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Looking for a plant based meal that doesn't miss any of the bold flavors? Our Wood Roasted Cauliflower paired with crispy chickpeas, labneh, Marcona almond salsa and pepper romesco is a great option 🌱 #eatserea

c h e e r s #eatserea 📷 @nataliebrekka

Sundays are best spent sipping ocean side. #eatserea 📷 @ahoneybomb

Start your meal off with our Beef Carpaccio topped with Manchego cheese, walnut, 20 year aged balsamic & watercress pesto. #eatserea

The glass isn't half empty or half full, the glass is refillable. Join us for wine & let your worries melt away. #eatserea

🍹 Sips + Sunsets ☀️ Enjoy a cocktail at the Serea Sunset Bar opening at 3PM daily. #eatserea 📷 @margaritasanddreams

Let our cooking do the talking. #eatserea 📷 @ashleyzarlin

The weekend calls for a night out with your girls. #eatserea ❤️ @theoxfordsd team

Seared Market Tuna complete with heirloom tomato "Panzanella", fennel pollen, tomato vinaigrette and zucchini puree. #eatserea

From sea to table #eatserea

What a catch! Come enjoy today's fresh catch. #eatserea 📷 @jadediningoutsd

The Serea Sunset Bar is where you can find us every dusk until the end of time. #eatserea

You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach. #eatserea 📷 @kelseyverillo via @allisonsargentevents

All that's missing is you #eatserea

The Strand is where you will find me. This hibiscus infused gin, watermelon juice, cucumber, dill & lemon juice cocktail will quench any summertime thirst! #eatserea

Cheers to date night! 🥂 #eatserea 📷 @sivanayla

It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Our doors open for lunch at 11AM every Saturday. #eatserea

Join us for our specialty whole fish. All fish are freshly caught sourced locally and responsibly. Enjoy our selection grilled over the open fire or flash fried and simply seasoned. All fish is served deboned table side. #eatserea