Celebrate fall with some golden leaves. #cocktail #cocktails #cocktailnapkin #fall #falldecor #linens #embroidery #gift #hostgift #gold #drink #entertain
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LEGENDARY @garytrainor !!!! I love you SO much Dad! Thank you for traveling the world and supporting me in every step of my career. You are the reason all my dreams came true and I’ll never be able to thank you enough💘🎉 LONDON YOU HAVE BEEN SO KIND TO ME AND MY FAMILY! Thank you for the best work trip/vacation😍 #mtnoexcuses

I want to say something important super clearly. I am not doing yoga in ANY of my Instagram pictures. ❌ I take fitness modeling pictures that are pretty. My yoga practice is a huge part of my life and although my yoga practice inspires my photos and my ability to make cool shapes, the reality is this.... when I take photos I’m carefully considering angles, engaging certain muscles for aesthetics, relaxing certain muscles because tightening them would give me ripples, sucking in, turning my face to my “good side”, pausing just long enough to hear the shutter click and then switching shapes. It’s pretty damn close to the opposite of doing yoga if there is such a thing. I love my pictures, and I love my yoga practice, but they’re two very different parts of my life. I think one of the dangers of this culture of “instayoga” is that “how does it look” starts to seem really important. And it’s not. It’s really not. Yoga by its very nature can’t be captured in an image. So if you are looking for #yogainspiration , it’s not here, not on my page, not on Instagram, it’s on your yoga mat. ❤️ #justpractice #fitnessmodel #love

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