I took THREE WHOLE DAYS off from running!!?! It drove me absolutely mad, but physically, it was a good move... While most of my runner friends were out ROCKING the Baltimore Running Festival, I was sleeping sleeping sleeping😴😴😴 . . . I always forget how exhausting marathon training (and then traveling, and then racing a marathon, and then immediately returning back to work & momming) can be!!! Shout out to my husband @clickylizard who took over some extra parenting this weekend so I could snooze. I noticed and I appreciate it 😘 . . . Of course I have several races floating around my mind 😊😊😊😊 but so far I’ve only committed myself to a 5k this weekend with my brother and cousin 💙💙 . . . #motherrunner #runlikeamother #momswhorun #run #runner #runnersofinstagram #loverunning
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