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Since I've started to share more than 1 image of a gallery at a time, it makes me want to share EVEN MOREEEEE! We want bam did the session in 30 minutes time and got such an amazing variety of images. I'm not calling them mini sessions anymore, rather, half sessions. I'm a snapahaolic! Ha which only mean I take alot of pictures.

We all had so much fun & there was so much laughing! These two had such a fun connection with eachother that my job was made so easy ♡

An amazing 8am session for the books! Mornings are always an option too! If you're able to get you and your family up and out there early enough, the sunrise almost looks like a sunset :)

I'm SO thankful for all of my friends who choose me to photograph the most special moments in their life! Maternity to Fresh 48 #fresh48photography #fresh48 #babyfever #itsaboy

There is no greater memory for me than when my girls met their little brother for the first time! #fresh48photography #fresh48

My friends have been having their babies.... and I'm just over here getting a fever! #babyfever #fresh48 #inhospital

During every family session I make sure to get mom and dad together for pictures of just them also! I laugh with them every time I ask them to look at eachother. For some reason it's like the funniest thing! ♡ If you've done a session with me then you know exactly what I'm talking about!

I think all of us mommas can agree that photos like this fuel our momma hearts!

My kids and I have been in Tucson since Wednesday! We took the kiddos to the pumpkin patch, to watch the Big Boy Locomotive come in to Tucson, went to Waste Management and took a tour, and then also went to the Big Boy public viewing downtown! Today we will go to the Cotton Festival! So many great memories stacked up in one 5 day visit ♡

Just a few of MANY that I'm excited to share with you all from this beautiful Fall Engagement Session!

What better way to show off a gorgeous engagement ring than with some fall ferns!?

Oh Hello Moon!

I get to relive my journey of having my babes everytime I photograph a fresh 48 ♡ I love seeing the new proud parents loving on their day old baby

She makes me want another little girl ♡♡♡ BAD!

Whoa this week has been a busy one! So here is 3 late night posts to catch up for me not being on here for a week ♡

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