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👑 The only thing harder than waiting on God is wishing you had. — As I wait ☺️, I’m preparing to build towards a 5 figure team in the next 6 months. Did you know that Forbes magazine predicts that by 2022, 79 million people will open a home based business. Why? 1) financial control in the midst of uncertainty 2) reachability due to the power of social media 3) anyone can do it 4) make a return on your investments within months of starting 5) the power to change the world in a significant way. More money 💰 = more opportunities. I’m only interviewing 20 people for the opportunity. — Literally only 20 people who have what it takes to be a strong reputable beauty ambassador. Work from home towards earning an extra $300-$500+ a month from your 🤳🏾 I went from taking over 250 donations to earning almost $12k towards my dreams. Interested? Message me. #busygirlswin

👑 She’s the type that says for her 26th birthday, “Umm I don’t really want to do anything special. The engagement was enough for me.” UMMM the engagement was about MARRIAGE, this is about YOUR WHOLE LIFE! Maybe you don’t understand how much you mean to people, and how SIGNIFICANT you are to your friends and family. — — Valerie, you’re a GEM, meaning RARE to FIND. They don’t make them like you anymore. I’ve never met someone so selfless, honoring, appreciating, and genuinely HAPPY to serve others and not make it about herself. It’s like when it finally is about you, you don’t even know how to act 😂 cause you’re not used to BEING SERVED! — — But man of man, did God give you a man that would turn that around and a season of your life, where it’s just about taking care of Valerie. I’m so proud that this is finally about appreciating the woman you are and who God made you to be. You’re a blessing, an answered prayer, a solution, a whispered thought we didn’t know we needed, and a whole lot of FABULOUS all in you. — — Thank you for being Valerie Aneiza Valcourt and being my very best friend. I love you so much and I pray God DOUBLES the blessings on your life this year so that you will SOAR. Happy birthday @a.neiza! TURN UP 😂👏🏾👀🎉💓

👑 Ahhh so excited to be announcing “Solution Saturday’s” live series every Saturday (that I can 😂) This is going to offering you different solutions to everyday problems and I start tomorrow! 😍 Tomorrow topic will be “Targeting Stomach Fat” cause I know someone’s out there who’s just like me skinny but not slim in the tummy. And I’m talking you’re doing diet and exercise and you’re still not where you want to be. I get it! I was there and I found a solution which is still working for me 🤗 Tune in tomorrow at 11am EST for my LIVE and comment below on the topics you want me to cover moving forward! I can really talk about anything related to relationships, celibacy, publishing a book, losing weight, pageant tips, social media training, leadership, living in NYC, interior design, faith walks, and more 🎉

👑 Growth can totally suck. — — I went to bed early last night to rest my mind & body and I woke up in the middle of the night tossing and turning and thinking of the negatives about my life. I’m not using my master’s degrees, school will take another 2-3 years before I hit medical school, and it just seems like I always have just enough of anything I need to get by. God had to remind me that when he gives us a dream and a vision, we are often “incapable” and “under qualified” to complete it on our own. That’s because GOD wants to be the one to qualify us and complete his perfect work FOR HIS GLORY! It becomes our TESTIMONY! — — But it may suck cause you feel like there’s always something wrong with you and something to work on, and we often make the mistake of seeing ourselves as “problems” instead of upcoming “solutions.” So when I graduate from medical school, when you get the promotion, when you start that nonprofit, when you make it into business school, when I hit the best position in my company, when you write that book, and when I impact millions of lives for Jesus one day, it will be BECAUSE OF HIM! — — Sisters, if you’re like me and in a space of MASSIVE growth, there will be a MASSIVE ELEVATION at the end of this that will be worth all the growing pains! Sometimes it’s not always pretty, but it will be WORTH IT! 💓

👑 WHEW.. the 6 characteristics of a true servant leader 🔥 1. Cultivates a culture of trust 2. Develops other leaders 3. Encourages 4. Thinks you, not me 5. Acts with humility 6. Helps teammates with life issues I was riding the train to campus to today and I was like JESUSSSSSS what’s up with my next promotion. Jesus was like 👀 Listen.. God has been wrecking my WHOLE life on what it actually takes to lead a success team. Even though I’ve grown a team of 💯 plus people, I’m STILL a baby leader! 3+ years as an entrepreneur and I was so focused on me & my capabilities. I was so scared that I couldn’t help and inspire others, and God couldn’t use me to change lives. BIG MISTAKE. I had to stop ✋🏾 doubting myself and start embracing that the SAME spirit in me, is the same one that rose Jesus from the dead. (Can y’all tell I like to preach 😂) like seriously, instead of thinking, “I can’t,” I started thinking, “Why not me?!” 🙋🏾‍♀️ So to my future and present teammates.. As a leader, I promise I won’t be perfect, but I’ll be present. I won’t be selfish, I’ll be selfless. I won’t be doubtful, I’ll be daring. And I won’t be wavering, I’ll be winning. 👏🏾 #busygirlswin

My name is Stephanie & I’m a recovering perfectionist. 🙋🏾‍♀️ — — As a little girl, I used to wish I was perfect because then I would earn the approval of those I loved, and even those I didn’t know. I wanted to know that my gifts, talents, and personality was valuable and significant. I care what people think of me and I wanted to be popular and liked. — — I would overcompensate in friendships and spend way too long editing an already edited paper. I just never wanted anyone to ever say anything bad about me. I hated losing friends. I wanted every guy who wasn’t good for me to love me. I kept my opposing opinions to myself so I wouldn’t offend others. — — Trying to be perfect has held me back. One way which God showed me today: a tendency to hold on to the past. GIRL I can recite you every feeling and action I felt and performed when it came to my past mistakes 😩 it’s insane. — — I mediated on some mistakes I made a lot this week. And it was fun and all (not) to keep reliving the past, but then Jesus snatched me up like ✋🏾God reminds me there is a newness he’s doing in me. He makes all things new. Less anxious and perfectionist me. A happier, more free me. One that doesn’t mind forgiving herself. I’ll actually enjoy it and laugh at my mishaps 🤷🏾‍♀️ — — It’s all a journey and it’s not about putting so much pressure on yourself. For my perfectionists out there, BREATHE & FORGIVE. It’s not that deep. Looking forward to the new things God has in store for me this month 🤗

👑 I can’t believe school is already back in session & I just took my first exam 😭 I’m so glad I found my doctor tribe to keep me sane. 💓

👑 Quick question 🧐 How many of you guys enjoy drinking coffee? ☕️ I think I have something perfect for you ☺️

👑 Truth be told, I didn’t think someone like me would have the time to run a business from home. I’m pursuing medical school, I’m working towards my future field, I’ve always worked a part time or full time, I’m involved in my community, and I have a social life. Time would be my biggest obstacle to joining. Time and purpose. How could doing a business like this help me towards my future goals? Then I thought about how much it would really take to pursue my dreams, and the investment really needed and I started to think twice about working from home. 🤔 — Because of this opportunity, I have the flexibility to choose my work hours outside of school, jobs, and events. I get to work when I want and supplement my income. Not have to worry about how I’m gonna pay my bills and keep up with my boogie lifestyle, but now I have a 3 step blueprint to make money daily, weekly, monthly. I love it. Joining this business was the best $99 I spent, and today only you can join for only $49. That means your start up kit is HALF OFF. I mean you can spend $49 at a brunch or invest $49 in yourself to pay for unlimited brunches. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you could use some extra time & money freedom, DM ME “BUSY.” 💓

👑 The fact that is it literally only $49.50 to change your life right now blows my mind. 3 years ago I paid $99 for the same opportunity and I have turned it into a monthly income that has changed my life as a student 🌟 I have been able to pay for gas, groceries, bills, rent, personal care, flights and credit card payments and more. You can sit there and wonder WHAT IFS or you can just do it and see if it’s for you! 💗 Why not? You just might change your life! I know you spend $49 on things you don’t need all the time so why not invest in yourself!! Link in BIO! 🙋🏾‍♀️ #busygirlswin

👑 How I’m feeling going into the rest of the week 🙋🏾‍♀️ My girl is engaged, my exam is almost finished, my team is winning, my health is soaring, my 50% off join promo is still happening, my customers are slaying, my mindset is shifting, and my complaints are diminishing and my thankfulness is rising! MAN it’s been a week! 💕 — I’m still looking for 10 people who are serious about making extra money. Text BUSY to my DM for ways on how you can become a paid digital influencer 📲💸 #busygirlswin

👑 So.. I was going to write a long sappy post about how my best friend just got engaged, but I’m still sick and I’m currently in the library prepping for an exam tomorrow while working my business and ain’t nobody got time for that! 😂 — But what I will say is there is NO better person I could have to be her partner. I’ve been walking life with Valerie since I was 13, that’s 14 years of friendship and I’ve come to know her very heartbeat. There’s no better person who gets her pitter patter like Chris does, and I’m thankful. We’ve been dreaming of this moment since we were boy crazy, whispering in my bedroom, during sleepovers, talking about future love. I’m so excited God brought you your BEST match! And I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Chris into our family. 🙈 — Also, happy birthday MARTINE @mdvalcourt. You deserve a whole post, but I’ll say this. I’m so proud of the smart, big moves making woman you’ve grown into! You inspire me and always keep me grounded. I’m praying the best of you for this year! See you in 3 weeks! 💓 #cousinlove #birthdaygirl #shesengaged

👑 STOP SCROLLING 😱 — I have room for 10 more 🙋🏽‍♀️LADIES who are tired of being 💔BROKE, living paycheck to 💰paycheck, or missing out on too much with your 👶🏽babies because of your job. If you are coachable and put in the 🔨work you can earn a BOMB 💵income each month 💎PLUS bonuses! 💰 — I want to help 10 more people qualify for that 💲5,000 bonus !!! Can you use that 💰 right from your 📲cell phone? I would love to help you 💜 Text me for more info 617-420-2259 or drop an emoji below ✨ #busygirlswin

👑 MY BEST FRAN IS ENGAGED Y’ALL!! 😭 #itwasasuccess #planningperfect #goddidthat #finally #icried

👑 This Sunday I’m recovering from a nasty cold, but I’m feeling so much better with my homemade remedies, my collagen drink, and some medication. 🍵 check my stories for collagen benefits 🌸 — Open enrollment for my team BEGINS 10/01 and will go through 10/31. There are O N L Y 1️⃣0️⃣ spots available for the month of October ❤️! — — Everyone will not make the cut ✂️. I am O N L Y accepting strong 🏋🏿♀️ambitious 🏅, & motivated 💪🏾 self-starting people! Who is serious about making extra money on social media & want to genuinely help people. 👏🏾 — — If you think 🤔 you have what it takes to become financially free 💸 & make residual income 💰like you've never seen before text 📲 I WANT IN to 617-420-2259 N O W or DM me AMBASSADOR. 💋 #busygirlswin

👑 I’ve been sick all day, but luckily I had this and a couple of Haitian homemade remedies up my sleeve. Swipe for benefits! Comment “CRUSH” if you want to be my product tester! 🍵

👑 Repeat after me... “I can have it all.” 💓 Link in bio 📲 #busygirlswin

CHOOSE YOUR HARD 👇🏾 — A lot people think running a business like this should be a cake walk. NOPE. Being a business owner, you have to work TWICE as hard as someone punching a clock. So many people quit before they even get started, but until you learn to treat your business like a baby, it'll always come up short! You have to nurture it, spend lots of time on it and INVEST in it! 💡 — When I first started I worked this business during my breaks, my free time, I had a 9-5, volunteering every weekend, in a whole relationship, attending church & events, traveling to see family, and feeling like I was stretched. I was BUSY! But I kept going because I wanted the residual extra cash flow and I saw my return RIGHT back to me in 5 months! I had matched my 9-5 monthly checks and doubled my income! 💸 — You have a choice to be the boss while working for one or not at all. Quitting is the easiest thing to do! Running a business is hard, YES, but so is being broke!!!! 👋🏾 #busygirlswin