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🇬🇷 Hey hey, raise your hand if you are busy planning your vacation for the summer🙋🏼‍♀️ - Our new blog post about 7 best beaches of Chania region on Crete may help you out. And if you have booked your tickets already be sure to check it anyway for some future inspiration;) Link in profile. #werbung

🇬🇷 When trees were tall.. and if you haven‘t watched this movie be sure to schedule it on „must see“ list.

🇬🇷 Crete is amazing, but could be overwhelming... Seriously, how does one know where to start, when there is so much to see and do?! Leave alone gorgeous nature - there is history waiting for you on every corner. No kidding. Right next to our place on the back road of a village there was a low fence marking an ancient villa of some noblemen. No extra protection. Just ancient columns and goats grassing in their shade. Come on, some cities would make so much fuzz about it, and on Crete the history is side by side with everyday life. And if you want to get back in time be sure to visit monasteries! Some of the islands best produce like olive oil, wine or cheese is still carefully handmade there by monks (psssst). We went to see: ⛪️ Agia Triada Tzagaroli Monastery and ⛪️ Gonia Odigitria Monastery since we were traveling in Chania region only. P.S. Swipe right to see how we edited this iPhone photo with Photoshop Express app (which is free) #werbung

🇬🇷 Shallow or deep? Which kind of beach do you prefer? I like deep ones - when you jump in and your feet don’t touch the ground. Where you can swim directly without having to walk for long. But with kids you have to adjust 😜 #werbung

🇬🇷 A country is only as good as it’s people. This is our Crete neighbor - a lady with a warm smile. I took this photo out of our kitchen window - I was washing the dishes and she was doing laundry. I waved and she waved back. I wish we would speak a bit Greek so we could communicate, but her warm smile spoke thousand words. P.S. @instagram decided that the last photo of Olivia at the beach wasn’t appropriate, no comments here, but I wish they would take care of other issues as fast as they delete photos😡 #werbung

🇬🇷 You got to love Crete just for settings like this one☘️❤️. If you travel to Crete in April you‘ll be treated with fresh artichokes and medlars (do you know these?). Artichokes are sold everywhere - every day we would see farmers standing along the main road selling bags of artichokes out of their trucks. Fields are covered with poppies and chamomiles and the temperatures are mild👍🏻 #werbung

🇬🇷This is what a weekend start looks like in Crete. Cozy dinner in a tavern of a tiny village after a long day at the beach. Swipe to see our version of it. Happy weekend, guys❤️ #werbung

🇬🇷 After quite some city trips which (let’s keep it honest) are not the best idea for small kids, we decided to take a break and went to see the largest island of Greece, Crete. And it was gooooood👍🏻! If you’ve been to Greece you know that the combination of sun-friendliness-beautiful surroundings and sea are at the top scale there. We stayed in Chania region, which is famous for it’s beaches, olive oil production and the pretty town of Chania at the least. Kids loved it! We loved it because kids loved it. So, Crete, we might be coming back soon😉 ❗️ If you have any questions about Crete we are happy to assist - let us know in the comments below🙌🏻 #werbung

Not in the mood for long posts these days.. i actually liked that trend when Instagram was visual, not informational. What do you say, shall we go back in time and do more photos and less text? #werbung

No story of Florence is complete without a glimpse of Ponte Vecchio🇮🇹 ❗️Fun fact: Ponte Vecchio („old bridge“) is the only bridge in Florence surviving the WWII - all the other bridges were destroyed. Originally the bridge was filled with butcher shops. Today the shops sell jewelry. ❗️As you might guess, the best view over Ponte Vecchio is not from the bridge itself. Try Ponte Santa Trinita - the neighbour bridge. #werbung

🇮🇹Florence... Photos are the best memories❤️ We have a whole collection of photo booth stripes from all over the World. So we couldn’t pass by this photo booth in Florence😊 2 Euro worth endless joy. How about you? Do you do photo booths if you spot one? #werbung

Windows of Florence 🇮🇹 #werbung