truly appreciate the invite from @iamxposure to @c0de.r3d’s Smoke & Paint event last month. still feelin the positive vibes from this day & in awe of the outcome of the shots i got. these photos mean so much cause the energy was unplanned and i got to capture a really beautiful aesthetic. thank you again Yaz, for the opportunity & the creative environment where i was able to be present.

the sun’s gonna rise on a better day ☀️ 📸 | @nymartian

late night edits . . .

light filled ☀️✨💛

lowlight/abstract feelzs @c0de.r3d • • •

funk, on a whole new level ☮️✨

i’m still not that great at pool. at least i hit the ball this time • • • • 🎱

i could not have had a better 24th ☺️🎉✨ i am so so grateful to God & my family & all my friends for being apart of my festivities. there aren’t enough words to describe how blessed & happy i feel. God been way too good to me lately ya’ll seriously. & the best has yet to come. can’t wait for all the love & memories that’ll be shared this year. i love you all sooooo much 💗🎈 #twenty4

for composition 🌕🎱

the mastermind of the mob: @nymartian ✨ creator extraordinaire 🧠🙌🏽 check out Tay’Laur Ambrene’s Short films on her tumblr page (click the link in her bio!) & our YouTube, featuringgg the CURLYMOBBB 🤘🏽🤙🏽 we got a few more videos on the channel, link in bio ☝🏽@maiii.tyyy #curlymobwhatsgood #vlog #vlogger #creative #director #filmmaker #filmmaking

teach me to be so full, that i can love freely & still overflow 🌊✨💛

i’ve fallen in love with capturing my sister’s essence ☺️ thank you for always allowing me to photograph you. your beauty is effortless and you’re one strong powerful woman. it comes across when I’m directing your pose. your creative, artistic spirit always touches my soul ✨

Sunday’s are for adventures. going out into nature and releasing all the stress and issues from the week is the best therapy! deep breathe, meditate and soothe that soul to prepare for the week ahead ☀️🧘🏽‍♀️✨

ya’ll daddies ain’t got shit on mine lmao on the real 🤣🤣 if you think you do run them hands hahahaha okay but seriously i love my daddy so much 😭❤️ there aren’t any words to explain, but i am just so grateful to have you in my life. thank you for always going above and beyond for your family and the ones you care for. you inspire me, you support me, and you’re always there to give great words of encouragement. i love the relationship we have and i’ll always cherish it. happy father’s day 😘❤️

a lil’ nature appreciation post ☀️🌸🌷 • • • • • • it’s not what you see, it’s how you see it #shotoniphone7plus #portraitmode