The holy scripture will be found upon a woman's body The holy word upon her tongue . . . Journal Of A Woman; "Dig a little deeper and you shall find gold" The intensity is burning a little more. I could just curl up, cry. Vanish. Instead I must stay. Face it.How many times I have met with this pain. Still there is more. at least, It no longer owns me. No longer am I possessed by my emotional body. Today I must do very little. Stay still. Your never given more than you can handle. Despite the resistance, it's the truth. It won't always be like this, because a woman will be free from these sorrows enscribed on the inner walls of her life giving fortress. This is our Prophecy, Reclaimed. Blood spills. It's intense. It's heavy. I'm pushed to the ground. Mercy is given through stillness. And nourishment. I eat with a desperate hunger and my vital energy is restored. I retract my paws and lay in langour. Today you shall know me by the name Inertia. Writing is like casting. Here we imagine forms and hold it, cement it into our visuals, pressing it harder, firmer, prevailing with sincerity so the material plane receives the mechanical and colourful data it needs. This how we plant seeds - interdimensionally. From the world of force to the world of form. Today I am not my upper organs, not my brain nor my heart. Today I am my womb, I am the lining of my uterus ripping apart, I am the silence of a woman's story, spilling the secrets of her trials, held only in accord with the moon. Whispered in hidden meetings, I am the ashes and embers that live on despite being burned. I am the lore of the eternal mother that knows not how to hold hate or be vengeful. This love pushed us through the birthing canal. Although everything is recorded, this ultimate benevolence has forgiven every crime before it was commited. This love lays us down to rest when we have done all that we could do. When we become the salt of the earth. The mud and soil. Oh hearth and heathen. When we meet our finite end with grace. Be fearless of that day. For death is just as beautiful as our birth. Oh You and I Have a great love story to write Nicole WildRose x
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