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♍️ FULL MOON IN VIRGO ♍️.⁣ ⠀⁣ Today we are greeted by the Full Moon in Virgo 🌝. Sitting opposite her in the sky is the Sun in Pisces, both at zero degrees in the respective signs. Although, Full Moons inherently hold the energy of release, this Moon is clearing the way for a new beginning. Consider it a time to lay the foundation for the growth which will occur over the next four weeks. Part of this growth begins with shedding energies which no longer serve your inner Goddess.⁣ ⠀⁣ Virgo represents the mother, the virgin, and the Goddess. She is perfect as is, no adjustments necessary. She teaches us that we are whole unto ourselves. We need nothing, and we need no one. Therefore, we get to choose what, and who, enters our lives. We are in charge of our reality, every bit of it. When the Moon is in Virgo it’s an opportunity to feel into your completeness, and release anything which makes you feel less than whole.⁣ ⠀⁣ Virgo also reminds us that we are capable of building any dream. We just need to commit to our intention. Then create a plan to keep ourselves connected to our inner guidance. Virgo is the true essence of feminine power, and teaches us that we already have all the answers. She also reminds us of the importance of boundaries in our lives to preserve the connection to our intuition. Today’s an opportunity to hear your true voice, then decide where you need to preserve this connection in your life. If something or someone is distracting you from your inner compass, perhaps a new boundary is needed. Boundaries create containers for us. These containers will help you navigate through the waters of Pisces without getting lost, but still remaining in the flow of your life.⁣ ⠀⁣ The Virgo Workbook is still available digitally and contains practices to help you form boundaries to keep you in the rhythm of your life (link in bio)⁣ Art via @becca_retiz⁣ #fullmoon #virgo

Welcome to Pisces season! ♓️ Tag your favorite Pisces below 💕✨ #piscesseason

Tomorrow we begin the season of going with the flow: Pisces ♓️. While we often think of Pisces as the fish, she is actually the Ocean, all-encompassing, vast, and part of everything. Pisces Season helps us reach our highest state of consciousness and energetic vibration by merging us with the universal energy. It's a beautiful season full of unlimited potential to create any life we desire. Pisces reminds us that we are the universe and the universe is us. Anything we want is already ours. We just need to align with it energetically. ⠀ The Pisces Workbook helps you align with her magic all season long. This work culminates on the New Moon with extra practices and intentions setting to help you create your best life. The Workbook is for all signs and includes information about Pisces and her New Moon. It helps you understand her energy will affect you for the next and what you do with it in your life. Harness the energy of the ocean to explore new frequencies capable of manifest any dream you dare to dream. Link for purchase in bio or tag Cover Art and image via @becca_reitz #piscesseason #moonguide #astrologyguide

♋️ MOON IN CANCER ♋️ The Moon lands in Cancer today as she continues to build light. The energy of Cancer brings our emotions to the surface. With the Moon, who rules our emotional body, in her sign, this proves to be a day of feeling. The crab teaches us that if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to allow our deepest emotions to rise, then we will receive the gift of our intuition. In order to sit fully with our feelings, though, we must first love ourselves unconditionally. ⠀ Self-love 💕 comes from the ability to accept everything about ourselves including our past, our wounds, even the pain we may have caused another. When we can accept all that we are, positive and negative, then we give ourselves permission to feel. In that feeling, we gain our power, and unconscious emotions no longer control us. We become fully aware of ourselves and our inner guidance. When we choose to open our hearts entirely to ourselves, we let the hurt and pain out, but we let all the good stuff in- including whispers from our soul. ⠀ Spend some time today sitting with yourself. Give yourself space to feel. Consider this self care a responsibility to yourself, one that is worth commitment and time. Nourish yourself in all the ways which restore your energy and make you feel whole. Take the time to recharge before we meet the energy of the Full Moon on Tuesday. Quote via @l.e.bowman.poetry art via @sagerider #cancermoon #waxingmoon

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.” - #nietzsche I wrote you blog on relationships and astrology, so you can have some fun on your dates tonight 😜 Link in story. This is part of a larger project coming out later this year. Write your questions below and I’ll include them ⇣ Art via @broken_isnt_bad

Growth is a process and not always an easy one. Stay steady with every step even the ones which take you backwards. Trust the unfolding and allow yourself to change directions if that’s what brings you home ✨

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8 Days 10 Hours Ago

♉️ FIRST QUARTER MOON IN TAURUS ♉️ ⠀ Today the Moon and Sun square off giving us our first half moon 🌓 of the Lunar cycle. The first quarter reminds us to check in with the intentions we set on the New Moon a week ago. How are they evolving? What issues have popped up? More importantly, what old patterns are blocking their manifestation? ⠀ The Moon in Taurus grounds our energy, but also illuminates our comfort zones and attachments. The squaring of Sun and Moon (they’re 90 degrees apart) can cause tension in our emotional body. With the Sun in Aquarius, still inspiring us to shift into a new vibration, the friction is between your new self and your old self- the one you are out of habit. Notice today if triggers arise which bring out your habitual responses. Think of them as flashlights from the universe showing you the patterns you run back to simply because they are comfortable. Breakthrough this first quarter energy by changing your awareness and choosing a new response and a new frequency. It with feel unfamiliar, uncomfortable and even scary, but know these feelings are a sign of growth. Image via @ameyasrealm #halfmoon #taurus #astrology

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9 Days 11 Hours Ago

♓️ MERCURY IN PISCES ♓️ ⠀ Mercury, the planet of communication, just entered the dreamy waters of Pisces until mid-April. Mercury is connected to our mind, it helps us speak our ideas and exchange energy with others. Where Mercury inspires logic and analysis, Pisces find these things useless. The two exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. Pisces is the sign of dreams. Magic, creativity, and feelings are her language. Any time a planet is transiting, or moving through, Pisces our intuition and imagination is heightened. ⠀ With Mercury in Pisces, our minds may become fuzzy, but expanded. This transit inspires a dreamlike quality which opens our mind to the vastness of Pisces. Feel into your creativity during this time and let your mind wander, then follow it. Open yourself to the possibility of magic and miracles through letting go of over-analysis. Suspend logic, especially those practical thoughts which block serendipity and the flow of your life. Throughout this transit, ask yourself how things can be even more magical than you can imagine. Then imagine it.

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12 Days 11 Hours Ago

MOOD Via @blindsaay #weekendvibes #selflove #friyay

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13 Days 9 Hours Ago

New Moons 🌚 help us plant intentions and create visions of our future selves. Full Moons 🌝 help us do the work needed to manifest those intentions. They often feel intense within our emotional body, creating a crisis through its illumination of our shadow sides. If we choose to stay present with the energy each Full Moon brings us, we have a chance to break old patterns and limiting beliefs blocking our dreams. Each Full Moon brings us a particular vibration to work with in our emotional body depending on which zodiac sign the Moon is positioned. This month, the Full Moon will be positioned in Virgo ♍️, helping us define our boundaries to bring form to our intentions. The Virgo Full Moon is a time to tap into your inner Goddess and decide what frequencies you want in you life and how you can build containers to nourish them. Coming to us in at the start of Pisces Season, this Full Moon will provide us a life boat to navigate the flow of our life. Learn all about her magic in the Virgo Full Moon Workbook ↑ (workbooks are for all signs) Link in bio or tag. Cover and inside art by @becca_reitz #virgo #fullmoon #learnastrology