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Toddler boss Most📸by sissy Momma sends welcome baskets all over the🌏 to babies born with DS 😃 💌basket info📩 BR/BE♥️small shops FB👇🏻🤟🏻@signingtime

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I received my shirt from @brettsbarn ☺️ Winston & Waylon are momma & Skylers city goats! They wanted to show some love for #brettsbarn as well. 🐐❤️ . . - The Brett Boyer foundation - MISSON - Their mission is to raise awareness for Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and fund research to advance treatment options. It is also their mission to spread the love and awareness that Brett filled them with for the wonderful, capable people living with Down Syndrome. . . 💛Thank you @brightforbrett for everything y’all do! We just love y’all. Brett sure is shining bright. 👑Queen🐝 . . Love always, Skylers sissy @momforce25 #brettboyerfoundation #brightforbrett #downsyndrome #awareness #advocate #love #chdawareness #theluckyfew

When Skyler hears @brunomars the dancing begins!! No stopping him 👏🏻 Sissy loves dancing with you!!! 💙

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness month! 💙💛 ✨People with Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes instead of the typical 46. How does it happen? There is an extra copy of the 21st chromosome! . . •Proud sister( @momforce25 )of an extraordinary little brother who rocks his extra cool chromosome! 🤟🏻 ✨ ✨#wearemorealikethandifferent #theluckyfew #downsyndromeawareness

We’ve done many 2018 Steps To Independence walks, but this is his first Walk that he’s walking!!! . . 💛He’s walking the walk 😃🤟🏻💙 . . ✨ @downsyndromeoflouisville ✨ . . • see that @signing_time picture with @st_hopkins & @st_rachel 😉 . . - Skylers sissy @momforce25 - . . . #louisville #louisvillewaterfront #signingtime #family #downsyndrome #awareness #advocate #kids #theluckyfew #downsyndromeoflouisville #potd

On my goodness! I’m so blessed to be this child’s mother. Look at his school picture. I see all his abilities which outshine any “dis” ability. I chose the music background because he loves music and his music therapy on Fridays. If you ever question yourself about will your child every do this or that, YES, they will, each child will shine in their own time. This boy has taught me more in 4 years than I learned my whole lifetime thus far. ** If you have school pictures please share with us, I’d love to see how your little one is growing! - Fb Page - Skyler sharing smiles!

Skyler loves his #nycbw2018 medal that Sissy brought back home to Indiana!🏅♥️ ✨Thank you @ndssorg ✨#nyc #thegreathill #centralpark #buddywalk #kids #siblings #theluckyfew #newyork - #indiana 💙

Skyler .. It’s all for you & your buddies! 💙💙 #nycbw2018 Sissy loves you! @ndssorg ✨

Look at Skyler shining bright on the big screen of Time Square! I was so honored to see this in person. The tears were rolling. . . . YOU ARE AMAZING! - . . Sissy is so proud! @ndssorg buddy Walk! 💛💙 #nyc #buddywalk #theluckyfew #proud #siblings #kids #nycbw2018 #wearemorealikethandifferent . . Love, EE (sissy) ✨

Skyler helped sissy with her makeup page yesterday! I’d say he’s the perfect model. ❤️ . . We hope everyone has a wonderful Monday! . . - Skylers EE (Sissy), @momforce25

If I was @st_rachel I feel like he would notice me. 🤣 . . Kidding!! I know he loves his EE ( sissy ) ♥️ Sissy- @momforce25 loves you Nugget! . . P.S- I must admit. He was watching @signing_time #signingtime #siblings #theluckyfew 🤟🏻 #kids #sundayfunday

Skyler shared some major laughs with EE(sissy) today. ♥️ #doublechinlaughs #theluckyfew #siblings #kidsofinstagram sissy - @momforce25

Sometimes you just need to dance! Skyler is listening to @st_rachel / @signing_time before school this morning! He’s rocking his glasses. . . The ending had sissy laughing! . . Everyone have a fabulous day. 😁 #theluckyfew #dancing #signingtime #spreadsmiles #happinessiskey #kids

Guess what happens when you have the best sister and auntie (lol) in the world? You get an awesome, super amazing, cool, famous orange jacket from our favorite person @st_rachel from @signing_time Now, Skyler is dead set on her name being “Leah” but he loves his jacket and we love Leah too! After all @lidjaners is the reason for signing time. . . We can’t thank you enough for this and for teaching Skyler so much! I will admit though, we all love signing time not just Skyler. We watch your calendar a lot. So we will see you in the sunshine state in January! (Moms favorite place) ☀️ 🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼 #signingtime #theluckyfew #signlanguage #thankful

Flash back Friday! Look at little Skyler 💚 Now he’s a walking toddler boss. ☺️

HOLA LADIES 😃 . . . . P.S - His pants say ( I got game)😆 . . . Thank you @childrensplace for this too cute of an outfit. 🙌🏻🌟 #theluckyfew #inclusion #holaladies #wearemorealikethandifferent #kids #kidsofinstagram #childrensplace #potd #ootd #downrightperfect #spreadkindness

Someone is ready for school! ♥️ . . #theluckyfew #preschool #mickeymouse #disney #downrightperfect #kids #kidsofinstagram #blessing . Thanks to @meijerstores - Sissy loves his mickey shoes!

Skyler has a special place to be tonight! The @supportthesmile Gala at @churchilldowns 💙 Toddler boss is ready to see all his friends! #supportthesmile #kindness #wearemorealikethandifferent #theluckyfew #churchhilldowns #kentucky • • - ❤️, Skylers EE ( Sissy)

Skyler recently got a phone to watch his videos on ( so he doesn’t take his dads )& it’s looking like he needs to make a quick call. 😂 Maybe he’s calling momma to let her know he will be partying late tonight. 🤣 no worries .. he has his iPad playing while he makes the pretend call! - He’s staying with his EE ( sissy ) ♥️ • • • - Skylers sissy - Have a great night y’all! • @st_rachel on the iPad - phone & Tv now days 🤣