Entre Barcena de Pié de Concha y San Miguel de Aguayo, Cantabria. #senderismocantabria #turismonaturaleza #turismoculturalcantabria #turismocantabria #altobesaya #barcenadepiedeconcha #sanmigueldeaguayo
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😍 #foot#pés#pésfemininos#unhas#pied#feet#pe#pé#pies#footmodel#shoes#sandalias#feet

Hoje foi dia de enrijecer o pêssego 🍑 #checkwithme

#toetaptuesday tap in or tap out of life. Our light becomes healing when our light allows us to get up close to one another to find ourselves in each others stories. Because when we see ourselves in each others lights it is when we feel encouraged or empowered. That is the true beauty of our lights within. We all stare at the sun in awe of its beautiful light but it does not allow for us to get up close. It is inspiring but it is also dangerous and at some point we will also feel pain from it when it burns us. Just like the light of pretending who we are . Human beings are built for connection. Our connection is in our cracks, our cracks are where we meet and connect with others. Our cracks are not signs of being broken, degraded or rubbish. They are a sign of our strengths, how we come through one challenge after the next. How we rise above the chaos of the world to still be here through our laugh, our love, our kindness, our smiles and so much more. This light is what we need more of. Wearing @beachbunnyswimwear

É transformar o seu look que vc quer?? Então olha como minha blusinha pretinha básica ficou lindaaa com esses #badulaques 😱😍🖤👆🏻📍

ada yang kangen dedek muel?? makin nda waras gantengnya (╥﹏╥) .

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