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2018-07-22 07:29:03

Smoothie bowl Sunday back in action 😎🤩 Today’s flavor? Peach coconut! The perfect summertime vibe 🍑🥥 and topped with fresh peaches of course. The base was a mixture of crushed ice, frozen peaches, frozen coconut chunks from @traderjoes .. & then I actually threw in some toasted coconut vanilla yogurt to pump up the flavor. SO GOOD. Topped with fresh peaches & blewbs, @perfectbar, those new oat crunch Cheerios, and some coconut flakes. SO YUMMY! Maybe time to go lay out and get some sun now? 🏖 Happy Sunday! #SundayVibes #SmoothieBowl #MandersMacros #Smoothie #Summer #PerfectBar #TraderJoes #BlackIronNutrition


2018-07-13 11:37:41

Happy Friday, friends! 🤗 I’m sure if you’ve seen my story this week, you’ve seen some variation of this meal for my lunch literally every day.. it’s SOO filling and has so many veggies + micronutrients. #WinWin → what I used: - handful of kale - @traderjoes butternut squash zigzags - chickpeas - heirloom tomatoes - corn - grilled chicken thigh (seasoned w bbq seasoning..duh) - topped with a cilantro lime crèma. Lol jk its low fat ranch 😂😂😂🤪 I’ve been all about the salads lately and they’re just so refreshing. Going to spend the rest of my Friday night working on my E-book..seriously can’t wait to share it with you guys!


2018-07-15 07:05:29

So many happy vibes to share with you guys on this fine Sunday morning 🤗💛 1. The new @doughnutsanddeadlifts flower bomb collection is SO CUTE 2. I just wrapped up filming a Q&A for Thursday’s was mostly fitness/nutrition related but was still fun! 3. Heading to the store now to do my Sunday grocery shopping and create some new recipes for the week. 4. My “Rad by Manders” necklace with @maecargo will be restocked this WEDNESDAY! 5. Do I need’s Sunday! #SundayBestDay @maecargo @doughnutsanddeadlifts #Crossfit #CrossfitGirls #DoughnutsAndDeadlifts #MaeCargo #VlogLife #SundayVibes


2018-07-24 15:57:20

We grow because we struggle. We learn, and we overcome. 📸: @anthonytomphotography for @maecargo @crossfit @crossfitboyntonbeach #Crossfit #Gymnastics #Weightlifting #GirlsWhoLift #MaeCargo #JewleryForTheRad #RadByManders headband by: @junkbrands “mander”


2018-07-16 09:08:50

My life literally every time I try to do something on the floor 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️ stretching, foam rolling, lax ball..nope. Not allowed without Bailey & Tux supervision lol. Recently I’ve been using he @tunodsfitness Ogee ball and LOVING it. I wanted to give one away since I havent done a giveaway in quite some time soo.. 1. Make sure you’re following me & @tunodsfitness 2. Tag two friends 3. Let me know how you’d use the ball! I’ll pick a random winner tomorrow! Good luck 👏🏼😈🤪 #GiveawayMonday #Crossfit #Mobiltiy #DogMomLife


2018-02-28 08:59:20

After I posted my chicken noodle soup last week when I was sick,SO many of you wanted the as promised 😇 (it’s also going to be featured in my #mealprepmonday episode of #intheopen) but I didn’t want to make you guys wait that long! This is exactly how I made mine.. and get ready for the macros (for a 375g serving = this whole bowl!) 28g protein | 19g carbs | 7g fat 🤯🤯 - one container/32 fl oz of pacific organic chicken stock (non salted) - 15oz organic boneless skinless chicken thighs - 100g/1 cup red onion - 1 cup of baby carrots chopped - 10 small sticks of celery chopped - a few cloves of garlic - 1/2 cup of fresh peas - handful of spinach - 2 servings of @eatbanza (4oz) elbow noodles DIRECTIONS: In a large pot, simmer your onions/carrots/celery/garlic until they begin to get soft. Pour in the entire carton of chicken stock and bring to a boil. In a separate pan, crisp up the chicken thighs and cook until just cooked through. Take off the heat, chop up into little bites, and then add chicken to your stock. Once water is boiling, add in your pasta and lower to simmer for 20 minutes. I sprinkled in some pink sea salt and pepper as well! Once all the flavors have come together, that’s it 👩🏼‍🍳 #boneappletea my entire pot weighed out to be 1,809mL (same as grams) so all you have to do is create the recipe to make THAT amount of servings. So when you weigh it out, it divides it by how much you made. Make sense? Let me know if you try it! 🥣 @blackironnutrition #blackironnutrition #chickennoodlesoup #healingpowers #chefmanders #iifym #flexibledieting #soup #mealprepmonday #vloglife