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I was recently on the @brownwaterb podcast with Jared Seymour. Check it out! #brownwaterbanter #gulfcoast #podcast

Chinese Dragon Soup #chineseculture #Dragonsoup #chinese food

Chinese style photograph16 #Chinese #Chinatrends #Chinaclassic

I may be looking for a tenant to fill a room at my house soon. This is not the room, this is just what came up when I searched "Majestic Castle Room". Quite lovely really. Anyway, if you know someone looking for a good room, please share or DM me. I can give more details and actual pics. Thanks!

China top actress 2018 Zheng Shuang #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Tomorrow night I'll be the featured guest on the Brown Water Banter podcast with Jared Seymour. Subscribe to his show and catch the episode when it's released in the days that follow. Jared and I have podcasted before on Coastal Noise so I already know it's going to be a great time. Don't miss it! - ---- - https://cmorejscott.podbean.com #gulfcoast #podcast

Hey guys,check my organic facial mask….#meme #Chinese #internet #funnypictures #Chinaonlinetrends

In this episode of Coastal Noise, Stefan talks about his upcoming move to San Diego as well as: *SOBER OCTOBER & PODCAST ACTIVITIES *KITCHEN ACTIVITIES/INSTAPOT WORK *NEW INTERESTS: Jiu Jitsu/Surfing *NEW MUSIC: Spotify, Pusha-T, JID, Kacey Musgraves, Shaky Graves, Psychedelic Afro-Rock from 1970's Nigeria, Sleep, Kanye West/Kid Cudi, top album of 2018: Earl Sweetshirt's "Some Rap Songs". *BOOKS: "The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit" / "Man Called Ove" / "A Confederacy of Dunces" *PODCASTS: Ben Greenfield (health/wellness) / Brown Water Banter / The Sound / The Biohacked Life *MOVIES: Sorry to Bother You / Scott Pilgrim vs The World / The Ballad of Buster Scruggs / The Sisters Brothers / Widows *VIDEO GAMES : Resident Evil 2 / Red Dead Redemption 2 / Alien Isolation *MEDICAL MARIJUANA 2020 in MISSISSIPPI Please feel free to comment below, on social media, or DM. Feedback is always appreciated. Please subscribe and listen to Coastal Noise on Google Play, iTunes, Youtube or at CoastalNoise.com. Till next time. -Stefan #gulfcoast #sandiego #california #podcast #travel #food #newmusic #books #medicalmarijuana #mississippi #movies and more

Friends and Family - In two weeks time, I'll be moving in pursuit of a recent job opportunity for the fine city of San Diego. It was a sudden come up, but I'm very excited to make the leap. While I do have a steady work plan lined up, I have never been to the area and know nobody there (save for one friend who may be vacating soon). Finding an area to take up residence is my top concern now but won't be something I decide on until I arrive. I do have some leads for some temp stay while I scout areas of interest. If anyone has been to San Diego and can recommend some good areas in the heart of the city (The closer to Little Italy or North Park areas the better) it would be HUGELY appreciated. Even better, if you know someone looking for a roommate I am open to a co-habitation situation if it's a good fit. - To my Coast people, I will miss you all a great deal but feel truly grateful and excited for the new adventure ahead. On a related note, I'm going to release a solo podcast this weekend on Coastal Noise to talk more about travel plans and general activities. Thank you all so much for being apart my community of people these past few years. I hope I find just as many good people where I'm going! #sandiego #california bound

[inspirational new years quote]

2:30am post #systemofadown / #incubus breakfast. Lasagna, ribeye and bread sticks. Stay woke.

@sunnypointcafe award winning chicken and waffles sandwich, but the waffle is made with sweet potato, it's filled with pimento cheese, sweet jalapeno jam, and bacon. Fall apart good. Two eggs ordered on the side for practical dipping. A slam dunk for breakfast food. #asheville #breakfast #chickenandwaffles

Yesterday drive and hike through Blue Ridge to Mt. Pisgah. Hit me with those trail and food recommendations! I'm a #travel #addict

#asheville #eats @ Nine Mile. Let me know if you have any food or outdoor recommendations.

Browned beef then pressured cooked for ten minutes with brussel sprouts and cauliflower. The leftovers made a kind of paste that I spread over warm tortillas with lime juice.

Good morning. Inspiration struck early today. Thai Sushi Scramble. Over easy eggs, crawfish sushi, and Thai chicken even rolls combined for breakfast. Impatience sometimes produces brilliance. #thai #eggrolls #crawfish #sushi #scrambledeggs

Spiced up some over easy eggs by cutting up bits of homemade beef jerky and sauteing for one min with minced garlic. Eggs dressed with my steak seasoning. #olddish #newspin

Seared garlic brussel sprouts, steamed with lime juice and spinach. Olive oil + butter mix. One amen if you feel me. #sauteed & #steamed #brusselsprouts & #spinach #garlicbutter #oil #mix

Little work here, little work there... #studiowork #editing #jamroom ...and let's be honest, #laborday #weekend #shopping #sales too

More new things...have been opening back up to more non-meat based foods. Here we have sauteed cauliflower rice, ground beef, garlic at the center and topped with cubes of butter...then, all topped with a slow cooker red beans (think red beans and rice without the rice). Finished with fresh lime or red wine vinegar. #foodporn #weekend #entrees

Another new dish to switch things up. #sauteed #brusselsprouts, #cauliflowerrice, and #beef

A new one for you guys @brownwaterb @jourdanderouen - homemade beef jerky sliced at the local delay, spiced up with a custom steak seasoning, marinated and dehydrated for 6.5 hrs. I like it a little chewier. #beefjerky & #blackteas