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Landed kickless heel whip @kaidyn_ham @scootysauce

Mad dog. I wanted these glasses so bad ahah

Quick and easy @scootysauce @urbanartt @envyscooters

Learned this a while ago. Just didn’t post it

Double whip flat on My friends grit @scootysauce #doubletailwhip

Made a rail out of an old trampoline today. @envyscooters @urbanartt @scootysauce #flatrail

Tyre tap on @charlie_thill bmx

Not that good but good enough for me

360 barspin or truck driver

I was board I I drew this ahah

Put the old deck on and some new griptage coz my @fasenscooters one bent and cracked it was a good deck tho. @envyscooters @fasenscooters @ethicdtc @rootindustries

Finally got Bri on the quarter so happy spent about 2 hours trying it aha

Finger whip đź’Ąđź“·jett

Double whip flat @kondakovjack for filming

Nose many

Made it then grinded it