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*2018.01.15. 今日は"いい イチゴの日"なの?? だからという訳じゃないけど #イチゴあんバタートースト#朝ごはん * #あんバタートースト だけでも好きだけど 甘酸っぱいイチゴも合うよ😋

Nothing compares to traveling. Most Americans only get two weeks off every year, while many don't even take the full two weeks because they fear losing their jobs. One in four gets no paid vacation at all, not even holidays. Overall, Americans have less vacation time than workers in any other advanced economy, which has resulted to an overworked society. In America, the well-being of the workforce is not taken into enough consideration. Happy employees make for better work and more fulfilled lives, and I believe that proper travel makes for a more compassionate and educated society. Live better. Travel often. #mexico #puertovallarta #piñatapvgayhotel #travel @pinatapvhotel

Do nada saiu isso 😂😂😂

Back in 2009 when Garuda still used their classic Boeing 737-500 for Jakarta-Jogjakarta route. #throwback . In frame: PK-GGA and PK-GGE in old and new livery. Place: Adisutjipto Airport, Yogyakarta.

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