature

I’m excited to be the “featured photographer” in the current issue of @on_landscape magazine. This is the most in-depth written interview I have done and it covers a lot of ground. Thanks for taking a look - clickable link in my profile. 📷 The photo is from a lovely little corner of the Colorado Plateau in Utah. #naturephotography #landscapephotography #nature #sunset #utah #coloradoplateau

Another abstract from Zion National Park in winter. Here, a mix of blue sky from above and warm light from the surrounding canyon walls reflect off a tiny patch of textured ice. This ice was super thin with running water underneath so getting this photo was an awkward, delicate operation that brought on stares from bewildered hikers. 💁🏻‍♀️ #utah #zionnationalpark #nature #abstract #naturephotography #smallscene #winter #ice

This iridescent film forms on standing water in the desert southwest. The patterns and colors are fascinating - patterns that look like little galaxies, explosions of fantastic color, and textures that all seem a little too supernatural to be real. These subjects are also quite difficult to photograph since they are often small in size (this is only a few inches across). Too much shade dulls the colors. Too much sun makes the scene too harsh. And the positioning is always awkward... Still, I stop every time I see these little natural wonders and try to capture them with my camera, never getting close to the beauty of the original in nature. #utah #nature #naturephotography #macro #smallscene #abstract

Early spring is one of my favorite times to photograph trees. The new leaves are a bright lime green and are still sparse enough to allow the structure of the tree to show off a bit as well. And that red glowing canyon wall in the background is nice too... #utah #naturephotography #nature #tree #spring

Ripples like this are often left behind after flash flooding in desert landscapes - grace and beauty resulting from one of nature’s most violent and deadly forces. I found this patch while wandering along a wash at twilight. I was planning to photograph bare cottonwoods but ripples and patterns in mud/sand are always a worthy distraction, especially when they are pink. 💗 #utah #smallscene #nature #naturephotography

I’m best at the early parts of the photographic process - exploring, choosing subjects, and creating photos. I’m great at aimlessly browsing my Lightroom catalog, too. I’m not as good at editing and processing the photos and then I’m even worse at sharing them. Over the last few months, I have processed dozens of new photos and done nothing with them except for enjoyed them myself, which on many/most days feels like enough. I’m going to try to start sharing more of these photos, an effort that will probably last for a few weeks and then I’ll go back to letting my files linger on a hard drive. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It is fascinating to see how sharing photos plays such a different role in terms of motivation and personal satisfaction for individual photographers. Do you feel like you need to share your photos as part of the creative process or are you happy to just enjoy them for yourself (or somewhere in between)? #utah #rainbow #naturephotography #landscapephotography #nature #magic

Here are a few more photos from my dreamy plant series. I added an IG story tutorial with some tips on taking photos like this and you can find a lot more information in the article I just published on the topic (link in my profile). If you have any questions about this approach to photographing plants, please let me know. I always happy to share info and tips. 💁🏻‍♀️ #plants #nature #abstract #macro

New Article + A Few New Photos... 🤗@naturephotonet just published my newest article: A Slice of Focus: Lessons for Photographing Plants with Shallow Depth of Field. I love the dreamy look and abstractions that come out of such a simple technical choice (a macro lens + f/2.8). The article includes a lot of other tips and lessons if you would like to learn more about this approach to photographing plants. Link in my story and profile!

Canyon Ramble. A pretty autumn tree found while roaming around the Colorado Plateau. #utah #autumn #tree #nature #naturephotography