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the yogi neva lies. 💛✨ • • • • #mlkday #agape #love #empath

2009 | 2018 • • • • had to break down and post mine; just to remind myself truly how far i have come. still quirky lmao, still loving, forgiving, still looking outside of myself for validation & acceptance. unfortunately, still not totally accepting of myself but that’s okay. i’m making progress & i’m doing things differently. i’m not tryin so hard anymore by making stuff up to make me more interesting or special like i was back then. i’m not dwelling on how i’m perceived by others or doing things solely to make others happy. i’m doing more of what makes me happy & choosing to follow my wildest dreams. i’m staying true to who i was & who i always will be. i’m exactly where i’m supposed to be & who i’m supposed to be and discovering myself over and over again while trusting the heart that God put in me, even if it doesn’t make any sense to anyone else. i’m appreciating & keeping the ones who love me for me in my corner at all times. i’m choosing faith over fear & releasing full control to the Universe for divine alignment of my inner most desires. & things are shifting for the better since i started healing; now i’m starting to see the blessings pouring in. i’m more humbled & fearless than i’ve ever been before. the journey is just getting started. big thank you 🙏🏽 to those of you who have already watched my first cooking tutorial on my YouTube channel & shown love ❤️ it means so much. if you haven’t watched, make sure ya’ll check it out. like, comment & subscribe of course. link is in my bio!! & stay tuned for another lifestyle video coming this week. spend some time in gratitude tonight for where you are today to set some good intentions for this coming week 💛✨

starting off the new year right with the launch of @kev.keys’ music video for his song “Anointing” featured on his latest EP release “ZOOM IN”. directed by @nymartian & yours truly, this video is our production company, EMOBCIPATION MEDIA’s first music video; shot in our living room and around our neighborhood, we made this happen and it’s finally here. this is just the beginning of all the amazing things to come throughout this year. i am so humbled and so blessed by all the beautiful doors God is opening already!! the possibilities are endless. it’s up to us to make our dreams come true, so i need every one of ya’ll to BELIEVE!! start today! & believe in yourselves and the vision that’s being put in your minds & on your hearts. be brave this 2019. don’t think about what everyone else is doing; don’t think about the possibility of failing. focus on YOUR bigger picture. focus on your personal growth. focus on those dreams and take the little steps moment by moment to put yourself on the path that leads to abundance and prosperity, and you will succeed. everything will fall into place, once you make that first step. if you haven’t already checked out @kev.keys’ performance on YouTube and his EP on Apple Music, please check it out and show him mad love. it’s absolutely amazing & i cannot wait to witness all of the blessings that await to be poured out onto all of us 🙏🏽

solo dolo 🎞 • • •

i dig the environment 🍂🍃 • • • •

captured a mood ✨🌥

test shots 🎬💡

had the pleasure of shooting with @avenueslsx last week. super proud of how these photos came out! get ready cause i’m about to spam 🎞

this shoot was right up my alley 📸

@shesjustnicolle & @localphenomenal a power couple 🔥❤️ #thesmiths

did a lil shoot with my love @shesjustnicolle for her vlog! make sure y’all check out the behind the scenes in her vlog dropping tonight on her YouTube channel, featuring myself! 🤓🙌🏽✨ thank you so much for choosing me babe 💗- link in her bio.

mastering the craft 📷✨

truly appreciate the invite from @iamxposure to @c0de.r3d’s Smoke & Paint event last month. still feelin the positive vibes from this day & in awe of the outcome of the shots i got. these photos mean so much cause the energy was unplanned and i got to capture a really beautiful aesthetic. thank you again Yaz, for the opportunity & the creative environment where i was able to be present.

the sun’s gonna rise on a better day ☀️ 📸 | @nymartian

late night edits . . .

light filled ☀️✨💛

lowlight/abstract feelzs @c0de.r3d • • •

funk, on a whole new level ☮️✨