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Trikon since a decade, Happy birthday @divyaravishankar29 ❤️

#primadonna What’s the greatest thing your Mother ever taught you?

How many of you want this year to end? What have you learnt in this year? What were your biggest failures? What do you wish you did differently? I know this year is not yet near its end, but I feel already a lot has happened. I’ve travelled so much, worked so little, made probably over 200 friends just in the last 4-5 months alone. Also learnt that money can be made without hard work, it’s about how you position yourself, whom you know, how you synergise with those whom you know - but I think I chilled too much in this year, that is fine but in the next year my aim will be to find a balance between the disciplined structured life (that I feel you DO need to achieve heavy goals) with the unstructured life that comes when you practice complete freedom as a Free Man, because it IS easy to get carried away. So I’m gonna try to learn how to switch seamlessly between the two modes, or maybe even practice both at the same time - tell me how it was for you? Have you developed any new perspectives? Have you grown on the inside or the outside? Do you know what changes you are going to bring in yourself?

Happy Diwali everyone :) here’s a festive game to play - Guess what's coming next at @hrxbrand? super excited to share the news with you all because it will help us make a fashion video for the season ahead. Just find the answer as it pops up in this GIF, screenshot it and post it with #keepgoing tagging @hrxbrand, and you will win a gift voucher from @myntra if you get it right! Stay tuned to my stories to find more about it. Happy playing :) #hrx #myntra #sponsored #ad #menslifestyle #ootdmen #delhiblogger #mensfashionpost #mensstyleguide #mensblogger #fashionblogger #indianblogger #lifestyleblogger #mensweardaily #menwithclass #fashionformen #gentlemensclub #puneblogger #mumblogger #mensfashionblog #mensessentials #mrporterlive #gentlemenwithass #indianyoutuber #mensstyletip #galleri5influenstar

Bought myself a perfume whilst out shopping recently. Thought I’ll do a quick and basic perfume post for you all. The one I picked is on the woody and spicy side, for the winter evenings coming up ahead. Bought it using my @HDFCBank credit card - always comes in handy as I don’t carry a lot of cash on me. My card works for me across the world, and has some stunning reward schemes :) check it out whenever you’re applying for a credit card next - 1. Indian youngsters normally buy deodorant sprays, which is good, but many confuse it to be a perfume, and spray it heavily, plus all over themselves. Trust me, none of them smell good. That’s because they’re not meant to. A deodorant and a perfume have different purposes - the deo to fight perspiration - so get one with no smell. And wear it on your body, places where you perspire from. 2. Perfumes are where you exhibit your own signature fragrance, these are applied generally on the pulse points, wrists and neck to be precise. Spraying on top of the hair or dabbing behind the ears is also acceptable, and an old fashioned practice. 3. As a beginner, buy one, and use it regularly - 2 to 3 applications a day. As you wear it, you’ll realise how the scent mixes with your natural scents ever so slightly throughout the day. Get comfortable with it, it is like breaking into a new pair of well made shoes. And just like good shoes, you’ll want to invest in a good perfume. Stop buying 5 different deos and get one good perfume - for your first investment - citrus is a safe summer option, and something spicy will work for the winters for the winters. For now, this is enough. Whenever i do a perfume post next I’ll go deeper into scent notes, plus recommendations on where to buy from. Any questions? Comment them below :) Shop with your HDFC Bank Debit/Credit Card between 5 P.M. to 9 P.M, post a picture of the item, tag @HDFCBank and use #shoppingkehappyhours. Get your friends to join you for while shopping :)

Very few people enter your life and last a few years, much less a decade. But every once in a while, if you’re blessed due to your own Karma, a Soul will come whose wavelength will match yours. And the bounds of time, sexuality, money, geography, mental states, personal evolution, success, etc won’t affect that wavelength, because it evolves in its own unique way, the way of unconditional Love. These are the people who shed a secret tear when you’re weak and broken inside, but will only demonstrate strength in front of you to make you rise again. They swell with pride you when you win, without ever wanting a share of your winnings. Whether a friend or a lover, a sibling or a parent, the place you have in their Heart only becomes bigger. They only show you themselves at their purest, no facades and no masks, and they only wish the best for you, even if it will come at a cost of losing you from their life. I pray that all of you are blessed with a couple of such souls, for it will be the epitome of your human experience, growing a human relation to that level of Love. Love that transcends the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. This symbiosis cannot be put in a box of marriage or a best friend or a soulmate or whatever idiotic labels society uses. These are the people I wish that you retain in your life not just unto your Death, but even into your Afterlife, and put in work to give back to them, as much as you can, for service in Love to a soul besides yours is the only experience of Heaven on earth. Happy birthday Jaie ❤️ May the Universe shower its Love on you, tonight and forever.

I remember the time when I cancelled my trip to Brussels back in 2014. Was supposed to head there for one of the most important events of my life - the graduation ceremony for my Masters. You know why I cancelled it? I wanted to save money. I was a student back then, and university powerlifting was all I cared about. It was the only thing keeping me sane amongst the shit that I was going through back then (crazy girlfriend, job search struggles as a foreigner, nut-freezing Irish weather). I put all this money into buying equipment and supplements, stuff that I know costs a lot. Today I’m proud to officially announce my partnership with the same brand from where I used to buy my supps, and also bring a discount for the students who are connected with me over here. MyProtein has officially entered India, and is making its presence felt - being the only brand that does everything from the manufacturing to selling on their own - cutting out all chances of tampering or fake supplements that India faces the most. We don’t have to worry about duties either, all prices that you see are the final amounts that you’d be charged. The brand is taking care of the duties so we don’t pay anything else on delivery. Hit the link in my bio, or swipe up from my story, the discount code will only work through THAT LINK. Put SIRHUD20 at checkout, you’ll get 23% off (yes, 23%). This is only valid for our community, and the code lasts for 10 days, valid on orders above 10,000. For purchases below 10,000 use SIRHUD10 (10% discount,validity unlimited) I chose, on purpose, to show some of their clothing here instead of the supplements. I think they do a fine job when it comes to gym wear and athleisure. Have a look, they’re always adding new items :) Would you like a post on how to style gym clothes for casual daily wear? Let me know in the comments below ⬇️ and I’ll do a post sharing some outfit ideas.

An unplanned trip that resulted in unforgettable memories, during most of which we were too fazed to capture any footage. I might start posting more casual spontaneous shit rather than those long ass serious captions all the time. An impromptu plan for bangalore also came in where we met some amazing people. Had the TAGG Sonic Angle-1 Bluetooth Speaker by @tagg_digital with us, blasting hip hop on loud while off-roading or some prog house while chilling on the beach. Insane levels of volume for a pocket-friendly portable speaker, and pretty tough to handle all the sand and rocky roads that Goa threw at it. What kind of music do you guys like to listen to while driving or chilling with your friends? Tell me in the comments below :) #tagg #sponsored #keepsyouahead #taggsonicangle1 #powerfulsound #moveswithyou #bluetoothspeaker #letsgoeverywhere #visitindia #goa #indiantravelblogger #vagabonding #travelogue #whyitravel #travelblogger #travelwriter #travelersnotebook #passportstories #menwithexplore #storygram #goandexplore #travelblog #traveltheworld #travelvideo #travelporn #travelbloggerindia #mumbaiblogger

#suchanhonour @jagchima @krisgethin Shared a meal and a 2 hour conversation with people who’ve been in my peripheral vision since years. Jag sir since before fitness became a popular fad in India, around the time when the first Olympia in India was being organised - a time when I was still interested in bodybuilding. Kris from even longer ago, nine years ago to be precise, when I used to read articles on bodybuilding.com and train using his DTP methods. Today we’re sitting with them, learning from them, hopefully letting them learn from our life lessons as well (because always give value first). Fuck that, the talk goes across the spectrum - from topics that would’ve made great YouTube videos to retarded laughs because of caddish humour thrown across the lunch table. It’s unbelievable - never would’ve thought days like these would be happening, stuff you wouldn’t imagine possible barely a year or two ago starts materialising in front of you. Almost like a hallucination, and I experience this in a lot of ways, when I run into you guys who tell me insane life stories, experiences that you created due to the knowledge we share and apply in the Brotherhood community. These were visions that I aspired to achieve when I switched careers in the wheelchair. Visions were also envisioned for the kind of friends that I wanted in my life, the travel experiences, the acquaintances and lovers on the way. Throw it out in the universe, whatever you want. Keep the intention clean and pure, and make yourself the instrument for its execution. I dare you to come back to me in a year and tell me that none of it materialised.

You will never be the same. With the good that you achieve, the new characteristics for your personality that you strive for, it’s not necessary that on the road to achieving them, you’ll still get to retain the old positive characteristics that you had built for yourself. And practiced. And utilised to great profit. Now that you know those newly developed behavioural patterns and character traits (which you probably worked hard to develop for yourself) are working in your favour, the natural tendency is to cherish them, it’s what gives us our sense of identity. And accomplishment. And utility in this world. ‘Oh yeah that guy is really really down to earth, very helpful’ - maybe that’s how people as well as you had recognised yourself. These traits will be RIPPED out of your personality, and that too with a lot of pain. It’s inevitable when I think about it, if you want to become a Free Man, an unstoppable force that destroys things in its way will of course destroy parts of itself along the way, but He doesn’t get to choose which parts. You have to be free of ‘yourself’, and the various adjectives that you’d define ‘yourself’ with. The more you define, the more the pain when the transformations and transmutations occur within your Soul. The unfortunate thing about this process is that it will be randomised, and often cruel. Hitting you at the worst times sometimes, when you need those adjectives to stand by you the most. Because your external circumstances demand it, but your internal circumstances (which are simply catering to the demands/wishes that you put out for yourself into the universe) are demanding pain and suffering, in order to take you higher, but where exactly no one knows. Kind of hard to control the direction of your Unstoppable Penis in the heat of the moment, and for the Free Men the heat never ends. I’ll continue with a part 2 on this in my next philosophical bullshit post, but have any of you undergone this at any moment of your life? Tell me in the comments below how did you cope with it and I’ll tell you how I’m coping with it right now.

This represents Life right now for all of us..trying to stay afloat of this Holy Water, containing all the Spirits, Truths, Love, everything that we’re running away from ...swallowing all of which would result in the arrival of the state of Bliss that we are all on the lookout for, under that water fully immersed, free from desire and suffering, filled with peace and a smile on our face, surrounded by those who loved and those who hated us, because all bondage and feelings, conflict and contempt has been dissolved in Lovable Truth - spouted by the Dragons who are the gatekeepers of our destiny, arriving in life one by one, in the form of a loved one, a friend, a dog, a sage, a business partner, those you call or remember once or twice in a year because your heart still has a place for them.. - standing tall amongst the pillars of this ‘society’ that we, Man, constructed, away from the shade of the Jungle where we lived and breathed at our easiest, without corruption of the Mind, Heart or Spirit, naked in the day and naked in the night, Clothes and Lies weren’t there to cloak us and our Soul, Truth and Love was hard to run away from... ₹ If you are going through a tough/confusing/unknown phase of life right now like me and my loved ones, whether you call it Mercury Retrogade or the Lunar eclipse, bad luck or simply a large metaphorical Dildo of Destiny up your ass - let’s stop standing in front of it in confusion, scratching our heads - try to dive into it, embrace it, let it wash over your skin in small droplets of this Holy Water, puncturing your skin with thin needles of Truth and Love.. It’s tough to absorb yourself into such an Unknown time, and circumstance which make no sense to you. But trust me smiling will become a lot easier, along with failure and heartbreak, and you’ll be better equipped to handle the tornado within you. Stop trying to control its direction, let it take you via this unknown route into a new, disrupted land, containing only fragments of your previous World. This new World will be a little different, from what you grew up in, from which you were fucking within a few weeks ago, or like last night if you talk about me, this current worl

Sometimes the Brothers who desire Greatness in life become too obsessed with what exactly they should be focusing on. There’s a new breed of Men, a wave of Masculinity rising up in the current generations of our species, and they are obsessed with words like hustle/goals/success/entrepreneurship/startup. While I appreciate the resurgence of Testosterone, I’d appreciate it even more if the raise didn’t come with an attached Ego, causing a channelisation so strong that it blinds you from all that you’re blitzing past in the Ether. Ego (that we all have) attaches characteristics to itself, defines itself with labels, limiting the amount of free space that you have to move around within. My advice to people in their twenties would be to not fixate themselves upon one goal with the power of that Ego that they so powerfully believe in. Belief in the self is good, but what you believe right now to be ‘cool’ and ‘successful’ will change as you get exposed to more of this world, and the world within you that you are yet to discover. Try and distribute your eggs across a few varied baskets. I personally have gone through life with continuously changing goals in the domains of money, happiness, love, fame (be it your immediate hierarchy or gaining it on a larger scale), connectedness (with the elements and others around you), congruency (between my inner and outer self), geographical location, travel, sexual expression, types of lovers, future goals of family and kids, education. etc. What am I saying? DEVELOP your ABILITY. In the plural. In the domains listed above. Learn how to love one, learn how to love many. Learn how to earn big from one source, learn how to earn small chunks from multiple sources. Learn how to excel in your specialities, learn to listen and grow in the things that you hate. Be loved by the people who hate you, learning to love those whom you hate yourself. There’s a lot of learning to be done, and I feel the gains of developing these abilities will finally be the perfect toolbox that you would use to hone in your life’s purpose, as you approach the next decade into your 30s. What advice would YOU have wished for in your 20s? COMMENT BELOW ⬇