Сковорода-лопата для подачи и сервировки из чугуна на деревянной подставке - ещё одна наша новинка. #синтезтехвес#vdk#vl#москва#владивосток#vladivostok#уссурийск#находка#хабаровск#ресторанывладивостока#вседляресторана#посудавладивосток#кафевладивосток#кафехабаровск#рестораныхабаровска#барвладивосток#едавладивосток#едахабаровск#пиццавладивосток#оборудованиедляресторанов#chef#barmen#ресторан#кофевладивосток#шеф#restaurant#пицца#посуда#рестораныспб#ресторанымосквы
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New week new goals! 👊🏼

Admin please conceal my identity, yet lay my predicament bare to the intellectual members of this group. I am in a painfull symbiosis,yet I am find it complex to halt my penchant. I caught are cheating on me with some guys: I got rattled and said I was done,but she promised with tears in her eyes,that there will never be an occurrence of such error anymore. U forgave her,but I noticed it is only a part of her. She is always like that whenever we are not together. Fast forward, recently I lied to her that I had inter course with her best friend; her figment remained the same so I asked her to tell me if she also has any confession to make: then,she told me she has had series of sex too. I was heart broken. She later realized I didn't do anything with her friend, just then she told me she was also not serious about her initial assertion. As I write this,we are apart and she is exhibiting the same saddening traits. What do I do about this obnoxious act?

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No make up and the ponytail I slept in last night. Sometimes it’s ok if the only productive thing you do all day is brush your teeth.

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