♓️ MERCURY IN PISCES ♓️ ⠀ Mercury, the planet of communication, just entered the dreamy waters of Pisces until mid-April. Mercury is connected to our mind, it helps us speak our ideas and exchange energy with others. Where Mercury inspires logic and analysis, Pisces find these things useless. The two exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. Pisces is the sign of dreams. Magic, creativity, and feelings are her language. Any time a planet is transiting, or moving through, Pisces our intuition and imagination is heightened. ⠀ With Mercury in Pisces, our minds may become fuzzy, but expanded. This transit inspires a dreamlike quality which opens our mind to the vastness of Pisces. Feel into your creativity during this time and let your mind wander, then follow it. Open yourself to the possibility of magic and miracles through letting go of over-analysis. Suspend logic, especially those practical thoughts which block serendipity and the flow of your life. Throughout this transit, ask yourself how things can be even more magical than you can imagine. Then imagine it.
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