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One thing I’m adamant about regardless of who I’m traveling with is that all commuting should be done on foot. Unless I’m dressed up for an occasion or an event I would ditch the cabs and head everywhere on my own, strolling through the city without google maps, just asking people for directions whenever needed. It’s the quickest way to embed yourself in the current geography as a local, along with burning some cheesecake calories that I often collect overseas. In the end, I’d just like to say, that that flower pot is really fucking with my head.

There’s a potential best friend in every man’s life, and that is his barber. Enter any salon and quietly observe - each and every barber witnesses some of their patrons most personal moments. Generally they end up being involuntary eavesdroppers on their patrons phone calls. Or witness the patron walking in tired and stressed and realise that today they should not make conversation with him, instead gently offer a head and neck massage that is often agreed to. Or sometimes they are part of the grooming ritual leading up to a major event in the mans life, such as his marriage or a job interview. Along with this emotional intelligence, the ones who possess the most dexterity in their hands and skill with the razor often end up being the recipients of a big tip, with patrons that religiously come back to the same barber, and voraciously recommend him to their closest mates. This unique culture originally started 212 years ago, with the inception of the first @truefittandhill store at St. James street in London. The worlds oldest barbershop is now making its presence felt in India, with distinguished personalities as clients in all major cities of our country. Gift your father a royal shave, or pamper yourself to one before a big occasion. When I first visited their store during my tenure in London around four years ago, I had brought home their sandalwood shaving cream for dad, and he’s not gone back to his old one ever since. Here’s me and Shahnawaz after the sharp cut and beard trim that he gave me in a jiffy, as I had to catch a flight after my appointment. Comment below ⬇️ if you have any grooming questions related to hair and beards - I would be happy to answer them.

Stop saying things that you know are lies. To others, to yourself, to your conscious, to the cosmos. I come across shit tons of people telling me “yeah Sirhud you know there very few people out there nowadays to have REAL conversations with..”, bitch says that while putting on a fake accent. ‘Intellectual’ conversations, ‘purposeful’ living, none of these are things that one needs to advertise. You know those people who are naturally charismatic? Everyone’s eyes drifts towards them when they walk in the gym or the office? Those people attract that attention because they know what the fuck they are doing with their lives. Their soul is grounded, their walk is determined, their eyes don’t wander and words don’t stutter. He or she doesn’t need to advertise, they speak when asked to, move only when needed, eat and live to fuel themselves towards a goal. It’s 100% existential living. You want truth all around you? Want the world to be a better place? Want everyone to see how nice a person you really are? (Because isn’t that what most of us think, “oh how I wish he or she could just know what a good person I am, we would connect so welllll...” while this voice inside their head still possesses that fake accent) You want truth then be truth, speak truth, live in truth. Spoken truth will become your reality, your way of living, your way of talking to yourself within your head versus how you talk with the outside world; all that will achieve congruence. Your reality will intermingle with other equally great realities, love will not be something you will look for or wait for, you will be love. Comment down below whether you agree or disagree - and do tell me how do you like my date outfit :)

To the Youtuber with the most empathy and spiritual peace, to somebody who’s stayed up with me all night while being exhausted to complete product deliveries, to somebody with whom multiple future adventures are yet to unfurl, a very happy birthday. @abhinavfitness drop a wish for him in the comments below ⬇️:)

Happy birthday everyone, may this year teach you how to read shadows, play with spirits, and talk to your own numerous identities. . As I inch past another year, strolling happily towards my death, satisfied yet hungry, horny yet orgasming... ..I have learnt how to fuck the world, in my mind, I have learnt how to love women, in the most evil manner, I have learnt how to fuck my own ego, and make it cum, and then spill that cum into this physical realm that we all materialise in, and then see my face, my ancestors faces, my lovers faces, all in the reflection within that cum, staring back at me. Endless. Abysmal. Yet beautiful. Life is something that you need to experience with me, enclosed in a hotel room somewhere, just you and me alone, earth shattering moments between us. . I bless you this year, and ask for your blessings. Fumes.. fluids.. your touch.. whatever, send it to me, through me, melt me, forge me, become one with me. . For that is the only way you’ll ever get me...

#pitti is on, and I am sitting in Pune instead of Firenze. Alas, if I can’t strut around like a stocky dandy there, I’ll do something to fit in with the monsoons here. Switching up the colours in my current wardrobe, going for mid to dark shades of olive and navy mostly, preferably in denim. I don’t adorn denim that often (never thought I fit that fabric well) but monsoons are the time when I go for blacks greys and blues in denim. Couple it with my shorts or light chinos in the daytime, or dark denims during the evenings. Few outfit ideas for you to try out - 1. dark navy round neck t with mid grey stretchable denim shorts, dark sneakers below 2. Dark wash denim shirt with black jeans and chukka boots (dark grey or brown suede preferably) 3. The same denim shirt can be paired with casual drawstring shorts (dark) and a pair of low sneakers (white chucks for example) What do you usually wear in the monsoons? How do you like the outfit ideas, have any of your own? Drop your comments below ⬇️

A massive congratulations goes out to @rohitkhatrifitness and @abhinavfitness. These two gents, friends and business partners of mine, have achieved 2 million and 500,000 subs respectively on YouTube. A feat that is not achieved by most who decide to step into the online arena. Rohit and I were able to celebrate during this short trip to Delhi, and I had celebrated with Abhinav in Pune before I left for Delhi. As I have grown in this space and have understood this business better, my understanding of friendships and business partnerships has escalated to another level. Money, numbers, influence and power - we are all starting to get a taste of these. Yet we are all still at the prime beginning of our careers. All I wish and hope for with regards to our forthcoming success, is growth that is sustainable, responsible, and fruitful. Not just to us but to our communities, our family and friends, etc. I want people from our communities to be our protégés. I want the Brotherhood to give birth to friendships and business partnerships like these. To new YouTube channels, to new outlets of truth, be it about money relationships or life and its beauty in general. Going forward, in the next few weeks I’ll be dropping some lessons on money, and how greed can be holy. A dedicated channel for English videos is also in the works, because there are conversations that I have had which I wish were recorded and uploaded. Regular men and women, online influencers, coaches and all kinds of societal figures would be invited - and it would be a haven for unfiltered conversation that would stimulate your intellect, hormones and genitals - all at the same time. For now, drop a comment below congratulating my brothers ⬇️ Please keep any hate aside, and just appreciate the hard work.

Caption this.

Any suggestions on where I should travel next? The cravings of the nomadic soul have begun.. comment your suggestions below ⬇️ Gonna grind it out for the month of June and then take work+vacation kind of holiday...hopefully my current projects should be done by then. #breakfastofchampions #shotoniphonex #letsgoeverywhere #luxurytravel #globetrotter #travelvlog #digitalnomad #digitalnomadlife #indiantravelblogger #vagabonding #travelogue #travelblogger #travelwriter #travelersnotebook #menwithexplore #storygram #goandexplore #travelblog #traveltheworld #travelphotography #travelporn #travelbloggerindia #mumbaiblogger #writersofindia #tripmaximizer #expediapic #lonelyplanet #kayaktravelhacker #bookingyeah #tlpicks

#summerstyle #mensfashion #styletips coming up - Summer is here, get your shit together. What you need - a few light coloured shirts, nothing too bright and gaudy that blinds other people around you. Think lemon yellow, baby blue or pink if you’re going for plain colours. If you’re going for prints get prints that are minute and subtle, not in my face, because the only thing I like in my face is a fleshy, juicy .... .... let’s not digress for now. Prints should be on a neutral colour base, materials for your shirts could be cotton (the breathable type) and definitely get materials that have some Lycra in them, you want some stretch. Comfort is paramount in the summer and it’s difficult to find a well fitting #clothingbrand - the same goes for shirts - get light faded pastels or neutrals in the colours, materials could be anything that have breathable thread counts and a 4 way stretch. But remember - when you’re pairing outfits together - one colour that is bright should not be coupled with another that is bright - see my picture - I have matched a bright colour base with a #paisleyprint on it - with neutral light sand coloured #linenpants . There’s very few people who possess the body type and the skin colour to carry off an outfit paired between two bright items. DROP YOUR STYLE QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW ⬇️ #mensblogger #mensweardaily #menswearblogger #mensessentials #gentlemenwithstyle #mensblog #fashionblogger #indianblogger #indianinfluencer #fashioninfluencer #mensstyleguide #menswardrobe #mumbaifashionblogger #delhifashionblogger #ootdmen #mensfashionpost #dandystyle #dappermen #fashionformen #raybans #wayfarer #tasselloafer

The only reason we hit the gym together is so we can pig out later together...TAG your #gymbros in the comments below ⬇️

Sirhud’s 5 golden rules of taking a lady out Part 2 - during the date 1. Let her talk, control your impulse to punctuate her stories with ‘oh yes even I do that, you know this time when I...(ramble off into your own story)’. Hold on motherfucker let her finish, She wants to see how well she can connect with you. Can she express to you, her thoughts her feelings her vices her spirit and her sexual desires ultimately. Can you make her feel safe? If somebody doesn’t let you talk, you’ll feel pressured or not considered important, so make sure that you don’t overdo trying to impress her with your stories. 2. Make sure she’s happy with what she ordered. If not, order for her again. Hungry girl equals cranky girl - Sirhud Kalra, 2018. But don’t order too much for either of you, if things are meant to get sticky later you don’t want heartburn and she doesn’t want a gag reflex that actually brings up something. Light healthy non greasy food works best for those kind of dates. 3. Tease her during the date, give her some tingles, she’s out on a date, not another boring bro talk or regular chat with her bestie. The dating game is a dance between the masculine and the feminine, the dance takes place when momentum has been initiated between the yin and yang that belongs in your respective crotches. Which happens when you’ll take her on an emotional roller coaster. Sad happy mysterious sexy excited nervous anxious etc fit in as much as possible during a date. Riddle her mind with stimulating thoughts of your stories. Narrate with intricate detail, punctuate with self embarrassing humour, along with a few harmless digs at her. A girls gotta be able to laugh at herself, if not then she’s too vain/proud/prudish and I personally would politely end such a date shortly. 4. Ask her throughout if she’s comfortable and if she’s having a good time. Be a Man who is a treat to meet, converse, and spend time with. Someone she can dress up and be sexy for but feel at home in her pjs while talking to you. A Man whom she is proud to be seen with, safe while expressing herself, vulnerable when naked with, and secure when she decides to be with you for a long time. CONTINUED BELOW ⬇️

Everyday I’m breaking down...I am like a disco ball right now, many fragments of glass stuck together, reflecting light and truth and love in every direction. What I need is a polishing, an amalgamation of each shard of glass with the other in that ball, a smooth ending of sorts. I need to become a sphere, and I need to become transparent. I am having multiple journeys, I am having multiple conversations, in my continuum of life there are multiple universes operating right now. I am living a life of duality at the moment. Inside my head and outside in the physical world. Two very different worlds. It’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I know very well what the fuck I’m doing, but inside my mind, I am getting a huge desire to go out and love everyone. Love those who hate, love those who kill, love those who rape, love those who hurt. There’s a reason behind this, and that is what is becoming clearer to me everyday. You guys know how big I am on purpose. Knowing why you are here, how it benefits you and your people, followed by benefitting the world at large. The latter is what I’m having a revelation about at the moment. I’ve been thinking of changing a few things, ever since my trip to Cambodia there’s a lot of shifts occurring to the tectonic plates of my mind. It’s almost like the Masculine is beginning to appear in its truest form, with a shit ton of honesty love and service to offer. I’m sorry if my thoughts confuse you, I need to write them in pages that don’t stop turning, pages that don’t have a last line, pages that don’t have a back cover at the end. There is something supernatural going on inside my mind, I feel like I’m not doing enough (not from a perspective of failure or procrastination) but from a perspective of letting some truth flow through me. Never been a staunch believer or follower of religion but I feel like something is trying to communicate through me, to a much larger consequence of sorts, not the regular stuff. From an impact on men and women I desire to evolve now, to have an impact on society around me, to the level at which I can impact humanity before I am done. ...your thoughts? comment ##them below ⬇️

Come for a walk with me? Tell me what’s on your mind nowadays...

Been a couple of months since I’ve been using the blend, and now I KNOW the superfoods are actually making a difference. I know quite a few of you have purchased it as well, and I want to hear your stories too. I’ve been socialising and chilling a lot, but performance in the gym has not gone down, despite the fact that I haven’t been sleeping much. Feel damn light overall, look forward to consuming at least one pack everyday, have even passed a couple of packets around to friends to try. I feel it work more internally rather than outside on physical appearance, digestion has improved, sleep has improved, sex has improved (trust me the messages the morning after are some damn good testimonials). Genuinely believe in this product, it’s more than just a protein supplement. Want a video on #fitnesssupplements on #youtube ? Let me know because a lot of you are sending different fitness video requests on dms and email - comment down below ⬇️

Sirhud’s 5 golden rules of taking a lady out - part 1 - before the date. 1. Prep- Dress and smell nice, because you should be worth undressing and getting tasted. Pick a venue that’s relaxed, accommodates for conversation, reflects your personality - if you’re hipster then it can be an outdoor beer garden, if you’re like me well then it’s out of your budget....just kidding pick a bar that has some tasteful music and allows you two to sit in a cosy corner from where you can people watch (always a fun thing) 2. Decency - Arrive before her, always offer to pick her up and drop her, even if you’re the ceo of Uber - you don’t want her to wait on the road or outside a restaurant all dressed up with people staring, wondering where the fuck is your unlike-a-gentleman ass. 3. Courtesy - Open the door for her, because you hate today’s feminism. Pull out a chair for her, ask her how’s she feeling today, it will kick start the conversation. Saying hi is not breaking the ice, allowing her to express emotions, get in a state of flow. something that very few men are able to crack through, that is breaking the into the soul, not just the ice. 4. Positioning - Sit adjacent to her, not opposite her, this ain’t an interview. Touch her, as a friend, on the forearm, on the shoulder, establish your physical presence, stimulate her sense of touch, as you have already inaugurated her eyes and her nose with your appearance. Be comfortable with silence, you don’t have to fill empty spaces. The best connections are made between people who can chill silently next to each other. 5. Ask her - may I order for you - what tingles your palate, when the sever comes always loook towards the lady first and let her place her order first (or order for her if she’s fine with you ordering for her). If you’re thirsty, fill her glass before you dare to take a sip. Care for her, not for her body. Stimulate her soul, not just her hormones. She’s a carrier of the Feminine spirit, worship her, serve her, be considerate towards her. Not from a place of neediness or desperation, but from a confident Masculine aspect, where you are playing this game of romance with her, (continued in comments below ⬇️)

Whichever field you enter in life, or if you create your own field (or fields, like me) then think about domination. Never think about competition, never think about bargains, negotiations, compromises, margins. Think domination. Not competition. Think synergy, not insecurity. You see that? That’s contradictory advice, but it is solid advice nonetheless. We don’t live in a world of competition. I firmly believe as long as you are able to provide value or genius in your own way, and if you have positive intent, you will flourish. Your work and your life and your people will flourish. Your empire will flourish. While you flourish, you can allow others to flourish with you. It’s not about winning at the cost of defeating someone. It’s about winning while winning with your people. Winning so that everyone benefits. Winning in a way where they want you to win, as they know that they have a better chance of winning while being with you rather than attempt winning without you. Dominate your domain, but make it a win win for everyone. That’s when they will always place you at the top themselves, you don’t have to claim the throne when they bestow the crown upon you. That’s how Men do Winning. That’s how Men do Empires, how Civilisations and Surnames gain Immortality through History... and that is how Queens fall in Love, be it for a night or an eternity.

I wish there was a camera on me 24*7. I wish that my head my eyes all my senses record and simultaneously upload each and every moment of my life on to YouTube. You think you’ve learnt from me? You’ve learnt nothing until now. I haven’t even scratched the surface. This isn’t even 0.02%. These captions, these videos that I have to record, they are all limited. All constricted, restricted. You need to get in my head. 24*7. You will learn so much you will explode. You will laugh so much you’ll get tired, your stomach and your jaw would hurt. You would be in a state of ecstasy, because that is the state my life is operating at right now. Every conversation I have, every moment and every thought when there is no conversation, every interaction, be it an Instagram dm, be it a random lady from Chile sending me visuals of her naked self, because she understands Human sexuality is Holy, not evil, not the corrupted sin it has been made into by the mongrels today, I’ve never ever known or spoken to that lady, but she has trust in me, because she is also simultaneously high, at the same time, on the other side of the globe......be it a phone call with my manager, be it how my eyes show the hunger with which I look at my businesses, be it a meeting with a client, be it a video that I’m making...each and every thing is a drug. I am high on life at a NEW LEVEL. This shit is not ordinary, this shit is not for everyone, this is only for the worthy, only for the ones willing to kill their ego, let it die, let it dissolve, mould it into whatever is needed, right now, in this very moment, and become Free Men and Women.