My interstellar ride! Went out to the motor transport museum in Campo friday night with some friends. They had a special late night session where they are open to photographers. At first I was bit hesitant because the forecast was for 30-40% cloud cover. I do like my clouds at night but sometimes they can completely cover the stars. We had a good sunset but as night fell the clouds were still covering the milky way. However about an 2 hours later I caught the Milky Way peeking through some clouds. Fun times. FYI they are having another open session tonight, tickets might still be available. This is a two shot blend. One for the sky at 13s, f/2, ISO 3200, and 25mm (no stacking here). Another one at 134s, f/5.6, ISO 1600, 25mm. I don't move or touch the camera between shots. Blended in PS and with some adjustments in LR. The slide show is the final image, before shot for foreground with just WB adjustment, and before shot for sky with just WB adjustment. #abandoned #junkyward #sandiegocounty #bus #milkywaychasers #nightscapers #campocalifornia #abandonedcars #abandoned_places #milkyway #nightsky #starrynight #abandonedafterdark
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Amazing gallery!!! Go on!!!!!

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butun sirlar yasanmisliklar icin takip etmeyi unutmayin

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👏👏👏 Awesome !!!

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adakh lawan @arhmaneyz

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Very cool

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@diane_taylor117 Thanks Diane. Yeah there's quite a bit of good stuff here

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Nice concept!

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@sizzlu glad you found it helpful. I didn't stack the sky in this case because it's equivalent to using a longer exposure and that would blur the clouds too much or at least more than I would prefer

Awesome find! 👌💙