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"Cloudfarer". Normally I don't like the heavy cloud layer we get in the mornings, but I took advantage of it to capture this scene of the moon setting. This is a single exposure, not a composite. Taken a few minutes before sunrise. #fullmoon #moonset #sandiego #sandiego_ca #10news #mysdphoto #clouds #cloudscapes #bestofsandiego

My interstellar ride! Went out to the motor transport museum in Campo friday night with some friends. They had a special late night session where they are open to photographers. At first I was bit hesitant because the forecast was for 30-40% cloud cover. I do like my clouds at night but sometimes they can completely cover the stars. We had a good sunset but as night fell the clouds were still covering the milky way. However about an 2 hours later I caught the Milky Way peeking through some clouds. Fun times. FYI they are having another open session tonight, tickets might still be available. This is a two shot blend. One for the sky at 13s, f/2, ISO 3200, and 25mm (no stacking here). Another one at 134s, f/5.6, ISO 1600, 25mm. I don't move or touch the camera between shots. Blended in PS and with some adjustments in LR. The slide show is the final image, before shot for foreground with just WB adjustment, and before shot for sky with just WB adjustment. #abandoned #junkyward #sandiegocounty #bus #milkywaychasers #nightscapers #campocalifornia #abandonedcars #abandoned_places #milkyway #nightsky #starrynight #abandonedafterdark

Last night's sunset from Mt Helix. Pinged @lindawright3680 and suggested we come here to photograph the sunset. She was not disappointed! This is actually the second composition I worked on for the location. Usually I just like to focus on a single framing and work on that. But my first one required blue skies so I shot that and then switched to this as the sunset progressed. Technical - There's two parts to this picture. First a quick focus stack with one frame the first couple feet of the wall and then a second frame for the rest of the image. Second I took two shots of the main area to blend out another photographer. This is pretty easy if they move between frames. Everything at f/11, ISO 100, 16mm, ISO 100 #sandiego #sandiego_ca #10news #mthelix #mounthelix #sunset_stream #sunset_pics #mysdphoto #sandiegosunset #sonyalpha

Yesterday's sunset from Pacific Beach. Actually, I was originally thinking of trying to get a more softer pastel sky photo with the overcast clouds before sunset but then the sky just blew up. Came home and processed this one but I'm going to go back through my shoot and see if I like any from earlier. This is a 2 shot exposure blend at 1/2s and 1/4s, 16mm, iso 100, f/11. I used 3-stop ND filter as well. #sandiego #sandiego_ca #pacificbeach #pacificbeachsandiego #crystalpier #pier #sunset #sunset_madness #10news #mysdphoto #sandiegosunset #theresandiego

Yesterday's sunset from Torrey Pines State Reserve. It's been a while since I was able for photograph, so it was nice to get out. I went with @jbahuphotos who wanted to get some light trails of Torrey Pines rd but I've wanted to shoot the trees for a while. Met up with @evgenyyorobephotography in the parking lot and we hiked up together to the Guy Fleming trail. It's funny as we were in the same spot but we all focused on totally different things. This is a 3 shot pano at 70mm, f/11, ISO 100, 1/4s. Stitched in LR to yield about a 76MP image. Brought down the sky with some luminosity masks. Tweaked the magenta colors to tone them down a bit. #sandiego #sandiego_ca #torreypines #torreypinesstatereserve #lajolla #sandiegosunset #lonetree

I like visiting old abandoned places, especially at night. This is the remains of a building that hasn't been used in probably 70 years. About an hour east of San Diego. I actually came out here twice on back to back nights. The first night I was trying a different composition but couldn't get it to work -- I was inside the plant and trying for the MW through the opening in that you see on the far wall. Came out the next night to reshoot it. But a friend pointed out this window (and another one) which aligned with Milky Way core (that's why it's good to shoot with others!) so I switched up. This is a focus stacked blend. The foreground is 3 shots at ISO 100, 16mm, f/11, 6s taken after sunset but before it got super dark. The sky is 15 shots at ISO 3200, 16mm, f/4, 15s and then stacked in SLS to reduce noise. I used 7 dark frames. Tripod and camera left in place, the only change was focus and exposure settings. #sandiego #sandiego_ca #milkyway #milkywaychasers #nightscape #nightscaper #nightphotography #abandoned #abandoned_places #decay #urbex #abandoned_junkies #urbanexploration #sandiegocounty #abandonedbuilding

Enjoying the fireworks tonight from Seaport Village with @karabayleaves . Although we had fun, the ducks were absolutely not happy with the show. Single exposure, f/9, ISO 100, 1s, at 22mm. Processed in LR and PS and raised the shadows a fair bit including the reflection. #sandiego #sandiego_ca #seaportvillage #fireworks #july4th #10news #bigbayboom

Here's one last photo before my Milky Way photography class. Last week, I went exploring with a few friends and checked out the hiking trails in the Mt Laguna area. Found this shaded little area with a ton of lupines blooming. We left to check out some more areas and then came back here to shoot the Milky Way. My class is tomorrow (Sunday 6/16) at 1pm at the San Diego Fair in the Veranda Cafe next to the photography exhibit. Will cover the basics of planning and photographing the Milky Way with some advanced topics such as stacking, tracking, and lighting. Free with admission. Come by and say hello. Technical Info -- This was a somewhat complicated shot to put together. The foreground is a 3 shot focus stack at ISO 640, 20mm, f/11, 1/5s. This was really the hard part as the flowers had a bit of movement due to wind. The sky is 15 shots stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker to reduce noise (all at ISO 3200, f/4, 20mm, 15s). Blended in PS. The tripod and camera were not moved between shots. #mtlaguna #sdhikers #clevelandnationalforest #mysdphoto #lupines #wildflowers #forest #milkywaychasers #nightscape #nightscaper #milkyway #nightphotography #nightsky #starrynight #milkywaygalaxy #photopills

I've been searching for a place to photograph a lone tree set against the backdrop of a night sky. Finally got a chance to do so this past week out in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. The "cloud" in the shot here is the core of our Milky Way galaxy and the large bright "star" is actually Jupiter. The core is visible to the naked eye but came out exceptionally clear because I used a star tracker to record a 2 minute exposure. FYI -- on June 16, I will be giving a class on Milky Way photography at the San Diego Fair. It's free with admission and will cover the basic of how to plan, shoot, and post-proces Milky Way landscapes plus some advanced topics. Class is at 1pm in the Veranda Cafe (next to the photography exhibit), second floor East Grandstand. #sandiego #sandiego_ca #cuyamaca #tree #milkywaychasers #cuyamacaranchostatepark #nightscape #nightscaper #milkyway #nightphotography #nightsky #starrynight #milkywaygalaxy #photopills #milkywayphotography

Yesterday was the artists reception for the photography exhibit at the San Diego County Fair. I had a wonderful time meeting all my friends and connecting with some folks I only knew online. I'm also very pleased to announce that I had nine images accepted and that several of my photos won awards. "Moonlit triumph", an image that took me two years to plan and make, was awarded first place in the City & Architecture category. I also placed in the At the Fair and Night photography categories with my works "At the races" and "Juniper & Monolith". Finally I received an honorable mention for my photograph of the poppy bloom at Lake Elsinore for the Fair Theme (Wizard of Oz) category. Thank you all for your support.

Bioluminescent algae is back around the La Jolla coast! It wasn't as strong last night as last year but still something to see and perhaps the algae will bloom a bit more. This is a single exposure, not a composite image. EXIF: ISO 3200, 25mm, f/2.0, 8s. #sandiego #sandiego_ca #10news #lajolla #torreypinesbeach #torreypines #bioluminescence #bioluminescent #algae #torreypinesstatebeach #mysdphoto #viewsandiego #sdpulse #visitsd #bestofsandiego #allthingssd #fox5sandiego #wheresandiego

Doing some night exploring in the desert with @highdynamicsphoto. This is the water tower at the abandoned Dos Cabezas Railroad Station, located about 1-2 hours east of San Diego. There's not much left here, besides the tower and tracks there are just a few concrete remains of buildings that have been demolished. Technical Info This is blend for exposure (sky) and a focus stack for the foreground. Sky: 25mm, ISO 1600, f/2, 13s x 18 Foreground, 25mm, ISO 1600, f/4, 73s x 8 Foreground shot just before moonset with a 60% moon. Milky way shot about 20 minutes later after the moon went behind the mountains on the horizon (I think technically this was still before moonset). Sky stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker. #astrophotography #milkyway #nightphotography #milkywaychasers #nightscaper #starrynight #weownthenight_ca #ig_astrophotography #anzaborrego #anzaborregodesertstatepark #abandoned #watertower #abandonedpalces #decay #abandoned_junkies #sandiego

Sunset last night from Mission Bay. I had about an hour to kill before heading out to the desert with @highdynamicsphoto for some Milky Way photography. Saw the clouds and decided to skip dinner to catch this. A nice change from all the May gray. Happy Mother's Day everyone. Technical. This is a single exposure, ISO 100, 27mm, f/16, 1/5s. Some minor highlight recovery in Lightroom, then off to Photoshop to adjust contrast and tones with a few luminosity masks. Back to LR with some local dodging and burning and finished off with a strong orton effect. Feel free to ask me anything about my processing. Cropped for IG #sandiego #sandiego_ca #sandiegowx #10news #clouds #missionbay #sunset #deanzacove

Some cotton candy skies yesterday over downtown. Perhaps a sign of what I'll be eating at the fair? Taken from Shelter Island. #sandiego #sandieg_ca #sandiegowx #10news #clouds #cottoncandyclouds #sandiegoskyline #mysdphoto #cloudscape

After I took my previous photo of the moon setting in La Jolla, I ran over and caught a marvelous sunrise from on the sea wall protecting the Children's Cove. This is from about a week and a half ago. With @kamalavenkateshphotography check out her feed #sandiego #sandiego_ca #lajolla #childrenspoolbeach #sunrise #seawall #childrenspool Technical info: This is 3 bracketed shots at ISO 100, 16mm, f/11, 0.4s, 0.2s, 0.1s. I wanted to experiment a bit so I used the Blend-IF functionality in PS to recover the burnt out spots in the sky in the brightest image instead of my usual masking techniques (freehand layer masks or luminosity-masks).

The full moon setting over the Children's pool this morning. @kamalavenkateshphotography and I have been talking about shooting the moon setting over the Children's pool for at least a year, maybe even two years now. But we never managed to do so. Bad weather or schedule conflicts or sometimes just wanting a little more sleep. Last night we checked the weather forecast and although it wasn't really promising with 40% cloud cover forecasted we decided to come out at anyway just because you never know. Got here a little bit after 5AM and the weather conditions were perfect. A slight haze to soften the moon but it stayed visible almost to the horizon. Cropped for IG #sandiego #sandiego_ca #lajolla #childrenspoolbeach #fullmoon #moonset #moon #moonlight

Sunset from near the Children's Pool in La Jolla. I believe the white flowers are marguerite daisies. This is from about a week or two ago. I also ran into @priyanka.haldar18 right here, check out her feed. Technical Info -- This is a blend of 5 images for focus and exposure. I used three images all shot at ISO 100, 16mm, f/11 and 1.3s to capture the scene with focus varying from the closest flower to halfway down the hill. I used two more images at 0.6s and 0.25s to fix the burnout in the sky. #sandiego #sandiego_ca #lajolla #lajollasunset #sunrise_sunsets #californiawildflowers #wildcalifornia #margueritedaisy #parisdaisy

Cherry blossoms in the Japanese Friendship Garden, Balboa Park. I came out on this past Monday but I didn't see this composition until right at closing. Came back Wednesday to reshoot. First image is a crop, swipe right to see the full pano. #sandiego #sandiego_ca #cherryblossom #japanesegarden #balboapark