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Погоны все решают 😏🚨 смотреть до конца ✅ @procuratura_gr @procuratura_gr

A young male walrus pops his head up for an epic headshot! How do you know he's a male? Usually, tusks give it away, but this guy is too young to be showing long tusks just yet. Another giveaway is the grizzly beard male walruses sport. Their beard hairs are extremely sensitive, too. Each beard hair has the same sensitivity to touch as a human finger does! Epic, indeed. #repost @azuladotcom


Bawa aku pulang, menunggu sang senja bersama. Langkahku mungkin jauh kini. Ajak aku bicara tentang rasa, agar kita bersama menyusun hari tua, yang tidak lagi berjarak.

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Corey Jordan
24 Days 14 Hours Ago

@kandykoatedluv synchronicity or serendipity? Or both?