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İrem Derici

2 Days 3 Hours Ago

Aaa çıkmış! Dur şimdi, en çok satan single’larda bu hafta Oğuzhan 1 numaraydı benim Tektaş 2 numara. Önce kendimi sonra da Oğuzhan’ı geçeyim, spor olur 😂


1 Day 7 Hours Ago

・ ・ #カラコン @glam_karakon #グラムレンズ #glam_style #couture サニーヘーゼル 寒さと笑いで涙止まらなくて ボロボロだった ・ ・

São Paulo News

1 Day 8 Hours Ago

São Paulo pega Botafogo para liquidar risco de queda ⠀ O São Paulo terá neste domingo mais uma oportunidade de liquidar com o risco de rebaixamento no Brasileiro. ⠀ A partir das 17 horas o Tricolor enfrentará o Botafogo, no Pacaembu. ⠀ O São Paulo está a 3 jogos sem ganhar na competição. ⠀ Lucas Fernandes e Junior Tavares devem substituir Hernanes e Cueva.

ครีมนุ่มๆผสมกับเลม่อนก็ว่าหอมสุดๆแล้ว ใส่ลาเวนเดอร์ลงไปอีก ! ปล. ไว้นิ้ดนึงค่า ตอนเผาหน้าน้ำตาลจะต้องใช้ torch เผาเท่านั้นนะคะ หลายคนสงสัยว่าใช้ที่จุดเตาแก๊สเผาได้รึเปล่า คำตอบคือไม่ได้น้าา 🤔 ----------------------------------------------- Share your fav dish #hungrylist 🍴 ----------------------------------------------- 🍴 : ครีมบูเล่เลม่อนและดอกลาเวนเดอร์ (Lemon & Lavender Creme Brulee) 🎥 : @food.barnbarn

Top Shot: Young Pups | Photograph by Bence Mate ( . "Young African wild dogs playing with an impala leg. While adult wild dogs are ruthless killers, their pups play cutely with each other and anything they find, all day long,“ writes Your Shot photographer Bence Mate. "The rule applies in this case too: the brother’s toy is always more exciting. This is what happened on that very day, when they tried to drag the impala leg in three different directions. I was extremely lucky to shoot this special scene of these very rare and endangered animals.” — Top Shot features the photo with the most votes from the previous day’s Daily Dozen, 12 photos chosen by the Your Shot editors from thousands of recent uploads. Our community votes for their favorite photo from the selection, and the Top Shot is showcased on the @natgeoyourshot Instagram account. #yourshotphotographer

Fitness Brasil

2 Days 5 Hours Ago

@paulinhaalgomais @tatianalobao_ #gymbrasil

Pobre Dracula😂

Sigam @marinadacosta_cm - - - Ademas @marinadacosta_cm

Do2dtun ®

1 Day 8 Hours Ago

My Nigga is SUPER READY! .. @bankywellington it’s time! and on Agbada slaying! @ebuka is a LEGEND 💯 👏🏽 #baad2017

Malu Official Fp ♡

1 Day 4 Hours Ago

Me When I See Food🤣 #malutrevejo #teammalu

سدخت | باث 🥀

3 Days 8 Hours Ago

كيوتت . . Follow @sd5t Follow @xxfairy.tale


2 Days 6 Hours Ago

PASHA 😈 - оцените от 0 до 5 ❤️

📷 ارتفاع 💦 رینگ سیریکو ❤ . . #peugeot #206 #206sa

R3HAB 🇲🇦🇳🇱

2 Days 5 Hours Ago

make that kitty bounce


When you are a queen & never need a king #linkinbio @sybilstallonestore

Mmm Daddy come gimme what I want 😋💦💦 🍯#clicklinkinbio #uncensored @rissatoocute

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