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Today, therapy took place- in the creative world we all deal with that. Today, writer’s block took place. Today gratitude for a job took place. Today compassion took place. Today I had feelings of doubt. Today I did what needed to be done. Today I loved myself enough to make it so..

Tall buildings used to intimidate me, now I’m thrilled to have meetings in them. I’ve always been creative and it’s been a true pleasure helping those who are not thrive. 18 years in Los Angeles, new home in Nashville, it’s nice to be doing what I love. #losangeles #nashville #dowhatyoulove

Back in the races.

Time to make some pictures. Back in Cali for a few months with some Tennessee Whiskey. Grateful for the opportunity to work with some friends. 🙌🏻 📷 @banannie_7

Morning clouds in Nashville. Content is king. #grateful #thebatmanbuilding #batmanbuilding

Time for vocals. The package has arrived. Great content shoot yesterday @black_river_entertainment

Art and Fashion meets consciousness. Artist @mobeoner clothing company @krypticcollabs . . . #nashville #fashion #hiphop #nashvillemusic #nashvillefashion #615 #310 #818 #212

Autumn medicine at its finest. 🍁

Dr Dimensional Album #artofmeditation project. @mrtraumatikofficial #mrtraumatik

W I S D O M + A R T + F A S H I O N = A N I N S P I R A T I O N A L M E S S A G E W O R D S C A N N O T E X P R E S S. . . @krypticcollabs a fantastic time working with you! Artist: @mobeoner

Creating Content, Working with your hands ain’t easy but my buddy Ted knows how to build it right, even if he takes a little heat every now and then. @room62_furniture @discovery

Yoga and Missy Elliot go together like peanut butter n’ jelly. @hotcindyyoga . . #percypriestlake #goodvibes #hermitage #nashvillevibes

A new series is coming. Working with our clients brings us joy. @yogasoulnashville @hotcindyyoga

Doing some yoga with my friend and client @yogasoulnashville @hotcindyyoga before her appearance on @todayinnashville so much fun! . . #nashville #todayinnashville #615 #nashgram #nashvilleyoga #welovenashville