🌟Saturday stack🌟 wishing I was looking at this stack rn but had to throw it back with today’s edition bc there wasn’t time for pancakes- but I’m going to San Fransisco tomorrow!! Been busy packing and researching my trip bc I want to hit all the places I don’t get to in the city bc we usually stay closer towards Palo Alto but thankfully the Caltrain and bus system is bomb!! If you guys have any recs let me know!! 🕺🕺🌟💛 anyways, this bomb combo featured @birchbenders pink beet colored cakes stacked between @chameleoncoldbrew mocha ones, topped with all my fav berries, @purely_elizabeth and citrus💃🕺🔥🌟 hope you guys are having a lesss rainy day then the east coast lol!! 🌧🌦#eatpurely #saturdaystack #pancakes #madeformakers #chameleoncoldbrew #makesmewhole #f52grams #feedfeed #healthyish #thenewhealthy #myanthropologie
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